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Temperance's Trial by Hallee Bridgeman

Temperance's Trial is part 1 of 7 in a serialized story told in novellas. The story begins in book 1 and will not conclude until the end of book 7. Introducing the Virtues and Valor series by Hallee Bridgeman. Seven serialized novellas, each inspired by real people and actual events, reveal the incredible story of amazing heroines facing the ultimate test of bravery. The Third Reich Seeks to Extract the Information She Alone Knows MARIE GILBERT and her elder brother flee from Vichy France after the Gestapo arrest her father for suspicion of aiding Jewish children to escape the oncoming fascist front. Once in London, Marie is recruited into an experimental all female cohort dubbed the Virtues, a collection of seven extraordinary women with highly specialized skills.

Known only by her code name, TEMPERANCE, she is trained to operate a wireless radio and returns to her beloved France. With a new identity, Marie clandestinely communicates vital intelligence directly back to Headquarters but unwillingly attracts the attention and apparent adoration of a handsome but ruthless Nazi officer, Oberleutnant LEOPOLD SCHÄFER.

As the H-hour to execute their daring mission draws ever closer, Marie plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the unrelenting and merciless young Lieutenant Schäfer and the Nazi soldiers under his command.

TEMPERANCE'S TRIAL is part one of seven serialized novellas entitled the Virtues and Valor series.

Seven valorous women — different nationalities, ethnicities, and social backgrounds — come together as a team called the Virtues.

In 1941 Great Britain a special war department assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives. Four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot are each hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring mission in Occupied France. As plans are laid to engineer the largest prison break of Allied POWs in history, the Nazis capture the Virtues' radio operator. It will take the cohesive teamwork of the rest of the women to save her life before Berlin breaks her and brings the force of the Third Reich to bear.

Some find love, some find vengeance, and some discover the kind of strength that lives in the human heart when all they can do is rely on each other and their shared belief. Courage, faith, and valor intersect but, in the end, one pays the ultimate price.

Introducing the Virtues and Valor series by Hallee Bridgeman. Seven serialized novellas, each inspired by real people and actual events, reveal the incredible story of amazing heroines facing the ultimate test of bravery. 


Hallee Bridgeman is a best-selling Christian author who writes action-packed romantic suspense focusing on true to life characters facing real world problems. Her work has been described as everything from refreshing to challenging and from heart-racing and comforting. She is the author of the Jewels Series (contemporary Christian Romance), the Song of Suspense Series (contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense), and the Virtues and Valor Series (Christian Historical Suspense) set during the second World War.

An Army brat turned Floridian, Hallee finally settled in central Kentucky with her family so that she could enjoy the beautiful changing of the seasons. She enjoys the roller-coaster ride thrills that life with a National Guard husband, a teenaged daughter, and two elementary aged sons delivers.

A prolific writer, when not penning novels, you’ll find her in the kitchen which she considers the “heart of the home.” Her passion for cooking spurred her to launch a whole food, real food “Parody” cookbook series. In addition to nutritious, Biblically grounded recipes, readers will find that each cookbook also directly confronts some controversial aspect of secular pop culture.

Hallee is a member of the Published Author Network (PAN) of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) where she serves as a long time board member in the Faith, Hope, & Love chapter. She is also a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the American Christian Writers (ACW) as well as being a member of Novelists, Inc. (NINC) and the CBA.

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An exciting beginning to this WWII serial story from Hallee Bridgeman. This story introduces the 7 “Virtues” and follows Marie “Temperance” to France and her work sending/receiving vital coded messages. Excitement and adventure are in store for readers in Temperance's Trial. The story is a quick, easy read and the cliffhanger at the end leave you anxiously opening the next chapter.

(I received a copy of this e-book from the author through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.)

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Marie and her older brother flee from France when the Gestapo arrest their father for harboring Jewish children.  They escape to London where they enlist to help their country.  Marie is trained as a wireless radio operator and given the code name Temperance.  A female pilot drops Marie and another member of the team “Virtue” into France in the middle of the night.


Marie hides her wireless radio and assumes a new identity as a seamstress living in a boarding home.  A Nazi officer needs to have his pants mended before an important meeting and is apparently smitten with Marie.  She does not know if he is truly interested in her or suspects her of being a radio operator.


