BACK COVER: Do you love the Harry Potter stories but want more oomph and action? Do you love Lord of the Rings but want faster pacing and kid-centered storylines? Well look no further. Aflred the Boy King series offers just that. It's about kids in an adventurous fantasy world, in epic battles, and learning about noble causes. Ron, the author, has been in Hollywood working in the industry for many years as a CG animator. Being in love with story and seeing wonderful works of fantasy come out, there was something missing for this storyteller. Ron decided to write a story he loved telling to his young daughters. An epic story about a computer-game playing boy being magically transported into a scary fantasy world. A grim realm in need of a hero. Kids will love reading this. Adults will love reading this, but more importantly, dads reading to their daughters, moms reading to their sons. Alfred the Boy King series will enthrall and move you, at whatever age.


1. If you read Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and/or Narnia what did you enjoy most about these books?

2. Do you read YA novels? IF so what do you enjoy most about them? If not, what do you read?

3. Ron Smorynski is a creative man, not only is he an animator, an author but he also home-school's his daughters. Any homeschooling's out there? If so, what books have you had your children read that they loved?


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I've read a number of the Harry Potter--actually listened to them (the narrator is wonderful!) and LotR and Narnia books. I like the creativity of the authors--the worlds they have created and the awesome word pictures that stir one's imagination.

I read The Lord of the Rings series a long time ago in school.  I read the Harry Potter series as an adult and also enjoyed these books.  I like reading adventure books because they make me feel like I'm there as one of the characters being transported to another time or place or world.

I loved the Harry Potter Series because they were so descriptive and fantastical, that I enjoyed every minute of them.  I do read YA novels when one sounds really good!

I especially enjoyed reading Narnia... Also, I really like The Lion, the Witch,

and the Wardrobe!

Thanks, Cindi

I hope this one fulfills that! My daughter, who is quite critical of anything I do, loves Alfred perhaps a tad bit more than Harry... could be a bias... but I think she's being honest! ;) 

2. I do read YA novels and I find that many of them offer special insights that we adults sometimes overlook or take for granted.

Thanks for this giveaway

I totally found as I wrote Alfred, how important the adults became to the story! I was quite shocked by it really, they were the bouncing board of all that Alfred was dealing with, and then they were the reaction to all that Alfred accomplished. And I was right there with them as the story unfolded. 

I homeschooled my youngest son from 6th grade till graduation this May. It was a very exciting experience and I loved getting to know my sons creative side. He introduced me to Harry Potter books, anime and fantasy books. Would love a chance to read and review your book. Nice to have you on TBCN. 

Wow sounds great! Especially him introducing you to fun stuff! My daughter introduced me to the world of culinary arts.... and grammar. Which  is really, really helpful to a writer. ;)  Alfred's cover has anime influence as well. Great to be here on TBCN. 

I'm a big Harry Potter fan and what I enjoy the most is the school, Hogwarts, and the kids learning witchcraft.  It doesn't always come easy even when you are from a wizarding family.  There's good and evil and bad kids, such as some of the Slytherins.

I'm not into Lord of the Rings so I wouldn't read them.  I did watch part of the Smaug movie.  I watched the first Narnia movie and will have to watch the other one.  I think there's just two.

I mostly read mysteries but I also enjoy Y.A., especially paranormal, such as Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series and Amanda Hocking's series about sirens.  Reading Y.A. keeps me young at heart.  No kids, I'm just a big kid myself.

This book is for big kids as well! Lot of my... maybe all the great reviews I got were from adult readers! ...Hmmm... maybe I should market to adults! 

I homeschool my daughter. Both my daughter and son love books and spending time at the library.


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