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ABOUT THE BOOK (304 pages):

Experience a world of intrigue where science and religion

intertwine with colliding cultures, romance, and a worldwide

cataclysmic event.

Holy Fool, Holy Father is a stirring story of opposing forces

reconciling, and the ordinary rising to the extraordinary. It

begins in East Kazakhstan during the Soviet Union’s era of

glasnost and perestroika and progresses to its dramatic

conclusion in the Eternal City.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr. is a married Roman Catholic priest and pastor, and holds the Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity School of Ministry, Ambridge, PA, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering technology and marine studies, respectively. Besides ministerial activity with the Episcopal and Catholic churches he has held positions in higher education administration and as a secondary and college level instructor in science and comparative religion, respectively. He and his wife Joanne have three adult children and six grandchildren, and enjoy travel and study both domestic and abroad.
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Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr. in his new book “Holy Fool Holy Father" published by WC Publishing introduces us to Misha and Anastasia.

From the back cover:    In this present day saga, the Roman Curia may be the only hope for the world to survive after a cataclysmic event. But, that success hinges on the participation of the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Holy Women of the world, all led by a modern-day Holy Fool and the woman who gave up all to serve at his side.

Is there REALLY any hope?

If you ever read the book or saw the movie, "The Shoes Of The Fisherman" then I think you picked up this book with a certain expectation. And I feel it is going to be realized. There are the Russian Orthodox and then there are the Roman Catholics and never the twain shall meet. Unless you read this book. There is a lot going on in this book primarily focusing on Misha as he grows up and takes his place at the Vatican. There is an event and the world has to adapt. The theme of this book is love:  Love for God, for each other and for Anastasia. Because of its very nature this book leans very heavily on Catholicism. Misha and Anastasia are terrific characters in an interesting plot.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from WC Publishing.   I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 a href="">> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

This book was interesting in that I learned a little about Russia, but I personally had a hard time getting into it. This was a story of Misha who was called to be a priest and his life leading up to fulfilling that call.  I'd call it definitely Historical fiction as I found there is a strong emphasis on the beliefs of the Catholic Church but also with Misha's life story as the theme. Not my usual genre but I did find the story interesting.  I was gifted this book  through The Book Club Network for my honest review.

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Holy Fool Holy Father by Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr. is an intriguing novel about one man’s journey with God.  From an early age Misha Aleksandrov has sensed that he is different from others, spiritually and intellectually.  His mother and his spiritual mentor, Father Nikolai, have felt his special gifts and have encouraged him to live the life that God has chosen for him.  Born and raised in a small village in Russia, he has grown up in the Orthodox Church.  Father Nikolai predicts to Misha that one day he will travel to the west, far from Russia, and be ushered into courts of power and influence in the Church that broke away from them.  He also reveals that, like Joseph who gained influence and authority in the courts of Egypt, Misha will use his gift and be greatly needed at a future time. 

Misha excels in academics and travels to an all-day competition where he does well and encounters a Russian ballet dancer, Anastasia.  Both are impacted profoundly upon this brief first meeting.  Her letter in reply to his invites him to stay in Karaganda with relatives of her family.  Yet, her admission that her papa is Catholic and that his faith means everything to him, confuses him.  He thought that everyone in Russia was either atheist or Orthodox and that Catholicism existed far away in places like Rome.  Misha does travel to Karaganda and spends time with Anastasia and her family, and thus begins a lasting and life-changing relationship with these people.  

Misha and Anastasia fall deeply in love and pledge themselves to each other, but life and God have other purposes for them.  Misha has a special destiny and mission for which he has been selected.  His beloved mother and his dear Anastasia have their own special calling too.

I enjoyed this interesting novel that imparted much information about the Orthodox Church, Catholicism, and religious unity.  The author includes a glossary of Russian words and phrases that are especially helpful (appreciated by a language teacher).   The ending is unexpected and intriguing.  I recommend this story which is interesting but also enlightening.  I received this book through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.  (posted on Amazon, Good Reads, Deeper Shopping, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million)

Very interesting!! Very thought provoking!! An engrossing
read for a contemplative historical fiction story.
The story starts in the late 1980’s in Kazakhstan which is a
small village in the Soviet Union. One of the main characters,
Misha Pyotrvich Aleksandrov lives here with his parents and
sister. Misha is a special young man who is maturing in his
Russian Orthodox faith under the guidance of Father
Nickolai, the local priest. Father Nickolai prophesized that
Misha, even though is a Russian Orthodox, will become a
man of great servicemto the courts of the Roman Catholic
Church in Rome.
Misha is as student excelling in math, physics and science.
Misha’s school picks him to represent them in an academic
and artistic competition in Karaganda, the capital of Kazakhstan.
It is at this competition his life will change.
Misha meets Anastasia. She has won awards for her dancing
and the involved arts. Misha has won awards in his
specialized subjects .
He gets her address and promises to write. Their connection
becomes very strong.
Misha gets tutored by many people who help him follow the
path which God has deemed for him. Misha’s future will lead
Him from his home village to Russia, Rome and the United
The main two characters are very strong, well defined, have
great dimension and will win you hearts right away. The
supporting characters are vivid, engaging, well developed
adding their own flavor to Misha and Anastasia’s growth and
The author creates an utterly believable and completely
riveting storyline. The reader is captivated in a mesmerizing
hold until the final word.
The story mixes doubt, self-recrimination, tribulations,
trials, distresses, frustrations with faith, family, fidelity
and forgiveness. All combine to weave a beautiful journey of
healing, trust, hope, redemption, loss, healing, and an
unexpected type of love.
Are you able to say that you are a Fool for Christ????
Thank you to book for this Book. My opinion is my own.

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Holy Fool, Holy Father is an interesting book. It needs to be read slowly to fully understand what is being described but overall I found it enjoyable. It does have a large basis in the Russia Ortodox and Roman Catholic religions. The book is full of love, family, forgiveness, history and travel. 

I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

This review will be posted on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Goodreads.

I rated this book four stars because it was very well written. I felt like I was in a classroom learning the history of Russia and the church. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. If you're into that kind of reading then this book is for you. I did finish it, but it was not my type of fiction. The author graciously included a glossary in the front of the book. I suggest you tear it out and keep it handy when you read the first part of the book. After a while, you will remember some of the words. If you are Catholic, I think you will find this book to be very interesting. Since I know so little about the Catholic faith, some of the references were lost on me. But it did not deter from the reading of the book.

Thanks to the author, Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., and the Book Club Network for the free book in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you for letting me read and review. It was great
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Holy Fool, Holy Father by Nicholas A. Marziani
Starts out with glossary of words and what they mean. This book will entertain you throughout the course of reading it as it has a bit of everything that will keep you interested and turning the pages.
Story starts out with the life of Misha as a boy in Russia and how he's trained from others to believe in God and he likes adventure.
He hopes to improve by going to school. Love correlation of dance and religion.
Love skills the parents teach him so he can survive in the future.
Love hearing of the customs, traditions and locations traveled to, so enlightening. Learned so much from the perspective of the priests side of things.
Dancing just brings everything together as it holds a special place for both.
Loved learning about the love locks, have seen them in locations we've visited but never knew the whole story.
It's the little things like Murano glass that makes an appearance here. I search for the other treasures hidden throughout this book.
Book goes forward and love the premonitions of things to occur and I can see the world as described in my own eyes and think electric/digital age could expire.
Love hearing of the electrical/electronic discussions and all the math and numbers and combined with everything else, it matters.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

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