This was a very interesting story and I am anxious to read the rest of the series to find out how it ends for Marie and the rest of her female team!  I recommend the book about special females during World War II.

I received this book from www.bookfun.org in exchange for my honest opinion.  

 I originally received this book in October 2014 and posted reviews on Goodreads, Amazon,  Currently I posted on Barnes & Noble and Deeper Shopping.


I left a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Deeper Shopping, Goodreads and Smashwords.

What a phenomenal book! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and then liked it even more when I got to the end and discovered how much truth the author had incorporated into the story!  I feel like I learned some history about some key, behind the scenes people from WWII.  The only problem I had with this book was it ended – I wanted to keep reading.  Fortunately there is a sequel!

Marie is a French young lady who is forced to flee her country because of her efforts helping Jewish children.  She makes it to England where she is recruited to be a wireless operator – and is soon sent back to France to work.  She has to work fast so the Nazi’s won’t find her equipment.  Will she be successful or will she be caught and killed?  I received a copy of this book from bookfun.org for my honest opinion and review.

This is a series based on 7 women who helped during the war.  Each story is based on a real person.  At the end of the book, the author gives interesting historical background information on the war and on the real person. Each woman is given a code name based on the 7 virtues from the bible.  I really enjoyed the series, and will be looking to read further books by this author.


I definitely recommend this book. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.


This review was posted to  Goodreads and  Amazon.


This a series about 7 different women, each from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Each
woman is blessed with different skills . Each novella is tied with the rest and is inspired by a real woman that served during WWII and she is discussed at the end of each story. Marie Gilbert, coded named Temperance is a wireless radio operator undercover in France. She sends information from behind enemies lines back to the home base. When Temperance is captured and horribly beaten in prison, the team immediately starts plans to rescue. I enjoyed reading this story of a truly amazing and brave woman. I was gifted a copy by the author and The BookClub Network (bookfun.org) for review and my honest opinion, which I have given.

I posted at Amazon and Goodreads. I found no other sites were taking reviews now. I will post on my blog shortly.


I really enjoyed Temperance’s Trial!  This historical novella, the first in the Virtues and Valor series, shares the story of a special team of operatives who launch a daring and courageous mission.  The main character in this novella is Marie Gilbert, codenamed Temperance, who is recruited and trained as a wireless radio operator.  Action-packed and full of suspense, this dramatic story intrigued me and left me eager for the next installment.  In addition to the story, I also enjoyed the historical information included in the Inspired by Real Events, Translation Key, and Period Vehicles sections that follow.    

“Seven valorous women — different nationalities, ethnicities, and social backgrounds — come together as a team called the Virtues. Some find love, some find vengeance, and some discover the kind of strength that lives in the human heart when all they can do is rely on each other and their shared belief. Courage, faith, and valor intersect but, in the end, one pays the ultimate price.”

I have posted my review on Amazon and Goodreads and will review the Virtues and Valor series on my blog, Buzzing About Books.

This series is about a special team of operatives called, “The Virtues.” The author states, “Every story in the Virtue and Valor series was inspired by real people and real events” This is the first novel in the series taken from historical events in 1941 Great Britain. A special war department assembles an experimental exclusively female cohort of combat operatives, hand-picked and trained.

This series kicks off with a young girl named Marie Gilbert code named Temperance. The team was made up of seven women from different walks of life, training, backgrounds and social classes. These brave women come together in their faith to help the underground work in fighting the enemy in WWII. Each will rick everything to get the job done.

Marie and Edward leave their father to join the war effort. Their father was arrested for hiding Jews. Marie says, “Edward, how can we leave him?” 

“Because he said we must!.”..”She’d never felt so alone in her life. Then she remembered – She was never alone. Whispering to God as she thanked him for safe arrival and prayed for continued protection.”

These brave women knew the risks. They could be tortured to obtain information. “They had courage, faith and valor – As their plan is laid to engineer the largest prison break of allied POW’s in history; the Nazis capture the radio operator Marie. It will take the cohesive team work of these women to save her life before they break her and bring the force of the third Reich to bear.”

I think this series would be great for anyone interested in WWI and for those who homeschool. Not only does this author do a good job of bringing history to life through these remarkable women but there is bonus material that helps takes readers deeper into history and the war effort.

