1) Life moves so fast anymore. Recently my family and I got back from an eight-week adventure in Germany. Then we retreated to Mackinac Island, the setting for a Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. That island is a place I can instantly relax from the moment I step on the shuttle. Where do you go to step back from life and relax?
2) In A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island,Alanna thought she could escape the past by running from it. She learns true freedom comes from confronting the past and its pain. Do you agree? Have life experiences taught you the same thing?  


3) What do like most in a contemporary romance story? What do you expect to find in a Christian Fiction novel?


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That sounds delightful, Mikal! There are days that sounds like the perfect vacation.

I love to go to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and escape to Cades Cove. There I can loss myself in another time and place and relax. I love that old valley and wished it were possible for me to own it. There is a certain church there that I call my own because of an experience with the Lord I had in that church years ago after my mother had passed away that brought me so much peace amid some terrible turmoil our family was going through at the time. And yes, I did indeed help me to understand that you can't run from your problems, but you must face them head-on and trust the Lord to bring you through, which He did in that situation.

The place we like to visit in NC is in the Great Smoky Mountains. Love it! Beautiful area.

What we like and expect from a Christian romance novel is showing God's handiwork in bringing together a couple. 

This book looks soooo good! My favorite spot to get away from it all is Cuchara, Colorado. We would go there every summer for a family vacation growing up and it is wonderful! We don't go there as much, but it still holds a place in my heart as THE place to go to relax and rejuvenate. 

I love the romantic tension in a romance...the give and take...the hint of attraction and the journey of love. I always expect spiritual growth of some kind and I love it when I learn something from a book! :)

THanks, Sherrinda. I've been to Colorado many times, but never heard of Cuchara. 

Characters are so key to a book. If I can't connect with the characters it's hard to care about the rest of the elements. Thanks for your thoughts!

I like to see the characters struggling with real-life situations while relying on God to carry them through.

I know I learn a lot by watching the journey of characters. It often helps me see my life and changes I need to make. 

There is no place like Mackinac Island. This is in response to your first question. I no longer live within a reasonable distance of the island.  Still Mackinac Island is my first choice of places to rest and relax. I love it's atmosphere so much that I once checked into buying a home on the island. (Too bad that idea did not work.) When life's stresses are too demanding I close off everything around me and mentally escape to the island. For a few moments, I can again feel the breezes off the lake. Shoe leather, a bicycle or a horse transports me up toward the top of the island or anywhere else I choose to travel in my mental Mackinac Island escape. It sounds crazy, but it works for me. For a few brief moments I hear the clip-clopping of horses and the whirr of bicycle wheels. Then reality comes crashing back. That's ok because I know that I can escape to the island any time for a few moments to refresh my outlook on life. Reading a book with the island for a backdrop would be refreshing.

I would love to buy a home on Mackinac -- but the ten hour drive makes it a wee bit unreasonable :-) Love the idea of traveling there in your mind! 

Question 2:  Sometimes when you confront the past and the pain, you learn that the past wasn't exactly as you thought and it helps to recover from the pain.  Yes, I have found that years later when I looked at what had been so painful as a teen (a split from a crush) .  That person that I thought he was, really didn't exist anyways.  I found out the true person and didn't like him as much as I thought.  Therefore, the pain no longer exists.    

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