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Five years ago, Keelyn Blake's armed, mentally ill stepfather took her family hostage in their house in rural Colorado. She and her half-sister Raven made it out alive, but others did not. Authorities blamed the father's frequent hallucinations about a being named Lucent, but in the end, even the best of the FBI's hostage negotiators failed to overcome the man's delusions and end the standoff peacefully. Now, Lucent is back, and he's no hallucination. In fact, he is a very real person with dangerous motives. He has kidnapped Raven's daughter, and--Keelyn worries--maybe has hurt Raven as well. Though she is estranged from her sister, Keelyn feels the immediate need to find Raven and save what family she has left. But when others who were involved in that fateful day start dying, some by mysterious circumstances, Keelyn wonders if she can emerge unscathed a second time.


Jordyn Redwood is a nurse by day, novelist by night. She has specialized in critical care and emergency nursing for nearly two decades. As a self professed medical nerd, she reads medical textbooks for fun. This led to the creation of Redwood's Medical Edge-- a blog devoted to helping authors write medically accurate fiction. Jordyn loves to weave medical mystery into her story lines and see how her characters navigate through the chaos she creates.

Jasmine Augustine Gee Dixzon
Jerry Gill Penny Marks
Kimberly Napier Diane Higgins
Robbi Bourne Jacqueline Robertson
Joan Arning Lisa Johnson
Rebecca Phelps Connywithay
Amanda P Galinda Barefoot
Donna McGinnis Charlene Durham
Gail Hollingsworth Pam Graber
Mary Arndt Cindy J

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Hi Everyone!

Books were mailed Monday so you should be getting them shortly. For those that already reviewed Proof I'm so excited to see you back for Poison. Hope you enjoy your thrill ride. 



Received this book on 10-3-16 and am finished. This book is 5 stars!! This is the second book in Bloodline Trilogy with Proof being the first. I have never read Proof. Although Poison makes several references to events in Proof I was able to fully understand Poison without having read Proof.
Keelyn Blake is one of the main characters in the book who can read people's body language to determine if the person is lying, what type of mood they are in, etc. and by doing so the police often use her to "profile" suspects they are questioning.
Lee Watson is a SWAT team leader and her fiance who feels as if the result of the standoff between her stepdad holding her family and her hostage and the FBI is all his fault. Five years ago Keelyn's stepdad began having hallucinations about someone named Lucent telling him to kill Keelyn, her mom, and Keelyn's half siblings. Some of Keelyn's half siblings were saved by Lee and his team and others were not. Lee is consumed by guilt because he feels as if this is his fault.
Lucent--who some feel was the product of Keelyn's stepdad's hallucination--shows up in his physical form and is back to torment Keelyn and everyone involved in that tragic day her stepdad took his family hostage. And Lucent wants revenge. Lucent wants the family members who survived dead. Lucent wants the police officers who tried to help that day to be dead. Lucent doesn't only want the people to die--he wants them to suffer.
But who is Lucent? Is he still just the product of a depressed man's hallucinations? Is he a demon? Is he a serial killer that has nothing in common with the tragedy of that hostage holding day?
This book is filled with page after page turning suspense, some humor I found myself laughing out loud to, blunt honesty even though some of the honesty may have terrible consequences, and forgiveness. I cannot wait to read Proof and the next book. Definitely worth recommending. Great job Jordyn Redwood!! Keep writing like this and I will be a fan for life.

Thanks for the book, Jordyn, Fred, & Cheri!

Poison (Bloodline Trilogy Book 2)

“Sometimes the best revenge is not killing a person but psychologically torturing them,” Nathan is reminded in Jordyn Redwood’s novel, Poison.


Complete review: https://connywithay.wordpress.com/2016/10/09/poison/

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     "Poison," by Jordyn Redwood is an exciting medical mystery/suspense novel. The story moved along at a fast pace and kept my attention the whole time! Poison is book two in the "Bloodline Trilogy." While it stands alone, you should really read book one, "Proof," because it will help you enjoy this one even more (and it is also very good).

