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ABOUT THE BOOK (240 pages):

When 28-year-old Paul Perkins, a recent law school grad and White House staffer, leaves his hectic life and travels to the other side of the world, he expects the adventure of a lifetime. Not a head-on collision with his pain-littered past. But with each new adventure, he's confronted by dark memories and questions of faith--while surfing Bali's legendary waves, and driving a motor scooter along Thailand's breathtaking coastline; during a guilt-ridden encounter in a red-light district, and an anguished reunion with his older brother; while teaching a class of veiled girls, and preaching before a crowd of India's poorest widows; through friendship with unlikely locals and fellow travelers, and the thrill and confusion of romance.
Along Paul's epic journey, he learns to loosen his white-knuckled grip on life as God confounds his expectations, heals his shame, and reveals that redemption is always possible--even when least expected.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Perkins grew up outside of Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Oregon State University, he moved to Washington, DC, and worked in the U.S. Senate and then at the White House. Later, he graduated from The George Washington University Law School and clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Jackson, Mississippi.
Paul is now an attorney in Washington, DC, where he lives with his wife and daughter. His writing has been featured at The Huffington Post, Boundless, and RELEVANT. In 2016, one of his articles was nominated for the Evangelical Press Association's Higher Goal's award.

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Thanks, Fred, Cheri, & Paul, for this book!
Here is my review:

“I needed to travel far away, attempt life on the other side of the world, to find I couldn’t get away from myself. If I wanted a life of wholeness and joy, I needed to make peace with who I was – everything I’d been through,” Paul Perkins writes in his book, Unexpected Journeys.

Complete review:

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Paul gives readers insight to a world we may never see in person but with his exceptional writing, we can vividly "see" every tree, different cultures , mountains and the beauty that God has created. He travels to places that at times are very remote, but he comes away with life changing experiences. I love his transparency as he shares his innermost thoughts. How many of us have questioned where we should be in life? He deals with forgiveness that is painful but healing. Many of us feel we are not accepted but Paul shows us how he overcame that. God can heal the broken-hearted, He can help you work through past trauma and He can show you how to forgive and love unconditionally. This is a very emotional book that is written with passion and shows how his struggles made him stronger. I hope everyone will pick up a copy of this book and take a journey of renewing and freedom from past hurts.

"What the child within needed-what I needed-was what David had just provided. The soft reassurance that none of the pain, none of the suffering, none of the shame was any of my fault."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.
My review is also posted on CBD and Deepershopping .

The author Paul Perkins takes us on an adventure as we follow along with his three month trip in Asia.

As Paul writes about his travels, I can picture myself as another traveler traveling with him. Throughout the book he does a lot of reflecting of his life, the good and bad, and the lessons he has learned through them.

I loved the last line of the book. "This was always God's story. And every day I'm thankful he's the author and I'm not."
This book is well written and hard to put down.

posted on goodreads and cbd and amazon.

     "Unexpected Journeys," by Paul Perkins, is a well written, interesting story. I am surprised it isn't labeled as an auto-biography. Paul shares with us his three month journey through Asia. Throughout his travels he shares the countryside and the people he meets with us. He also reveals more and more of himself.

      He shares his heartaches, pain and faith. We walk with him as he reveals some abuses he has experienced by his siblings, peers and a close friend. As he journeys through these countries he examines his feelings and finds some healing and closure to some of his heartaches. As he reaches the end of his trip he has grown a great deal emotionally. He has gotten right with God and acknowledges that his life journey has always been "God's story," and he is grateful that God is the author of his life.

      I found Unexpected Journeys to be brutally honest and heartfelt. It was easy reading and morally appropriate. I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. This review is posted at Goodreads, DeeperShopping, CBD, Facebook and Amazon.

Unexpected Journeys is a Christian inspirational book of the Paul Perkin’s (the author)  life.  The book takes you on a journey with Paul through the countries of Indonesia, Thailand, India, and finally back home again in the United States.  The author shares his actions, thoughts, and feelings with his reader capturing your attention and keeping it throughout the book.  His thoughts back to childhood and how they helped to mold him made the book interesting and causing the reader to feel the emotions that he experienced during his childhood and adulthood..  Also, the way the book was written was life like in describing the sceneries and cultures of the countries with nothing left hidden.  I enjoyed how honest Paul was with his readers and when the ending had a surprise that I didn’t expect, I said, “No, way!” and really felt badly for him.  Each of us has our own unexpected journeys or testimonies to share with others.  .  I am glad that Paul Perkins had the courage and was willing to take the time to share his story as an encouragement to Christians.  I received a copy from the author and publisher of The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.   I also posted reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christianbooks, and Goodreads.,

