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***If you haven't read SFTH: Journey from Fear to Faith, let me know and I will be happy to send you the PDF for BOTH books in the month of October. 

When you’re faced with devastating news, is your first response, “Wow - what an exciting adventure!” When you find yourself in the midst of trials or a challenging season in your life, do you automatically think to respond with happiness or to consider the bad news a blessing?
When our family was presented with an impending job loss, my first reaction wasn’t joy. It was fear of the unknown. However, God invited me on a journey with Him, a way to choose trust and faith in place of fear and worry.

I offer you the chance to come along, not because we’re special but because we’re ordinary. God used this “adventure” as a way for us
•to give Him the glory through the ways He prepared my heart ahead of time
•to remember His reassurance to me that “He had it covered” throughout the months we traveled
•to discover His many blessings both for us and others along the way
•to give encouragement to those struggling with their own hard situation

When we travel God’s plan for our lives His way, while it can be scary at times, He invites us to embrace the adventure ahead while we wait to see what BEST He has for us! I pray you’ll be encouraged to ask God what His plan is for your life and then have the courage to embrace your adventure!


Cheri Swalwell is a Christ follower who thoroughly enjoys her calling to be a wife, mother, and writer, in that order. She enjoys writing regularly for Book Fun Magazine. Her book, Hope During Heartache, a compilation of 13 men and women’s stories told from their viewpoint about hope after the loss of a child, is available at Amazon in both paperback and eBook versions. Cheri is also a contributing author for the book, 31 Devotions for Writers. Her book series, Spoken from the Heart, is available through Amazon in eBook and paperback.

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A perfect choice for anyone walking through trials, Spoken From the Heart will restore your hope. Ms. Swalwell takes us through her personal trials while showing how we can apply what she has learned in our own lives. Important concepts she will instill on your journey through these pages are how we can choose joy and find cause for celebration, even in the darkness. She offers encouragement and enlightenment in learning to trust God to give us His best. Chock full of relevant scripture and its application to our everyday lives, Cheri Swalwell shares her heart through these daily devotional chapters, never forgetting Whose path she walks nor weakening in her trust for Him as she waits to receive the blessings God has for her. No matter your trial, you will find help and hope to walk through it in the pages of this inspiring book. This review is posted on amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Thank you so much, Cindy, for the  beautiful review.  He gets all the glory - they are His words, I'm His secretary.  :)

I have read the book and blogged my review: http://bit.ly/2fzMyyv

That blog posts to Facebook and Google+. I also placed reviews on Amazon and Twitter. I did not find the book at CBD nor Deeper Shopping.

Here is the text of my blogged review:

Swalwell continues her collection of devotions with stories centering on her embracing the adventure of following after God in the beginning of 2015. She shares insights from sermons she has heard, books she has read, words from God during fasts, and her own personal experiences.

Every fall Swalwell asks God for a word upon which to concentrate for the coming year. For 2015 it was hope. She shares lessons she gleaned during the fall and winter of 2014-2015. Some of the lessons include:

that our focus needs to change from an earthly perspective to a heavenly one

we are to fully embrace the moment while continuing to have hope for God's planned future

we can choose peace instead of worry

we can understand God's purpose in trials, trusting Him

we can invite God into our mess

we are to recognize the privilege of being part of God's plan

Swalwell's book is a good example of how we can learn about God and His plan for us through our daily experiences. I did find some repetition in the experiences covered, such as losing her employment as of February of 2015. Nevertheless, this collection of 33 devotions is a good one.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Cheri Swalwell is a Christ follower who enjoys her calling as a wife, mother, and writer. She writes regularly for Book Fun Magazine and Life to the Fullest. She also contributed to the book, 31 Devotions for Writers. Her book Hope During Heartache as well as her Spoken From the Heart series are available in both ebook and paperback.

Spoken From the Heart, 90 pages.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through The Book Club Network. My comments are an independent and honest review.

Thank you so much, Joan, for your honest and beautiful review.  Blessings to you -

in Him,

Cheri :)

To embrace something is to welcome it with open arms, hold, hug, accept completely (taken from vocabulary.com).
An adventure is an exciting and probably risky trip, effort, or undertaking (taken from vocabulary.com).

So life is to welcome, with open arms, an exciting and sometimes risky undertaking.

Read this devotional as Ms. Swalwell gives us her take on how she is able to embrace the adventure of life. This is a wonderful devotional that can be read and kept for one’s own personal library or would be great to give as a gift.

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. I received a copy of this book from bookfun.org in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you my friend for your encouraging words.  Blessings to you!

in Him,

Cheri :)

Cheri Swalwell does it again with another heart-stretching devotional book, vulnerably sharing from her personal life about faith lessons she has learned. Even if your circumstances are different from hers, you should be able to identify with the struggles and feelings she experienced. This book is a good reminder to look to the Lord and see what He wants to accomplish through setbacks and trials. Oh, to have the attitude to embrace whatever comes, trusting His sovereignty. As the author shows, God prepares His children for what is coming and walks with them through it. This small book packs a big punch and may even change your life. I received the book from Book Fun (The Book Club Network), and this is my honest review.

Posted on FB, Amazon, BAM.

Thank you so much, Mary.  Blessings to you -

in Him,

Cheri :)

Blessings - thank you so much, Mary.  So blessed to have met you through TBCN.

in Him,

Cheri :)

Spoken from the Heart Embracing the Adventure by Christian author Cheri Swalwell is another beautifully written, God-inspired devotional. It is written as the author says in the title, from her heart, and I felt it. Just like her other heart warming, encouraging books, this one spoke directly to me.

Author Swalwell has a lovely writing style. It is well thought, planned, and organized so that is flows smoothly from one day to the next. Her books are written from personal experiences. She holds nothing back from readers. Reading her book is like chatting with a friend and receiving encouragement and sage advice.

In this installment, Embracing the Adventure, author Swalwell focuses on trials and how to endure them. She urges readers to think about the big picture and not just about what is happening now. In her Devotional, she urges readers to communicate with God, trust Him, not worry, and learn. She was given the word "hope" from Jehovah and wants to pass it along.

This book is divided into 33 daily devotions for true encouragement. It is heavily laced with scripture and glorifies God. I would definitely recommend this Devotional to anyone going through rough and rocky times. It is one that can be read multiple times as life deals numerous trials. I gladly give this a 5 out of 5 star rating. I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review. Reviews were posted on Amazon, B&N, Good Reads, and TBCN.

Thank you so much for the encouraging and beautiful review.  Blessings to you!

in Him,

Cheri :)

Author Cheri Swalwell writes from the heart and uses her life experiences to share principles of faith, trust and dependence on God to get the fullest benefit from your Christian walk. I highly recommend her devotional series. I received a free e-book copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review.


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