The author gives details about the real person that inspired the story. In this first novel based on Eileen Mary “didi” Nearne. She’s twenty three and served as the wireless radio operator. There is a picture of her and more details about her life. The author also lists key words and Phrases that the French, Germans and British used. They were helpful in understanding the circumstances better. There is a section about the vehicles used back then. I liked the six discussion questions that the author included in the back. They will help spark lively discussions in your group.

There are six other books in this series. The titles are 2. Homeland’s Hope, 3. Charity’s Code, 4. A Parcel for Prudence, 5. Grace’s Ground War, 6. Flight of Faith, 7. Mission of Mercy. Each of these books delves into the life of a female operative doing her part in fighting the enemy in WWII. If you love history and/or want to share this with your children this is a series for you!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of the book from The Book Club Network www.bookfun.org   I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”.

Nora St Laurent

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Posted review on TBCN Blog, Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble

Hallee Bridgeman never disappoints me. She is an amazingly talented author. The Virtue and Valor Series is a phenomenal and exciting book. A seven part novella about women of bravery, courage and faith who contributed greatly to WWII. Even though these characters are fictional they are based on the lives of real women and events that inspired this story. Each woman in this series has her own talent and abilities. I love how Hallee has incorporated the historical facts, photos and the name of the person that each story was based on.
The first novella is about Marie Gilbert code name Temperance willing to risk her life for the war effort and her country. A true heroin. She has been trained as a wireless radio operator. Her cover is that of a seamstress as she goes to France to work in a covert operation. The story is full of suspense, drama, danger and action packed. You won't want to put this book down.
I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to read the whole series at one time. I loved it.

I highly recommend this book. A great christian historical fiction story.

I received a free copy of this book from bookfun.org for my honest opinion and review.

Posted on Amazon, goodreads and deepershopping

This is the first book I have read by this author. I enjoyed the story of Marie and the choice she made to go undercover. I would have loved to read the entire story in one sitting because it was hard to put down. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.
I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review which I have given.
This review also appears on Amazon, April 2015.

I'm not sure how it happened that my review isn't posted here. I read the entire series. Sorry about that. But, the good news is that it was reviewed long ago in Oct '14.  Here it is:

Smell the tomb Temperance caches her code book in

Hallee Bridgeman begins a Virtues and Valor series based on true heroines of WWII with Temperance’s Trial.  Temperance AKA Marie Perrin AKA Marie Gilbert escapes the Nazis, ends up in England for specialized training and returns to France as a spy and uncover seamstress. 

Biking through the countryside and transmitting on a wireless, you can almost smell the tomb she caches her code book in and feel Marie’s tension in conversation with a SS Officer who seems bent on dating her.  

Hallee Bridgeman delivers amazing insight into the life of a female spy. 

I especially enjoyed learning about the French pastors and French village who received recognition for their efforts in the underground.  Learn more about The Righteous Among The Nations  http://www.yadvashem.org/yv/en/righteous/related_sites.asp

Could you or I ever face these kinds of decisions:  to value people in a crisis in spite of danger to those we love most? Faced with a child that I heard about or the one standing before me, what would I do?  These French towns people must have made individual decisions over and over until it became resolve.  

Reading Temperance’s Trial makes me want to value other’s lives even more.

I received a complimentary book from The Book Club Network at bookfun.org in exchange for my honest review.






Temperance’s Trial is a novella. It is the first book in a new
Christian historical fiction series Virtues and Valor by Hallee
The Virtues were the code names for a group of women from
Different countries used to fight the Nazis. Each Virtue had to
remain anonymous to the others so they would not know any
information that could be obtained if caught and tortured. But
they were still able to meet and pray together. The stories are
based on real women and their assignments.
This story takes place during WWII in occupied France. It is
based on the life of a real Christian woman (Marie Gilbert) code
named Temperance who risks her life for her country. She trains
to operate a wireless radio to pass information for the war
efforts from occupied Paris where she poses as a seamstress.
Will she be captured? What will be her fate?
The story was action packed with high tension. The characters
were so well defined and realistic that made me feel as if I was
right there.
Thank you to bookfun.org for this eBook. My opinion is my own.
I have posted this review on Goodreads, Amazon ,Facebook,
Barnes & Noble & Deeper shopping.


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