Unexpected Journeys by Paul Perkins is a memoir of the author's search for a peace of mind and heart that ultimately he realizes can only come from God. With honesty, humility and a touch of humor, Perkins takes the reader with him on a 3-month journey through Asia. A journey during which he would take risks and test the boundaries that had been set on him in life. Amidst the beauty of the lands he visited, he encountered his past and began to learn to embrace it instead of being defined by it. Loneliness has stalked him for years; he was familiar with rejection, abuse, and ridicule. In questioning where was God through all of the pain of the past, he realized God was there in the midst creating His story for Paul's life. The book is a great reminder that as God's children we can trust Him with our futures knowing he will make beauty from ashes. Can we fix our eyes on a distant dream only to miss the adventures around us? As intended by the author, the book is about redemption, restoration of relationships, and drawing others to wholeness and joy.
I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review. I have posted reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,,,,,,, and, if available.

Unexpected Journeys by attorney Paul Perkins is a poignant account of his trip to Indonesia, Thailand, and India.  As a 28-year-old and recent law school graduate and White House staffer, he planned this getaway adventure as a welcome break from all of the pressures of school and a stressful schedule.

He does have a wonderful adventure; yet, what he encounters are times of loneliness, painful dark memories surfacing, struggles with his faith and God, and a temporary, life-altering personal disappointment.  His adventure brings much that he did not expect and changes him and his life for the better.

A very interesting story in itself, its message of healing, hope, and God’s best for one’s life shine through.  I recommend this insightful book which I received through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.  (posted on Amazon, Good Reads, Christian Books, Deeper Shopping, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million)

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.  Here is my review:

I have never read the blog by Paul Perkins so I wasn't sure what to expect from his book.  Well let me tell you, It was an "Unexpected Journey" for me.  His way of telling his memoir pulls the reader in.  There is the right amount of vividness so that you can "see" all of the different trees, flowers, cultures, and countries he was blessed to see.  His walk with God is one that I can somewhat relate. However, we each must come to terms with how we relate to love, faith, forgiveness, and the grace of God.  I love how he looks back and is able to come to terms with some of his childhood abuses and memories.  His thoughts and feelings are very apparent in the book and give the reader a "whole" look at the author. One tends to wonder if they would have the same courage and convictions that he did in order to take the unexpected journey.  I tend to believe that God has a journey for all of us. Sometimes you can expect what will happen but other times the journey takes turn.  How we react to this time is our own journey and walk with God.  I love how he sums up the story in the end.   "This was always God's story. And every day I'm thankful he's the author and I'm not."  I am very thankful that God is the author of my story as well.  I plan to return to this book in order to reenter his journey and I am sure I will find areas that I may have missed the first time.  Great book.  I was blessed to receive a copy through Bookfun in exchange for my honest review.

I posted on Amazon, Books a Million, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book, and Deepershopping.

Thanks everyone for your reviews of my book. I really appreciate it. I've read them all and am deeply honored by your words.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Unexpected Journeys, by Paul Perkins, talks about his time of reflection while traveling Asia. While on the trip he also discovered things about himself and the world around him. 

This is an exciting book that many readers will enjoy, as well as I did. Especially those that like to read how God reveals Himself in everyday, or not so everyday, experiences.

I was given this book by in exchange for my honest review. 

This review is also posted on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, DeeperShopping and my blog:

Great read. Review below
Unexpected Journeys is a very inspirational true life adventure of the author, Paul Perkins. We all go through some tough times in life but I'm not sure I would be as brutality honest as the author. The emotions that he has gone throughout his childhood and adulthood made him into the man he is today. God had a plan for him and you go through it with him feeling the pain, heartache, and ultimately faith in God.
I recieved this book from the BookClub Network for an honest review.
Posted to Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook, Twitter,Barnes and Noble, Pinterest, Google, CBD, and DeeperShopping

I really enjoyed reading this book by Paul Perkins.  I admire how he wrote out his entire journey overseas despite how "closed off" he says that he is in real life.  It's a narrative of what he was seeing and experiencing on his journey and how he was learning and growing along the way.  It's not my typical book, but I still found myself going along the journey with him and growing alongside him.  I love how honest is about his journey growing up and why he has been feeling the way that he has been along the journey.  It challenged me to be more upfront about what I have gone through in my life so others would be able to see it and know that there is hope.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I encourage anyone who is used to strict rules and regulations to journey through the book with the author and begin to grow with him.  It was so easy to read and was written in such a way that it was relatable even though I have never been to the countries that he traveled to.  I was privileged to read this book for my honest opinion.  Copies of this book were also posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog: .


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