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Tomorrow’s headlines leap from the pages of The Looming Storm when Federal Agent Eva Montanna uncovers a menacing threat to harm Eva and her family. When daughter Kaley travels to Eastern Europe on a class trip, Eva’s Christian faith is challenged, and their lives are altered in the blink of an eye. Tensions skyrocket as Eva and Griff Topping, her FBI partner, use every trick to infiltrate a band of Florida smugglers. The agents are shocked when their undercover charade reveals the criminals have sinister plans for America. Secrets are shredded in the Munson’s tenth ‘stand alone’ thriller, as this spousal duo rips the veil from a labyrinth of covert criminal enterprises.


When a millionaire drug-dealer wrote a memoir that became a movie staring Johnny Depp, Diane Munson decided the good guys wearing white hats should be the ones to write memoirs. A former Federal prosecutor, she knew the back story. She asked David, a former undercover DEA Special Agent, to join her in writing about David’s arrest of Johnny Depp’s character in Chicago and other criminals in what the Munsons call ‘factional fiction’. Now, this husband and wife weave the thrills of back alley deals and major courtroom drama into international suspense novels. Diane Munson is an attorney of more than thirty years who transitioned from writing briefs for judges to writing inspiring fiction for readers. David Munson was a Special Agent with the NCIS and with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As an undercover agent, he infiltrated international drug smuggling organizations. Diane and David have co-authored together eight suspense thrillers: Facing Justice, Confirming Justice, The Camelot Conspiracy, Hero’s Ransom, Redeeming Liberty, The Joshua Covenant, Stolen Legacy, Embers of Courage and Night Flight, their thriller for young adults.

Deana Dick Penny Marks
Kim Napier Diane Higgins
Robbi Bourne Jacqueline Robertson
Joan Arning Paulette Thomas
Donna McGinnis Mary Hake
Paula Young Anne Rightler
Vickie Jameson Connie Saunders
Barbara Jo Gill Pam Graber
Mary Arndt Julie Barrett
Gee Dixon Trish Hedrick

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We are so excited to meet those of you Readers who have signed up to read/review The Looming Storm. While this is our tenth Christian suspense/thriller, it is our first time to interact with the TBCN crowd. Having said that, we do have a group on TBCN where we post a critique of the main NCIS TV series, which we base on David's years spent as an NCIS agent. Today, some of the review copies are going out to you. Because we ran out of mailers, the rest will be mailed tomorrow. You should all have them within a week.

Once you begin reading, we will provide some suggestions to help you visualize what is happening. More on that later. Each of our ten thrillers has a back story, as they are all inspired by an actual case or events that occurred in our exciting and dangerous cases. We will also share with you a little of the back story for The Looming Storm.

To help us get familiar with you as suspense readers, please tell us why you enjoy the genre and/or what it is about suspense that keeps you reading it. Also, please give us an idea of what suspense authors you like to read in both the secular and Christian suspense genres, and what you like about those authors.

Looking forward to more chat, Diane and David Munson

Looking forward to getting this book.  One of the authors I enjoy reading is Diann Mills. Suspenseful but not over the top scary.

"Suspenseful but not over the top scary"? That's what we've been told our books are. When we started writing, David tended toward all action, so Diane had to reason with him. She pointed out that most readers were women. We've compromised. Now each book has a hint of romance (Confirming Justice, The Camelot Conspriacy, and Redeeming Liberty have the most) but there is no gratuitous sex, language or violence. We strive to write novels that ladies can share with the men in their lives, i.e. hubbies, dad, and sons. The books are on the way. Watch for the subtle romance between Brett (our new character) and Eva's sister-in-law.

WOW!  I will definitely be reading more of these authors books.  The suspense is so gripping.  You may think you have it figured out and take a breath, then, wham!, something else happens that takes the action in another direction.    I thought the element of faith in the book was very realistic and not overdone.  The interaction of the characters kept me engaged.  The authors kept you hanging for a resolution to the very last page.  Whew!  Now I can breath.

My last two days have been spent reading this book.  I couldn't put it down.  Now I know, if I read another book by these authors (and I plan to), I will plan to do nothing but read for a couple of days.

Thank you Book Club, Inc. for the free book for an honest review.

This review received 5 stars on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and goodreads.com.

