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BACK BLURB: Do you love the Harry Potter stories but want more oomph and action? Do you love Lord of the Rings but want faster pacing and kid-centered storylines? Well look no further. Aflred the Boy King series offers just that. It's about kids in an adventurous fantasy world, in epic battles, and learning about noble causes. Ron, the author, has been in Hollywood working in the industry for many years as a CG animator. Being in love with story and seeing wonderful works of fantasy come out, there was something missing for this storyteller. Ron decided to write a story he loved telling to his young daughters. An epic story about a computer-game playing boy being magically transported into a scary fantasy world. A grim realm in need of a hero. Kids will love reading this. Adults will love reading this, but more importantly, dads reading to their daughters, moms reading to their sons. Alfred the Boy King series will enthrall and move you, at whatever age.


1. If you could make one wish that was guaranteed to come true, what would it be? How different would your life be once it was granted?

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? How would you get there? What's the first thing you'd do once you got there?

3.  A hurricane is going to hit your neighborhood and you are forced to evacuate, you are told  you could only take three movies, three books, and three albums with you. What are the titles of the items you'd keep?

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I would wish that all my friends and family became Christ followers.  To think about how much life would change with that happening - it blows me away! 

Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to win the books and the snowman quilt.

In Him,

Cheri :)

I would love to travel to Alaska. A cruise would be a wonderful way to get there and I would be sure to see the Northern lights as soon as I got there 

I would wish for my friend who is in hospice to be cured of leukemia. It would change my life because I would not be watching her suffer and she could live a happy and healthy life.

Please also add my name to the drawing for the quilt.

I wish my oldest son would accept Jesus as his Saviour.  His life would be transformed and the Holy Spirit would be free to work in his life and give him peace. We have had many stuggles the last couple years as he has experienced PTSD. He is 11. 

I have a copy of book 1 and have purchased the series. Please enter me for the quilt.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? How would you get there? What's the first thing you'd do once you got there?

My wife was born in Vermont, but hasn't been back since she was a toddler. I'd love to go back there with her, especially in the Fall, and see where she was born and share that bit of history with her. Driving or taking the train would be how we'd like to travel, so we also could enjoy everything along the way. The first things to see would be her home town, where she was born, etc. But we'd also like to go to the von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.

I would love to read this book to my grandson.  It sounds like an amazing series, one that my own children would have loved.  I dream of going to Italy.  I would have to fly as it is a long ways from where I currently live.  But once I'm there, I want to travel by different modes of transportation.  I want to ride in boats to islands as well as in the gondolas of Venice.  I want to eat many different foods.  But, the very first thing I would do would be find the concert hall where Andrea Bocelli is performing and attend the concert.  Then I would explore the rest of Italy.  

Nora, your snowman quilt is fantastic.  I love decorating with snowmen in winter even though we don't get much snow where we live now in Japan.  To me, snowmen and snowflake decorations help make the winter cold tolerable enough to survive! 

I’d love to visit Alaska! There’s so many nature things I’d like to see. We would travel by RV.

I have the book but please enter me for the quilt.

And all three books

Five years ago I went to China to visit friends who lived over there.

I arrived late at night so went to bed.

The next morning I hit the door running and didn't stop until a few days before I was scheduled to fly back home.

I would love to surprise my husband with a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Then we would hop on a plane and fly to Hawaii to visit my cousin and his wife.


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