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ABOUT THE BOOK (170 pages):

In The Dead Can Talk, episode 6 of the exciting “In the President’s Service” series by bestselling author Ace Collins, Helen Meeker persuades the president to send her and two other agents behind enemy lines in Germany in a desperate attempt to obtain needed information for the Allies. In a life-and-death chase to escape the Nazis that are hot on their trail, one of the agents is shot and left for dead, but not before Nazi plans are smuggled out with the two remaining agents. Meanwhile, back in the States, Alistar Fister believes he has at last discovered the elusive Fountain of Youth—and he is willing to kill anyone who tries to stop him from drinking it.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ace Collins is the writer of more than sixty books, including several bestsellers: Stories behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, The Cathedrals, and Lassie: A Dog's Life. Based in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, He continues to publish several new titles each year, including a series of novels, the first of which is Farraday Road. Ace has appeared on scores of television shows, including CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Entertainment Tonight.

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Thank you. I love this series!! Here is my review:

The sixth installment of In the President's Service series brings Helen Meeker to the point of persuading the President to send she and another agent behind enemy lines in order to obtain crucial information for the Allies. But when something goes seriously wrong during the mission, Helen starts to second guess herself and their mission. Meanwhile, Alistar Fister has finally found what he feels will free him from Dr. Bauer once and for all. But is it the cure that he thinks it is? And what secrets are living or dead in the Bayou?

Again, Ace Collins does a wonderful job of writing and developing the scenes and characters within these pages. The story really pulls the reader along in order to find out what will happen next. I do highly recommend this series if one is wanting a little intrigue on a long evening.
I received a copy through in exchange for my honest review.

I posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble and Deepershopping.

I have read this episode and blogged my review:

That blog posts to Facebook and Google+. I also placed reviews on Amazon, Shelfari, GoodReads, Twitter, Deeper Shopping.

Here is the text of my blogged review:

I think this is the best episode yet in this series. It is jam packed with action and moves the story along well.

At the outset a American spy is killed without delivering the microfilm that cost him his life. We wonder if this means the Nazis will have a stable supply of power from a hydrogen based fuel.

Bauer knows that Meeker survived the plane crash but is hesitant to kill her. He desperately needs to know what her assignment is.

Meanwhile, Meeker convinces her superiors that she needs to go behind enemy lines. She actually ends up in the same room with Hitler and Himmler. But her plans go wrong and disaster strikes, leaving a death in its wake.

Bauer is intent on finding the Fountain of Youth and thinks he has a lead. His desire for the promised rejuvenation takes him to New Orleans. Meeker ends up there too and when disaster strikes again, we are left waiting for the next episode.

I love this series. The dialog is snappy and full of wit. The characters are well crafted and, in this episode, the action is intense and continuous. This episode clearly reflects the price special agents have to pay to keep our country safe. I look forward to the next one.

Ace Collins has written more than sixty books, including several best sellers. He lives in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Elk Lake Publishing, 170 pages.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this episode through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

Voodoo-Controlled New Orleans, Mad Men= Great Reading!!

Definitely my favorite episode yet. A mad scientist racing time to gain control over those who would control the world. A hate-filled man, life dependent on the mad scientist, helping said Dr. Bauer look for the fountain of youth. A whole city, New Orleans, controlled by a powerful crime family with reported access to the fountain of youth and voodoo. And the war hits home for Helen's team.

Absolutely love the way Collins lets us see inside the minds of at least two men losing their sanity. Absolutely fascinating exploration!! I was never happier that I had immediate access to the next episode!!

I was gratefully gifted this ebook by in exchange for an honest review. I have posted reviews on Amazon, B&N, BAM!, DeeperShopping, Goodreads, and Librarything, with links to FB and Twitter. My reviews post under my name and Babbling Becky L.

The Dead Can Talk is the 6th installment of In The President's Service. These are not stand alone novellas so you would need to read them all to get the story. This installment is packed with action involving civilians and the FBI during World War II. I had some difficulty keeping the characters straight.

I received this e-book from in exchange for my honest opinion.  I posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.

I will read and review the PDF book in three weeks.

Next episode in the spine tingling thriller mystery that is Ace Collin’s President’s Service series! Everyone is on the hunt for the microfilm. An American spy was killed for it – has it gone into enemy hands? This could be the key to changing the war for victory!! Helen and her team know they have to find out the answers soon or everything is lost. Much is revealed about Grace and who controls her. Bauer finds some interesting secrets that were buried. A wild, suspenseful mission to Germany ends in tragedy. More secrets revealed in New Orleans that make Alistar do something he can never turn back from!

This episode just left me with WOW. Ace has such a phenomenal gift of weaving mystery, suspense and great action into the best storytelling you could want. The dialogue is always witty and engaging.  I am addicted to this series and I don’t want it to end!!

I received this from for an honest review. 

amazon, b&n, goodreads, deepershopping, 

This was my favorite episode of this serial. I loved the way it was written and I love the characters. I did not like one thing that happened in the story but I won't say what it is because I don't can't to ruin any part of the story for you. I am looks no forward to the next part of this book. I received this from book for a fair and honest opinion. I posted in goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Librarything and my website at

Another installment in Ace Collins’ dramatic World War II series, with action taking place in Europe and America. Helen Meeker (assumed dead) and her team struggles to help in the fight against the Nazis. She even sees Hitler in person. This thriller offers a fast pace along with plenty of suspense. Secrets and discoveries abound. Could a spring of water actually keep a person from aging? Will Helen survive new attempts on her life? Read the previous books in order for the best reading experience, and be prepared for another cliffhanger ending. I received this book through the BookClub Network ( in exchange for my honest review.

This novella is Episode #6 in the President’s Service series and just as full of adventure and intrigue as the others.  All of the stories are set during World War II. 


In this episode, the heroine, Helen Meeker, persuaded the president to send her and two of her agent friends to go behind enemy lines in Germany to obtain undisclosed information needed by the Allies to help win the war.  They are successful in getting the necessary secrets, but it is at the expense of two agents’ lives.


Every story in this series is ever so exciting.  The reader continues to anticipate what Helen will get involved with next and how she will respond to the dangers and circumstances. 


I received this free book from Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review which is also posted on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

The Dead Can Talk is the sixth episode in Ace Collins’s

In The President’s Service series. Exhilarating episode!!!

What happened to the microfilm the dead agent had

to deliver?

Why is Alison Fister in New Orleans trying to get a

meeting with the mafia boss?

Will Helen meeker convince the President to send her

team behind enemy lines to gather information for

the Allies?

The tension was thick with plenty of suspense great

chills, thrills with unexpected twists.

The characters are well developed, very realistic and very


Thank you to book for this eBook. My opinion is my own.

I have posted this review on Goodreads, Amazon & Facebook,

Barnes/Noble and Deepershopping.

The 6th Episode of In The President's Service is in my opinion the best of the series yet. Ace Collins writing talent is amazing. All of his Characters are intense and well developed with plots so well described that you will feel like you are in the mist of the action.
A dead agent. Missing microfilm. Helen tries to convince the President to let her and two other agents go behind enemy lines to find crucial information that will help the Allies. When tragedy strikes Helen rethinks her actions in going on this mission. Has Alistar Fisher finally found a cure that will free him from Dr. Bauer? Will Dr. Bauer find the fountain of youth? The nest episode will take us to the Bayou in New Orleans.
I highly recommend this episode but you will need to read he series from the beginning. You will be glad you did.

I received a free copy of the book from for my honest opinion and review.

Review posted on goodreads, deepershopping and amazon


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