If you have any other books of yours laying around that you would like for me to review, just send them my way. LOL

We couldn't help but laugh when we read your review. We thought you readers might just now be receiving the books, and you've already read it. You sound like one of our good friends. She nags us all year long to know when the next book will be out. It usually takes us almost a year by the time we write a thriller and help promote it. This friend gets the book and reads it in two day. She then writes to us and asks, "How long do I have to wait for the next book?" Barbara Jo, did you have a favorite character in The Looming Storm? Eva and Griff appear in each of our thrillers, as does Bo the CIA agent. In fact Bo has three thrillers in which he has major rolls. They are Hero's Ransom, Redeeming Liberty and Joshua Covenant. Brett was new in The Looming Storm and so was Sonny. Sonny will not be coming back in future books, for obvious reasons. 

I would have to say that Griff was my favorite character.  I guess I'm just partial to pilots.  My dad and brother were both pilots.  I spent a good deal of my childhood at the small airport in the town where I grew up.

Earlier you asked for favorite suspense authors.  I stick with Christian authors, because I don't have to worry about sex, violence, or bad language.  My very favorite is DiAnn Mills.  Her books are well researched and quite compelling.  Others are:  Terri Blackstock and Irene Hannon  They both write in the style of DiAnn Mills.  If I want something really heavy, I'll read Creston Mapes or Frank Peretti.  I usually have to read something very light after I read their books, aka chick lit.

I was going to leave my review on the Faithful Reader site, but it said it wasn't being manned any more.

Based on your list of favorite Christian suspense authors, we feel privileged to be praised by a reader of such a distinguished list.

Wanted to read this book because our granddaughter had just visited some overseas countries  with a handful of other girls and chaperones.
Scared us to death knowing she would be so near where there was terror attacks but she was watched via other military friends of our son and even photographed at same locations as her and the others.
This one starts out in VA where Eva is just getting the kids out the door for school and husband Scott to work. After she leaves home the new elderly neighbor approaches her and informs her of a man asking about her and if she had men around.
Fred had never met her so didn't quite answer the man-he just wanted to alert Eva. At a lunch time meeting a gun is seen and shooting starts as the man wanted the women testifying in a case silenced. With her and her agent friend they have the area under control.
Her husband is involved with the new Supreme Court appointee and their lives surround the DC area. Never a dull moment. Although there are little things that happen they have time to pray as the clues come in, sometimes in droves, sometimes dribble til you get the idea they are a very active family.
Their work keeps them in the action, fast paced at times but easy to keep track of it all as it encompasse so many things.
Book also follows their daughter who's visiting Poland...more terrifying events occur as each of the parents work on other cases and their identities have been stolen...  There are many things I liked about this book: the mysteries and how they are linked, the travel and learning new words and procedures when in other countries along with how praying helps.
The one common thing is that praying to God seems to help them and their friends with their problems, even Kaeley who's in Poland...wicked good book and there is a list at the end of other works by the authors. Lots of twists that keep you so interested you will not put the book down.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.


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I can't tell you how excited I was to receive a copy of this book.  I generally read a lot of non-fiction, but I really needed something that was non-fiction.  The book did not disappoint!  I was engaged in the book early on.  While it explained the background information, I was not bored.  It kept the action going.  It was informative without being boring.  The pace was quick.  I so enjoyed that you could tell the characters were Christians living their lives.  It was face moving, believable and exciting.  I enjoyed that the main family was a mother and father who had high power jobs, but still loved each other and their family. 

After I started this book, I actually started carrying it around and read it whenever I was in a line or on the bus or any chance I had a few minutes to spare.  I had to sit in a doctor's office and was sad that they got to me so quickly!  I will be checking into other books by these authors.  I highly recommend this book!  I totally enjoyed it!

I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.

I posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreads

The Looming Storm is called High Velocity Suspense and it is certainly a true description!  Written by a former Special Agent with NCIS and the DEA and a former Federal Prosecutor in Washington, D.C., The Looming Storm is full of action.  The book is very well-written and may show a side of our government that will surprise and frighten you.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Looming Storm and recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense.  It is an excellent book.  I received my copy of The Looming Storm from www.bookfun.org in exchange for my honest opinion.

I posted reviews on FB, Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble.  I could not find it on a couple of other sites.  I hope to read more of the Munson's books!

Thanks to Julie, Paulette and Joan, for your honest reviews. It is an encouragement to us. While we want to give suspense readers a realistic view of how the agencies within our government work, we hope we do it in a way that's not too scary. That way we can keep them 'family friendly' and project a Christian world view. You are most appreciated. Diane and David Munson


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We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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