1) Life moves so fast anymore. Recently my family and I got back from an eight-week adventure in Germany. Then we retreated to Mackinac Island, the setting for a Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. That island is a place I can instantly relax from the moment I step on the shuttle. Where do you go to step back from life and relax?
2) In A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island,Alanna thought she could escape the past by running from it. She learns true freedom comes from confronting the past and its pain. Do you agree? Have life experiences taught you the same thing?  


3) What do like most in a contemporary romance story? What do you expect to find in a Christian Fiction novel?


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I like humor the most in a contemporary romance, right after a beautiful setting!

I recently got back from an extended trip. It was fun to watch which books out of the towering pile waiting for me I read first. Romantic suspense and then a good historical.

Question 1. I went on the road with my husband who is a truck driver for a week and was able to see our daughter who lives in Santa Ana, CA. I was worn out from all the bouncing around in the truck and the first thing I did was make a massage appointment to work out all the kinks. 

Also just being home and able to unwind in my own space after being gone is heaven for me.

A good massage sounds wonderful, Andi!

Question #1:

The place I love to relax is on my family room couch when everyone else is in bed and it is peaceful and quiet and I have time alone to just think, chill out, watch tv, OR do my favorite thing which is to cuddle up with a good Chritian novel!!  I love the recliner couch we have and snuggle under a soft blanket.  This to me is so relaxing and just a time of escape.  So much needed right now in my life, as we are babysitting our 2 1/2 year old grandson almost every day (a fantastic blessing!!!!!).  My husband and I are retired now and this little bundle of energy is just wearing us out. LOL!!  I just love the peace and quiet of being able to have that time all to my self (hope that doesn't sound too selfish!!!!!!).

Question #2:

Yes, I absolutely agree.  I had a friend to hurt me and stab me in the back several years ago.  It really made me cautious with friends as I didn't want that to happen again.  I wouldn't share myself even if others would.  The coolest thing happened two years ago.  I thought I'd never see that person that had hurt me so bad.  We had moved away from that area.  Well, 2 years ago, we went back to that area to visit friends and have vacation.  We went to our "old" church that Sunday morning.  After the service ended, I saw someone running down the isle and calling my name.  I saw it was "her".  In that split second, I really didn't even want to talk to her.  She ran up and hugged me and stepped back and looked me in the eye and said, "God convicted me.  HE told me that I had hurt you years ago and that I should apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness.  I told him I would, but didn't have a clue to where you were or how I would get in touch with you."  She prayed about it and low an behold, 2 weeks later, we were in her church.  My forgiveness to her was immediate--what a tremendous blessing--restored friendship as well.  So very awesome how God works!!!!!

Question #3:

I like a good real-life romance story--not one that's all unrealistic and "sappy".  I like them to show how couples have real problems and how they are worked out with God's help.  In Christian novels, I expect them to be clean, uplifting, encouraging, no filthy language and no sex scenes.

Cara, we share something in common--the pain of miscarriage.  I miscarried between my two children twice.  It was so hard.  Without Christ, I don't think I could have handled it because the hurt was beyond horrible.  Never felt any thing like this in all my life.  The awesome thing both you and I (and of course, millions of others) have to look forward to is when we get to Heaven, we will get to see and hold those precious babies in our arms and they will be perfect and healthy.  What a glorious thought!!!!  Something for us to soooooooo look forward to!!!!!!


Your book sounds soooooo good!!  Thanks for the chance to win it.

Many blessings,




Tab, love reading your stories. God is good to bring healing to relationships. And I can't wait to meet my babies either.

I very much agree that true freedom comes from confronting the past and it's pain! I am in the process of trying to continue that in a new and more healing way for me right now. I first started blogging and now the Lord is leading me into writing about my painful past. Not only is it helping me to get it out and on the page but I hope that it will,  in the long run, help others. Either by helping them see that there is hope and a way through or better maybe even maybe help prevent someone from having to go through some of what I have survived.

Audrey, sounds like your on an exciting journey with God! BTW My first heroine's name is Audrey. She's based on my Grandma and I borrowed her name. I also have an Audra :-) in Stars in the Night.

It is always nice to meet or hear about another Audrey! There aren't very many of us out here! I have met about 4 other Audrey's in my life (I'm 43) and here in recent years there have been quite a few babies named Aubrey with a B but it isn't that common of a name. I hated it when I was young 7-13 but then I realized how unique it was and started liking it more and more! It is nice (and an honor) to meet someone who's Grandmother shared the name! 

I live in Scotland where it seems to rain nearly evry day. My idea of relaxing is to go to somewhere warm, with a pool, but also somehwere where I can see other cultures. I had a really relaxing 2 weeks in Cuba, where I could lie around and read in the complex, but also could go out and see Havana etc. I think that was just the right mix for me. Whatever I do books are always part of the eqaution though. It can be easy to relax at home if you immerse yourself in the pages of a good book.

Wendy, someday I would love to visit Scotland! and Cuba sounds like it was wonderful.

Our favorite place to relax is in the Finger Lakes region near our house at a nice B&B.


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