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ABOUT AUTHOR DAPHENE JONES - Daphene tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of “Same Kind of Different as Me.” At the Anaheim Vineyard Conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breezeover Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by it. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.


ABOUT BOOK: In Our Southern Breeze, Daphene Jones tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of "Same Kind of Different as Me". She knew Deborah like no one else could. And the story she tells is like no other story. At the Anaheim Vineyard conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breeze over Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by the promised breeze. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.
As she shares her heart through this story, her prayer is that God will heal the deep hurts that many are carrying. What she kept hearing as she worked on this book is that God is a God of Second Chances.




1)In “Our Southern Breeze” Daphene tells the story of her adjustment from a country girl to a city girl.   Many hilarious things happen in Manhattan as she learns to be a real New Yorker.  Can you share a funny story about being in a new place or situation?

2)When Daphene was 58 she found romance and marriage through an internet dating site.  Have you ever tried using an online dating service? Tell us your feelings either pro or con on meeting someone like this.



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Wendy - online dating might not be the place you are supposed to meet someone.  I know friends that met their husband at church.  john and I married when I was 58 and he was 64!  Sad to say I was married twice before I met John.  I pray that God has someone special for you my dear!

I have never used an on-line-dating service.  A friend who has, laughed and told me everyone says they are 10 pounds lighter and sends a picture at least 10 years out-of-date.  So far, she hasn't made any lasting matches.

I guess on-line dating is a little like blind dating of the past.  But instead of someone else doing the fixing up for you, a computer does?

I don't have any fish out-of-water stories. 

A sort of funny thing happened when we were on vacation many years ago.  My husband had just been put on 24 hour, 365 day on-call status right before we left for our trip.  One night, I woke up to a horrible noise, and thought it was a smoke alarm going off, and there was a fire.  I woke everyone up, yelling for them to get out of bed, and run out side because there was a fire.  Eventually my husband came to me and told me to stop, there wasn't a fire.  He had put his pager in the bathroom, so it wouldn't disturb the rest of us.  When it went off, not only did it buzz, it vibrated across the counter and rattled up next to a glass making a horrible racket--that was what I thought was the smoke alarm.  At least everyone was able to go back to sleep, and there wasn't really a fire!!

Becky - I was blessed by meeting my 2nd match on e-Harmony, who after a year ended up being my husband.  On October 11 we will be celebrating nine years of marriage.  We were like teenagers the year we dated and both lost weight.  Of course as soon as we married the appetites certainly came back...mainly mine!

Thanks for sharing your phone/fire alarm story!  I love to laugh and can just see how the "fire drill" sent everyone running out of the house!  In chapter 7, Moving East is full of crazy stories I experienced when I   moved from Atlanta to Manhattan.  I stuck out like a sore thumb for at least a year!

Reply by Kathy Cline 8/25/12.

When I got married we spent our honey moon moving from Omaha, Nebr to San Diego, CA. The first time I went grocery shopping I was so shocked.  In Nebr you put on a dress and panty hose when you went to the store.  I was shocked to see people shopping in their bathing suiits, I mean bikinis. 

My husband just got from San Diego after visiting his family for 2 weeks.  I have to agree with you about the dress code!  Of course no matter how casual the dress is, this 67 year old wouldn't be caught dead even at the beach in a bikini!  I'm pretty casual in how I dress since I moved from Manhattan back to Atlanta.  I asked my daughter one day if as an "author", maybe I should step it up a notch!  

Q1- I watched my best friend try a dating site.  The stories are to funny to tell.  what we got out of it talking together. Is That A dating site doesn't have your interests at heart.  Find your heart the keeper of it and ask Him to bring you your soul Mate.  He sure did me - 10 years strong!

Jennifer - God bless you for finding your soul-mate 10 years ago.  Now that I met my precious husband on e-Harmony and looking forward to celebrating 9 years of marriage in October, I guess God can use many ways.  While living in Manhattan and deciding not to date, my kids liked to tease me that if I met a man he would have to be delivering groceries or cleaning. Fortunately I had wonderful couple and women friends who included me in activities.  I was happy being single but God certainly has a sense of humor. John had been divorced for 33 years and he certainly wasn't looking for a wife.  Our love story will be a future book!

I think online dating sites are wonderful if you are honest about who you are and what you are seeking whether friendship or marriage.  I enjoy the forum groups related to age and state.  It is so nice to correspond with someone that has the same ideas, background, and education that you have. And from experience, romance can occur when you least expect  it from someone who seeks you out.  Now if we were only closer in distance instead of 900 miles apart.  MY aunt is an  identical twin and moved next door to her sister after my uncle retired..  They are 78 years old.  They still play tricks by answering each other phones and pretending to be the other one.  What is funny is at family gatherings the small great grandkids can not tell them apart and ask which one are you. Would love to read your book and share with my aunt. You give me  hope for online dating.

Pam - I am a perfect person to agree with you on dating sites after nearly 9 years of marriage.  It isn't right for everyone but it certainly worked for John and me.  I was 58 and John 67...never too old to find love!  

Deborah and I weren't identical but our voices and mannerisms were. The first time I saw myself on video I saw what people had been telling us for many years.  After Deborah died, and I met many of her dear friends, they would start crying and say I sounded just like her.  I took it as a complement as I loved and adored her.  

Don't give up finding love!!!!!!


I moved from rural Mississippi to Houston, TX in the early 1980's. This girl was in NO WAY prepared for the things that accosted my senses and my sense. One day my husband and I were driving through an area of town unfamiliar to me when a lovely looking young lady waved at us. My husband looked rather odd and didn't return her wave. (Being a country girl I thought you were supposed to wave back when people waved at you.) When I commented that he appeared rather rude to her, he informed me that it wasn't a "her." Ooops, my mistake.

Shirley - love your story.  Here is one for you....

When I moved to Manhattan from Atlanta my niece and I went to Time Square Church every Sunday.  It is huge church with homeless to famous people attending. We arrived at the church a little late but were finally seated together. I was seated by a homeless man that smelled like urine...Regan by a very handsome guy her age.  At the end David Wilkerson announced, "Give the person that is standing next to you a Godly hug!" If I hadn't turned my head quickly I would have been kissed on the mouth...ugh!  Regan and I laughed all of the way back to our apartments!  

I was not pro dating service.  But my oldest daughter found her husband - father of my grandson and going to be another grandson in Jan. so meeting online is okay if you use wisdom.

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