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ABOUT THE BOOK (448 pages): From modern-day Roanoke Island to the sweeping backdrop of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and Roosevelt’s WPA folklore writers, past and present intertwine to create an unexpected destiny. Restaurant owner Whitney Monroe is desperate to save her business from a hostile takeover. The inheritance of a decaying Gilded Age hotel on North Carolina’s Outer Banks may provide just the ray of hope she needs. But things at the Excelsior are more complicated than they seem. Whitney’s estranged stepfather is entrenched on the third floor, and the downstairs tenants are determined to save the historic building. Searching through years of stored family heirlooms may be Whitney’s only hope of quick cash, but will the discovery of an old necklace and a Depression-era love story change everything?


Lisa Wingate is a former journalist, inspirational speaker, and the author of over twenty mainstream fiction novels, including the national bestseller, Tending Roses, now in its nineteenth printing. She is a seven-time ACFW Carol award nominee, a Christy Award nominee, an Oklahoma Book Award finalist, and a two-time Carol Award winner. Her novels are known for taking on gritty subjects while offering redemptive and uplifting themes. Recently, the group Americans for More Civility, a kindness watchdog organization, selected Lisa along with Bill Ford, Camille Cosby, and six others, as recipients of the National Civies Award, which celebrates public figures who work to promote greater kindness and civility in American life. More information about Lisa's novels can be found at or on Facebook at:

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I just finished reading The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate.  Whitney Monroe is co-owner of La Tazza restaurant.  She recently purchased an old mill (and did not research the town prior to purchase) to open a second location.  Unfortunately, Tagg Harper and his cronies are doing everything in his power to stop her from opening the new restaurant (he has the local people in his back pockets).  Whitney and her partner, Denise are about to lose everything they have worked for over the last few years.  Whitney refuses to back off from the new location. 


When her mother passed away, Whitney inherited The Excelsior hotel in Manteo (which is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina).  Her step-father, Clyde Franczyk has the right to live in the hotel until his death, and he is firmly entrenched on the third floor (he is cranky).  Whitney received a call that Clyde is ill and had to go to the hospital.  Whitney is hoping to find something of value in the hotel to sell to help her keep her restaurants (search while he is away).


Whitney finds old letters addressed to her grandmother, Ziltha Ruby Benoit from her twin sister, Alice Loring.  Whitney did not know her grandmother had a twin sister.  Alice was a part of the Federal Writers Project regarding stories of people and their histories.  Whitney finds the letters fascinating.  Clyde, who has returned from the hospital, also gets involved in the project (the letters are in pieces).  While looking in an old captain’s desk, she discovers some beautiful jewelry and scrimshaw.  Can they help her save the hotel?  But, at the same time, Whitney will be sacrificing her family history.  Mark Strahan owns The Rip Shack which is housed on the first floor of Whitney’s building.  Mark does not Whitney to sell the building to the developer, Casey Turner.  Mr. Turner will demolish the beautiful and historical building.  Mark would also like to start a special youth program on the second floor of the hotel.  Can Whitney find a way to save her restaurants while keeping the building and preserving her family history?  What did Alice Loring discover during her travels?


I found The Sea Keeper’s Daughters to a very long book.  I really enjoyed the history part of the book (it was fascinating).  I found Whitney to be stubborn, frustrating, and ridiculous (who hangs on to a restaurant when it will bankrupt you and your family).  I was so glad when I finished this book.  There are pages of Whitney’s rambling thoughts (you can really just skip over these pages as they do not enhance the book in any way).  What Whitney uncovered about her family history was expected, but I found it (the actual history) fascinating.  I give The Sea Keeper’s Daughters 3 out of 5 stars.  I think this book just needed more polish. 