      This story focuses on Keelyn, Lee and Raven. Each of these adults have experienced heartache. They have things in their lives that are deeply hidden, and they desire to keep them that way. Keelyn and Lee are engaged, but they have both held back information. Raven believes no one in the world cares about her. She just might be about to get revenge on all those who have hurt her. Who can be trusted? And why is someone trying to kill Keelyn? What is causing the unimaginable physical pain some people are suffering from? Hopefully the doctor can find a cure fast!

      Poison is an easy reading book that is clean and easy to understand. It is also very entertaining, and will keep you guessing throughout the story. It is well written and filled with drama.

      I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is posted at CBD, Goodreads, DeeperShopping, Facebook and Amazon.

Jordyn Redwood’s novel “Poison” is another wonderful read!  I highly recommend this book and all of Jordyn Redwood’s book.  She has become one of my favorite inspirational suspense authors.  If you like good, clean, easy to read suspense books, this one is definitely for you!

This book follows Keelyn Blake.  Five years ago, Keelyn’s stepfather took her along with the rest of her family hostage.  He ended up committing unspeakable acts to her family blaming “Lucent” for why he did this.  Only some of the family made it out alive.  One of the FBI’s negotiators, Lee Watson, was the one trying to get the family out.  However, he wasn’t able to get all the family out alive.

Now Lucent is back and this time, he is a real person.  He is doing terrible things to Keelyn’s family.  Keelyn and Lee have reason to come back together and there is a little romance thrown in! 

"I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.

I posted reviews on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christianbook, Deeper Shopping and Goodreads.


Poison by Jordyn Redwood is the second book in the Bloodline Trilogy, the first being the suspenseful title, Proof.  Poison continues the fast-paced thrilling action.  The reader encounters characters from Proof; yet, this can be a stand-alone title with the background information that is incorporated.  Just as in Proof, characters are very appealing and ones with whom the reader will bond. 

Five years before, Keelyn Blake’s stepfather held her family hostage, claiming that a being, named Lucent, compelled his actions.  Some of the family perished; others lived to be haunted by the catastrophic event and affected for years by the evil.  This book deals with the aftermath of that tragedy upon the lives of everyone involved at that time.  Anyone connected with the outcome of that hostage situation is at risk.  It is up to Keelyn’s fiancé and his partner to solve this case before more tragedy ensues. 

Jordyn Redwood’s medical experience and knowledge permeates the plots of her thrillers.  The reader will be captivated by the intense drama and the compelling characters.  I highly recommend this book which I received through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.  (posted on Amazon, Good Reads, Christian Books, Deeper Shopping, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million)

You may feel black widow spiders crawling after reading this thriller by Jordyn Redwood!  Poison is another fast paced, action packed book in the Bloodline Trilogy.  Written by a nurse,  the plot includes the medical community, SWAT team, detectives, and psychiatrists.  Although you can read Poison as a stand alone, you will understand Poison better if you read book one, Proof, first.  The characters are very well-written.  I recommend Poison to anyone who enjoys intense adventure.  I was given the book by Book Fun (www.bookfun.org).  This is my honest opinion.

I posted reviews on Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon, B&N, and Deeper Shopping.

This is the second book I've read and reviewed by Jordyn Redwood and it's just as chilling and realistic as the first one. Redwood has the medical knowledge that brings her writing to life. It holds you and won't let go. I've yet to figure out the ending on either book. My guesses were never right and I found myself going from one suspect to another because of how the plot reached out and brought new revelations at every turn. These books would make the best movies or crime/medical TV shows!
A very small part of the plot from Proof was brought in at the beginning with the same characters but it would still be easy to follow if you haven't read the first one in the series, but you wouldn't want to miss it, believe me.
What you get is a story that involves a family torn apart by murder from years ago to the present and the people it affected. Someone is out for revenge and it involves poisonous spiders. Two seemingly unrelated plots will eventually come together and you don't want to miss that. Find a comfortable seat, get a beverage to quench your thirst and make sure you have plenty of time because once you start you won't want to put it down.
I received this book from the publisher and was not required to write a review, positive or otherwise.
My review is also posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, Goodreads, Books A Million, Kobo, Deepershopping, my personal Facebook page and I pinned a picture of the cover on my Pinterest Board

Poison is the second book of a trilogy. Having said this, I did not read the first book, yet I was able to keep up with names and the story.

