ABOUT AUTHOR:Jeanette Sharp is a published author and speaker who writes nonfiction inspirational answered prayer stories. Her book, HURRAY GOD! Hope, Pray, Believe is a collection of stories that chronicles the power of our prayer-answering God. Her latest publication can be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Answered Prayers. Her heart’s passion is to show the world that God still answers prayer. She and her husband live in Edmond, Oklahoma with their fur-child, Maggie.



Have you ever felt like your prayers didn't reach heaven? Have you doubted God's ability to provide? Have you wondered why others seem to have responses, but not you? Prepare to have your faith in God and prayer renewed! Ignited by an important answered prayer at age ten, Jeanette Sharp pursued a fervent prayer life that resulted in a firm faith and passion to help others to not give up on prayer. In Hurray God! Sharp compiles stories of people just like you who had answered prayers. People who doubted; people who complained; people who struggled with their faith, but all saw the answer in the end. Read along and experience answered prayers about: • Job Loss • Anxiety • Relationships • Sickness • And more As you read these inspiring true stories, you too will say, "Hurray God!"





1) What is the best book you've ever read about prayer?


2) Which Bible translation (NIV, NASB, KJV etc) do you prefer and why?
3). Is there a book of prayers that you use over and over again?
4) Do you have a favorite place you like to pray? If so where?
5) The Bible mentions pray without ceasing. What does that mean to you?

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2.  I used NIV for many years, but in the last couple years have switched to ESV.  I find that when I'm listening to reading teachings and they talk about the most accurate way a word can be translated it seems that this is the way it reads in the ESV.

5.  For me pray without ceasing means praying anytime, anywhere.  As I go through my day if someone or something comes to mind, I try to pray right then and there, not put it on a list to pray for/about later.

I have a prayer chair that is covered in a afgan that has Jesus on it...when I am sitting there He is looking over my shoulder...my quiet space to be alone with God...when in the chair there is no phone, no TV, no computer...I love my parallel bible of NIV and The Message...but I also have a life application bible...always like to compare the word because different versions speak differently to me...Thank you for offering this book and would love to win this and read it in my quiet space....


I think my general preference is the NIV. It is a bit easier to read than the NKJV, but the translation is pretty close to it. I can read anything really, I am just used to the NIV and generally favor the wording; it seems to suit me better, its nice and simple, like me :-) 


1.  Best book I have read about prayer is "THE POWER OF POSITIVE PRAYING".  I don't know how to spell the author's last name.  It starts with a B & he is a retired preacher.  Over the past 30 yrs I have bought & loaned out more than 25 of these books.  I still don't have a copy to call my own.  Each time I go through the book, highlight or underline important passages (to me) and usually let someone borrow it.  They in turn usually loan it to someone.  None of these books have ever been returned.  After about 8 or 10 I decided that God must want that to be part of my ministry to others.  Each time I've been told the person who borrowed it liked it so much that they would loan it to someone else.  Wonder how many times these books have been passed on?

2.  My favorite Bible is the KJV


4.  Anywhere that is quiet, where I can see the beauty that God has created.

My foster parents bought me a NIV bible and I have used it ever since, so that would my favorite : )

I like the KJV the best. However, with teaching my children, I use both the KJV and the NIV version so that they are able to understand the language easier.   I like to pray quietly in the mornings or evenings after my children are down for the night or before they have gotten up.  However, I will pray anytime especially when I feel that someone is in need.

Pray without ceasing -I feel like it's a continual conversation throughout the day with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Not even always in words but thoughts ... staying "tuned in" all through the day listening for His nudges and giving your stresses as they come.

#2 - I like the NIV, I have a study version that has good footnotes, but our church women's group uses NRSV, so lots of times I look at both when doing a study. 

I really like to read in the NLT Bible because it is very clearly written. It helps me to understand some passages that seemed hard to dicipher in other versions. Next to the NLT I like to read in the NKJV and HCSB. I do like to compare wording in the different translations. I keep an ESV at work that I read some, too.

For Question 3 about the book of prayers read over and over, the Bible has many prayers and it is the book I read most consistently. I sometimes refer to Prayers That Avail Much or a booklet of prayers I received from the Presidental Prayer Team. 

I like the books by Evelyn Christianson on prayer.

Thank you for offering your books in this contest. It would be great to win!

Blessings, Janice

I am going to answer question #2.

I have many translations of the Bible, such as NIV, Amplified, NKJV, The Message, and others but the translation I prefer is KJV. I guess it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I prefer KJV because this is the verse that I have memorized Scripture from.

I hope I win your new book, it sounds so inspriting and encouraging.


Shelby Tyree-Dawson

All great questions so I am going to answer more than 1. For question 2, I use the NIV. It is the one that I have found to be most "readable". However, I have and use several other translations for the times when I am stuck on a word or a phase.


For question 5, praying without ceasing means to me keeping the act of praying forefront in my thinking. While I do reserve time in my morning for a dedicated time of prayer, all throughout the day if something pops up in my head or a situation comes up, I lift it up to God.

(5) I have "conversations" with God all day,every day.  Even though I know He knows everything,anyway, I tell Him about my day, my troubles, my worries, and any requests that have come my way.  I set aside a special time to give Him thanks, even though it sneaks in through out the day. 


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