I received a complimentary copy of The Sea Keeper’s Daughters from Tyndale House Publishers via The Book Club Network Inc. and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I have posted my review on:  LibraryThing, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, Kobo, GooglePlay, Waterstones,,,,,, iTunes, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and my blog, The Avid Reader (

What a wonderful finale to the Carolina Heirlooms Series by Lisa Wingate. The series starts with The Prayer Box, followed by the award winning, The Story Keeper, and now, The Sea Keeper’s Daughter. There are also fun novellas disbursed along the way. It is so difficult to use the term “finale” because I would love to see this series go on and on. It is that good.

The Sea Keeper’s Daughter is a contemporary fiction novel set in Roanoke Island with a back story from the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. The back story in the Blue Ridge Mountains is from the 1930s and features the assignments of WPA folklore writers. Ms. Wingate is very gracious in providing the reader with actual links regarding the real history of the WPA writers in her note at the end of the novel.

This novel features the character of restaurant owner Whitney Monroe. She is fighting to save her business from a hostile takeover when she receives unexpected news that draws her back to Roanoke Island. Whitney is a likeable protagonist with a troubled past. She is hardworking and loyal to her business partner and cousin, Denise. The supporting characters are unique and well developed. And, of course, cameo appearances from some characters in the past books are always delightful.

I am going to miss this series something awful. I look forward to reading it again in the future. I highly recommend this novel and the other books in the series. If you enjoy stories and folklore that are brilliantly articulated, you will love this novel.

I left this review at Amazon, Deeper Shopping,, Barnes and Nobel, and Goodreads.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and review such a quality book.

This is the second book I have read by Ms. Lisa Wingate; the first being The Story Keeper.  This book did not disappoint.  It was a fantastic read and I would highly recommend it. 


In her acknowledgments, Ms. Wingate writes “writing fiction is the strangest of professions.  Here is a job in which your task each day is to listen to the voices of people who don’t exist and describe events that never were.  It’s the adult version of Let’s Pretend.” Pg.  xi.  Well, I say to Ms. Wingate, “you could have fooled me.”  The characters in this book were very much real as were the situations they found themselves in.  As with The Story Keeper, Ms. Wingate writes of the mountains and the history of some of the mountain people.  In with this she has woven another story of Whitney Monroe, a struggling restaurant owner, who is called from Michigan to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to take care of a grouchy, solitary, hard to deal with step-father Clyde and The Excelsior (a historic building she has inherited).  While meanwhile, back home in Michigan, her restaurants are barely surviving and money is very short.


Along with Whitney and Clyde, throughout this book we meet Mark, Joel, Ziltha, Denise, Queen Ruby, The Benoit family, Alice, Thomas and Able.  How are all these people connected?  How are their lives woven together?  Are they all striving for the same purpose?   Can they come to an understanding of each other to save Whitney’s struggling restaurants and the Excelsior?


Pick this book up.  Find a nice cozy couch and blanket and read away.  This book is another wonderful story by Lisa Wingate.  You will not be disappointed you picked this book. 


Thank you Ms. Wingate for the opportunity to read yet another great story.


I was given this book by in exchange for an honest review. 


Whitney Monroe finds herself nearly alone in the world.  She was an only child.  Her father committed suicide and her mother passed from cancer.  Her stepfather Clyde has been verbally abusive, keeping her from her mother’s possessions.  Her priority in life is her restaurant with which she is partners with her cousin, Denise.  Unfortunately, they tried to expand quickly to another restaurant.  That restaurant is involved in a legal battle and their original restaurant is not making enough money to pay their bills and their workers.  It seems like an answer to prayer when she gets a call that her stepfather has fallen and is in the hospital.  If he passes, she will inherit the vintage house whose sale just might get her out of her financial woes.  That is true until she arrives on Roanoke Island and learns that Clyde plans to keep living there and the tenants of her building become meaningful to her.  As Whitney begins to go through some of her grandmother’s possessions, she comes across some letters from a relative she never knew existed.  As she reads the letters, she gets a different picture of her family and perhaps a different slant on her future.

Any reader of Lisa Wingate’s Story Keeper will enjoy this book.  This book also takes place in North Carolina.  While it is not necessary to have read the previous book, as this is a stand alone book, it does make a nice tie-in.  I really enjoyed learning about the Federal Writers project.  The reader may also enjoy some justification for what may have happened to the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island.  While the book does jump back and forth from current day to the past via letters, it is not hard to follow this transition.