This is a book which has a lot of action and moves very quickly. The author, Jordyn Redwood, is a critical care and emergency nurse and she uses her gifts in the writing of this book as the book is set in the medical community. This intense book is well-written, in fact, after reading it the reader may begin to look under their covers for the cause of the poison in the story.

I feel like anyone who enjoys a good adventure story will thoroughly enjoy this book. I was given this book by bookfun.org and Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.

This review was also posted on Amazon.com, GoodReads,my blog: http://ksnapier.blogspot.com/2016/11/book-review-poison.html
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Title:  Poison (Bloodline Trilogy #2)

Author:  Jordyn Redwood

Pages:  310

Year:  2013

Publisher:  Kregel

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from www.bookfun.org

                Hold on to your seat!  This novel will have you on the edge of it from beginning to end.  Poison follows Proof in the Bloodline Trilogy.  Before reading this second book, I recommend that the first book in the series be read.  There are too many references and characters from the first book that are in the second book and the reader might get lost or miss exactly what is going on.

                Lee Watson is the head of a SWAT team unit.  His unit had been called out to the scene of a hostage situation in Proof.  During this crisis, he comes to know Keelyn Blake, one of the hostages.  After the crisis, he and Keelyn form a friendship that eventually turns to love and the two are now engaged.  Lee is hiding something, but won’t confide in Keelyn.  He fears losing her love if she finds out.  Lee is now investigating a sighting of Lucent, a character from the past, who Lee had thought was just a hallucination of Keelyn’s step-father.  Is he a real person?  When Lucent appears, people who were involved in the hostage situation begin dying.  What is the strange mark on their skin?  Lee’s drug-addicted brother also arrives on the scene to create another problem for Lee.  Lee begins his investigation and uncovers a lot more than he bargained for.  Lee is known for carrying a Bible around, but does he really put what he reads into practice?

                Keelyn Blake has started her own consulting business, is a Christian and engaged to be married.  Then, her past returns to haunt her.  She suddenly is in the position of being a mother to her niece, her engagement is on rocky footing and someone is out to kill her and her niece.  She knows Lee is hiding something from her.  Can she be in a relationship where there isn’t complete honesty?  Where is her step-sister, Raven, and why has she given up her daughter?  Who could possibly want to kill her?  Keelyn staunchly defends her step-sister and refuses to believe she is capable of hurting someone.  Raven was severely affected by the hostage crisis several years ago and has been under the treatment of a psychiatrist.  However, she appeared to be getting worse before she disappeared.  Keelyn hasn’t seen or heard from her in over two years.  Can Keelyn continue to trust God in the direst situations?

                This is an excellent story!  Be ready to read it from cover to cover in one sitting…it is that good!  The characters have depth and realism.  They are strong and have grit.  Some also have compassion, love, faith and gentleness.  Others have deceit, hatred, shame and guilt.  The action is thrilling and the plot intricate.  This book is definitely on my “keeper” shelf.  I’m anxiously awaiting the third book in the series is titled, Peril, and I’ll be one of the first to get the book.  I highly recommend this series.

My rating is 5 stars.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/ .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

This fictional suspense is the second book in the Bloodline Trilogy and contains an unbelievable plot that will stand your hair on end.  It is the continuation of the first story.


In the first book, Lucent, an evil force, convinced Keelyn Blake’s stepfather to kill his family.  Now this Lucent is back and ready to cause havoc once more for Keelyn and those that are left of her family.  Yet again, FBI hostage negotiator, Lee Watson, is in the picture trying to rescue Keelyn.  This adventure is spellbinding!  I couldn’t put either of these books down!


I received this free book from Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review that is also posted on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads websites.


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