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ABOUT AUTHOR: MINDY STARNS CLARK is the author of many books, which include the popular Smart Chick Mysteries and Whispers of the Bayou. In addition, Mindy's plays and musicals have been featured in schools and churches across the United States.





ABOUT AUTHOR LESLIE GOULD began writing Amish fiction by co-authoring with the amazing Mindy Starns Clark. Their first novel in the best-selling The Women of Lancaster County series, The Amish Midwife, was #1 on both the CBA and ECPA lists and is also a Christy Award winner for 2012. The Amish Bride follows The Amish Nanny and is the third novel in the series.
Besides co-authoring three novels with Mindy, Leslie has written eleven other books, including Beyond the Blue, winner of the Romantic Times Book Club Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Inspirational Novel in 2006. Her first solo Amish novel, Courting Cate, releases in the fall. It’s a retelling of “The Taming of the Shrew.”
Leslie received her master of fine arts in creative writing from Portland State University in 2009 and has taught fiction as an adjunct professor at Multnomah University. She lives with her husband, Peter, and their four children in Portland, Oregon. Besides researching the Amish, Leslie and her husband enjoy traveling, watching soccer, and serving as committee members for Portland Young Life Central.
Leslie is also an Army Reserve spouse. Her husband recently served for a year in Afghanistan commanding a field hospital. She’s very grateful to have him home.
Please visit www.lesliegould.comfor more information.




The Amish Bride


A long-lost painting… a journal with a secret code…


a father’s mysterious return
Mennonite-raised Ella Bayer will encounter all of these in pursuit of her biggest dreams: marry her Amish boyfriend, Ezra, and operate her own bakery. Headstrong and independent, Ella is determined to reach her goals no matter what it takes.

Ezra adores Ella as well, despite his family’s objections. Hoping distance will cool the romance, they make plans for him to leave home. But when Ella’s estranged father returns to Lancaster, she escapes with Ezra to Indiana—and ends up at a farm linked to her great-grandmother’s coded journal. There, her attempts to break that code are aided by Luke Kline, a thoughtful Amish farmhand.

Ella’s difficult journey of self-discovery leaves her grappling with the past and questioning the future. Will she become Ezra’s Amish bride? Or does God have something else in mind for the proud and feisty young woman who is used to doing things her way?


Q1. The Amish Bride is the third novel in The Women of Lancaster series that I’ve co-authored with Mindy Starns Clark. Is there a project in your life that you’ve collaborated on that exceeded your expectations? What did you like the most about collaborating? (I’ll share my experiences working with Mindy after you share yours. ☺)

Q2. In The Amish Bride, when the main character, eighteen-year-old Ella, moves to a different community God begins to teach her new things about herself and others. What was a time in your life when God “moved” you to a new place (geographical or emotional)? What spiritual things did He teach you? (I have an example to share from my own life, when I was also 18. ☺)



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God taught me to have confidence when I left for college. Growing up with a large family, I was terrified to do anything on my own. But I learned to truly appreciate we are never alone when He is always with us.

I've moved many times in my life but the biggest move was from Vermont to Arizona about 18 years ago. This wasn't the biggest geographical move for me but even though (or maybe, especially because) the circumstances were very difficult, I could feel God holding me up throughout this time.

In the early 80's I moved to a city to start a new job, it was a city I said I would never live in and yet God placed me here and I have lived here ever since!

A distant cousin and I collaborated on a book about 7 years ago, he and I have never met.  We wrote the story of my Great Great Grandfather's life and their move to Arkansas.  I really enjoyed it, and we hope to do another book one of these days.  It was most surprising how, most of the time, without even discussing the direction the story was going, we both were thinking the same things.

I was asked to do some baby hats which lead me to doing hats for camo hats for patients going through camo for cancer. This turned into something much bigger for me. What a blessing it has become. God is just wonderful

We moved to a new community 9 years ago. I knew it would take me at least 2 years to make a friend or two. I didn't push it. I joined different groups - met people and let God lead me to the close ones I could trust as best friends. Would love to read "Amish Bride".

Jan Cox

My husband is in the Navy, so in the last 24 years we have moved a lot. I'm thinking 8 times, but I could be wrong. It was very hard at first, we were young and far from family and friends. Over the years, our Father has shown us that He is all we need. Home is where the heart is and if we keep Him in our hearts that can be anywhere.

Many years ago, my husband and I felt that God was calling us to move from Australia to Canada...which was my birth place. The waiting for our home to sell was very traumatic at the time but at the very last minute, in an amazing way, God brought a cash buyer to purchase our house which meant that the process was quicker and we got to Canada just in time. BTW, that buyer was only there a short time and moved we believe that God brought him there just for us. We learned many very important spiritual lessions during that waiting period...a time which we have looked back on in gratitude many times since. God IS faithful and will accomplish His purposes in His time.

#2:Back in 1995, my parents announced that they were moving. My Dad is a Pastor, so I'm used to it. But this time, I was mad. I'd graduated in 1994, I'd worked my first Summer at a Christian camp, and it felt like I was leaving my friends. I worked a final Summer the year we were moving. People assured me that they were praying for me, yet I wasn't so sure.


Once we moved, I discovered that the church had a fast-pitch softball team. I played in the first game I went to, and started the second one. In the on-deck circle, I challenged God. I told Him if people from camp were actually praying for me, to show me while I was at-bat. Well, the count was 2-1, and I stepped out of the batter's box. It was right then that I saw a vision of my best friend, and he was smiling, and then I saw a few other faces. I knew right then and there that people were praying for me. And the next pitch was a fastball, and I hit it as hard as I've ever hit a ball before. It was caught by the center fielder, 2 feet away from being a home run!


But that was my answer to prayer, and it taught me not to doubt God, which I still struggle with from time to time, but I'll always remember His Faith, while I was in the batter's box!

When God speaks and teaches me new things it isn't because I have moved geographically but when I have moved spiritually and allowed Him to teach! He teaches me all the time to look at people as he sees them regardless of their situation, their foundational teaching or religious preferances. Humans were created for fellowship with God and He desires that most of all i.e "In the cool of the evening"  God was walking in the garden looking for Adam and Eve to fellowship with them. He is still walking in the cool of the evening but Christians are supposed to be walking and talking the love that God wants to impart to all. We [I] fail there so many times.  Blessings!!

1. I have never collaborated with anyone. The opportunity never came up. But I am sure it would have been a good experience or a learning experience. 

2. I married at 19 and that was kind of scary, moving to  new home and leaving my family even though the distance was not far. In my senior years I feel God moving and working in my life to bring me closer to Him and to grow me Spiritually. He is teaching me that I missed out on a lot He had planned for my life and is teaching me to Trust and focus on Him. He is in control and so awesome.

I love reading books about the Amish people and their lives.  Would love to read your books and will put them on my list. Winning this book would be a great start. Thanks for the chance.

When I was broadsided by an unforeseen divorce, our sovereign God once again proved faithful through that difficult time, moving me and my two teen daughters 200 miles away from our home and settling us among a community of supportive brothers and sisters in Christ. He further led me into a career as a professional storyteller.  Out of that sprang an increased love for writing. Though I had always enjoyed writing in its many forms, I became passionate about creating fiction consistent with a Christian world view.

I just returned from a festival weekend of storytelling among the Amish of northern Indiana. Needless to say, I love to read quality Amish fiction.

Write on!

Because of Christ,



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