I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my opinion.

I posted this on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Deeper Shopping, CBD, and Good Reads

I posted my review on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Deeper Shopping, Goodreads and CBD.

What a fascinating story that kept me wanting to know what would happen next!  The book moves back and forth from modern Whitney’s story to letters from Alice written in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1930’s (as part of the Federal Writers Project).  Although this is not really a sequel to The Story Keeper’s Daughter, some of that novel shows up in this one but I don’t believe you have to have read it to follow this story line.

Not only did this book fascinate me throughout it, I loved the ending!  Whitney has so many challenges – from the restaurant business in Michigan to the inheritance of a rundown hotel in the Outer Banks, from the abandonment of her father at a young age to the fairly recent death by cancer of her mother.  Which way can she turn?  With the discovery of old letters in the old hotel, she feels drawn to the woman Alice whom she had never heard of before.

What a great read!  I highly recommend this book!  I received this book from in return for my honest opinion.

This was a great read, and so much to enjoy. I will admit it took me several chapters to get into this read. It seemed a bit slow in starting the actual journey of the story, but the journey was worth the wait.

The characters in this story are so real and vivid. The author does a great job of making them come to life. They all come from different walks of life, and they each have their heartaches and troubles. I love that this book doesn't overwhelm the reader with too many characters. In this read it is definitely quality over quantity. The characters are all made known so well that the reader empathizes with them.

The storyline is fascinating...which is always the case with Lisa Wingate. It doesn't follow the normal "cookie cutter" storyline, has some amazing history, and the mysteries awaiting the reader are a true delight.

So if you start this read, be sure to finish. For even though it took some time for me to be IN the was worth the wait to meet the characters and follow their journeys. I highly recommend this book, especially to those that love history. Since it is always my focus to tell how I liked the story, but little of the storyline...I shall stop there.

I received this book through for my honest opinion which I have given.

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I did not realize this was a book in a series. It does not matter. It is a book that stands on it's own merits very well. The story is well written and flows along smoothly. The editing was well done.  The characters were well developed and believable. The story was part love story, part mystery and kept my attention throughout. If you want a synopsis of the story, read the cover. I do not like to give away anything in my review. This is a Christian book, but not by much. The two of the main characters claim to believe in God but the story doesn't show it much. It is a nice, clean book, not heavy on religion. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review. I highly recommend this book. This review is also on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Deepershopping, Christianbook, Goodreads, and

Have you ever been so successful at your job, that you decide to branch out? Whitney Monroe is just that person.
She has decided with the help of her cousin, that they should venture out and open another restaurant. They are excited and begin to make plans for the new place. Not everyone is happy about their new restaurant though. Some of the local business owners can't handle competition and devise a scheme to sabotage them. They hit dead ends with building codes and other things that could prevent the place from passing inspection. Seems somebody is jealous of their success.

While Whitney is fighting inspections and total chaos she gets a call about her stepfather. Why are they calling her about him? They have never been very close and she has little to do with his kids. The caller explains that her stepfather fell in the bathroom and had been laying on the floor for four long days. That seems very sad to hear that someone you know, has been helpless for a long period of time. Whitney makes a decision to travel to the hotel in Maneto, North Carolina to go through her grandmothers belongings. While she is there she can check on her stepfather since he lives in the building . This is not going to be a pleasant trip and old feelings start to surface for Whitney. What secrets will Whitney uncover? Will she be welcomed there without any problems?

Whitney begins a trip down memory lane as she is going through old papers and soon discovers secrets that are troublesome. How is it possible that her mother and stepfather knew each other before her dad was in the picture? Something doesn't add up and she wants answers. A project that Roosevelt's Federal Workers Program had in the 1930s somehow have ties to her grandmothers story. What has Whitney stumbled into?

