1) Life moves so fast anymore. Recently my family and I got back from an eight-week adventure in Germany. Then we retreated to Mackinac Island, the setting for a Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. That island is a place I can instantly relax from the moment I step on the shuttle. Where do you go to step back from life and relax?
2) In A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island,Alanna thought she could escape the past by running from it. She learns true freedom comes from confronting the past and its pain. Do you agree? Have life experiences taught you the same thing?  


3) What do like most in a contemporary romance story? What do you expect to find in a Christian Fiction novel?


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Running away to anywhere you feel totally relaxed is a natural thing to do for many people.
2. I ran away from USA when my first husband died and I had 2 baby daughters and an unknown unborn son. While I enjoyed my 7 years of new life, I never really "escaped" the old life. When I did finally return to help with my grandmother's failing health, I found I hadn't really done anything but postpone the pain I had to bear. By trying to lessen them, I made them far worse as I made a worse mistake trying to avoid/deny the original pain. While this sounds mysterious, many women do the same thing. The run from one painful experience to another trying to stop the pain.
Christian romance books lead us through the drama of real life without the unnecessary aspects to the romance we can use our imaginations to understand; they lead us through drama and hopefully a happy ending.
Thanks! Look forward one day to winning one book!

Running away is such a natural part of the way we react to pain. I pray you've found the healing you searched for.

The place I love to go that I can do nothing but relax is Sanibel Island. Nothing much to do but sit on the beach or float in the water.... Love it!

That sounds ideal, Merna!

Question #1:  Pawleys Island, SC is our place to relax. It is a small island which no businesses on it ... just homes. Some are rentals, some are 2nd homes and some are year-round residents. The speed limt of 25 MPH is strictly enforced, making it safer for folks to walk, run, bicycle and push strollers. Once you go across one of the 2 causeways, there are plenty of shops, restaurants and places to visit. We love it there and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get away and experience peace and calm (unless there is a hurricane!). Thank you for the opportunity to win a book!!

Wow, that sounds great, too! I need to make a list of all these great places to visit.

1. My family has a rv trailer at our church camp in New Hampshire.  I love to go there in the summer and read a good book and lay in my hammock or take a walk around the lake and God's beauty.

I think I might be able to camp with a trailer :-)

I love to enjoy God's beautiful creation, away from the crowds, where I can savour looking, feeling, and touching.  It could be the calmness in the air , the fresh smell of pine trees, and birds chirping all around me or the squirrel chatter enticing me to look around for those furry little creatures, and smile...all as I'm walking on a nature path through a forest.  The serenity is such a blessing to me when the storms of life hit me, and I'm reminded that God takes care of the birds in the air, the animals in the much more He provides for me.  He is an awesome God!

Hannelore, I can almost relax just with the picture you've painted. Sounds wonderful to me, too.

Where we go is to my parents house on an island, where there are dirt roads and no moie theaters or atm machines. it's very laid back and you get unplugged as there's not much chance of a signal.


Friends have a cabin in the mountains of NC that we like to rent. The locale sounds  a lot like this island. So easy to unplug when there's not much to plug in to!


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