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BACK COVER: Do you love the Harry Potter stories but want more oomph and action? Do you love Lord of the Rings but want faster pacing and kid-centered storylines? Well look no further. Aflred the Boy King series offers just that. It's about kids in an adventurous fantasy world, in epic battles, and learning about noble causes. Ron, the author, has been in Hollywood working in the industry for many years as a CG animator. Being in love with story and seeing wonderful works of fantasy come out, there was something missing for this storyteller. Ron decided to write a story he loved telling to his young daughters. An epic story about a computer-game playing boy being magically transported into a scary fantasy world. A grim realm in need of a hero. Kids will love reading this. Adults will love reading this, but more importantly, dads reading to their daughters, moms reading to their sons. Alfred the Boy King series will enthrall and move you, at whatever age.


1. If you could choose to Re-Write the ending to a movie and/or book which story ending would you change and why?

2. If you could write yourself into a movie and/or book which book/movie would you choose? - who would you be? Why?

3. If you've seen and/or read the Lord of the Rings books what was your favorite character? Why?

4. If you've read and/or seen The Harry Potter books what was your favorite character? Why?


Carrie Gould

Laura Maxfield

Gail Hollingsworth

Your Names Were Drawn to receive copies of Alfred.

(I have given your contact information to the author)

THANKS for everyone who participated Grin!

If you have any question please feel free to contact me nora@bookfunmagazine.com

Nora St.Laurent


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#4. In the Harry Potter series, my favorite character is Hermoine Granger because she is a smart girl.

I would LOVE to have a place in the Anne of Green Gables series because Anne was such a fun character and I always loved her ability to use her imagination. 

Ron Weasley was always my favorite character.  He was a good friend and knew what he wanted.

I would be in The Sound of Music as a background character just to be able to listen to the Von Trapp Children singing and running all over.

or maybe a extra in the movie Dirty Dancing. I love the dancing not to mention Patrick Swayzee.

2. I grew up reading Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books so I would love to be another of their friends. What fun to join in their adventures and finding clues to solve the mysteries!

I'd love to write myself into a Pippi Longstocking book as one of her friends.  It would be fun to take part in her crazy adventures!  Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.  It looks like something my son would enjoy reading with me.

#4. Hermione because she is level headed throughout the series and she is extremely gifted.


Carrie Gould

Laura Maxfield

Gail Hollingsworth

Your Names Were Drawn to receive copies of Alfred.

THANKS for everyone who participated Grin!

(I have given your contact information to the author)

Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to reading it.  

My current address is

Carrie Gould

1270 Federal Road

Little Hocking  OH 45742

Now on Sale

EBook #1 Alfred: The Boy Who Would Be King

.99 cents

Ebook #2 $1.99 Alfred: And the Underworld


Ebook #3 $1.99 Alfred: And the Quest Knights


I received my copy of book 1 a few days ago.  I purchased books 2 and 3.  Thanks.


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