This is Lisa Wingate at her best as she perfectly delivers two stories at the same time and tie them together like a pristine bow. The history in the story is very detailed and is brought to the present to make a story that gives you mystery and action. The author has given us two characters from the past that will have an impact on Whitney's life. What secrets do they hold? Is there danger for Whitney? Will history change her family dynamics?

I look forward to reading books from Lisa Wingste because I know she will sweep me on a journey with details and twists that make the story so intriguing and hard to put down. This is another master story teller at the top of her game .

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.
My review is also posted on NetGalley and Deepershopping .

I was not sure what to expect from this novel, and Lisa Wingate never disappoints. There is a lot going on from past to present in this novel.

Whitney Monroe finds herself on a journey like none other. She is desperately trying to save her restaurant and all those who depend on her. She has a few trust issues, with some reason. Whitney must go back to the Outer Banks and deal with memories, family and secrets. Will she be able to save her restaurant and keep everyone happy, even those she has just met? Can she ever understand and get along with her step dad? When Whitney uncovers some letters she is not sure where they will lead her, yet she is drawn to them. She has some important and hard decisions to make. When everything seams to be falling apart will she ruin everything or will everything work out for the best?

This novel is full of history, surprise, forgiveness, understanding, twist, and a dash of romance. We follow Witney through paths she may not wish to uncover but some secrets must be revealed.

I was given a copy of this novel from for my honest opinion.

I posted this review on Amazon, CBD, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Google Play, Deeper Shopping and my Christian Romance Review Facebook page:

This is a trip back in time to the once prestigious hotel Whitney's family owned, which now belongs to her. Many decisions are to be made about what the hotel can do for her, and what she can do for the hotel. Included are mystery, intrigue, history and very detailed letters from the past, written by a member of the Federal Writers' Project. The story weaves two timelines together through those letters, bringing a great deal of interest to the protagonist and her family.

I had no idea this was part of a series of books. It reads very easily as a standalone, and swept me away from Michigan to the Outer Banks and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Characters are strong, diverse, and numerous, but easy to follow as they are encountered. I loved the history and the stories of the very small group of people referred to as the Melungeons. Information obtained about these people is well researched and documented.

I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat complicated book, a lengthy one. The plot developed at a pace that kept my attention throughout. It was difficult to put the book down as clues to the past led to a better understanding of the present. The main character frustrated me at times, but that is "who she is." She was clearly defined as her personality is as real as any other individual's. I highly recommend this interesting and entertaining book!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network For Readers Only program in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
Revews were left at the following locations: Amazon, B&N, CBD, Deeper Shopping, Family Christian Stores, Books A Million, Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing,,, Facebook & book groups

Lisa Wingate has written a compelling and delightful novel in her book, The Sea Keeper's Daughters. The story is a wonderfully blended saga of history and present time, almost a time travel through letters from the past that have been hidden...forgotten. Whitney, a young woman who as a child just wanted to be good enough to be loved, now has multiple issues to deal with as she comes face to face with her past. Alice, an unknown aunt, has written letters to Whitney's grandmother, letters shredded and hidden, letters that reveal a woman who knew she was on an adventurous journey, knowing full well she would be changed forever by it. Family dynamics, mysteries of the past, romances past and present are fused together to bring an amazing story that reminds the reader that the "heart is a wellspring. It has infinite capacity to manufacture love. The only barriers are the ones we put in the way." (p.340) Wingate touches several darker themes as she tells the story of one of the writers of the Federal Writer's Project, a part of a New Deal Program on the 1930s. Readers are reminded of the horrors of death at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, the racism against the Melungeons, blue-eyed Indians of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the sting of death at the hand of drugs and cancer. As Whitney deals with the frustrations and worries of her life she realizes her "path isn't straight. It winds and bends in magnificent ways, its course shepherded by strong women who've left their footprints behind." (p.405) With vivid portrayal of little-known history and characters who are believable and engaging, The Sea Keeper's Daughters is a magnificent story by a masterful storyteller.
I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review. I have posted reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,,, and GoodReads.


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