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The glimmering Huguenot cross she innocently wears leads her deep into the shadows.
When Gabriella Madison arrives in France in 1961 to continue her university studies, she doesn’t anticipate being drawn into the secretive world behind the Algerian war for independence from France. The further she delves into the war efforts, the more her faith is challenged.
The people who surround her bring a whirlwind of transforming forces—a wise nun involved in the smuggling, a little girl carrying secret information, and a man with unknown loyalties who captures her heart. When she discovers a long hidden secret from her past, it all leads to questions about trust, faith in action, and the power of forgiveness to move beyond the pain of the past.


Elizabeth Musser, a native of Atlanta, Georgia now living in France, is a novelist who writes what she calls 'entertainment with a soul.' Elizabeth attended The Westminster Schools in Atlanta and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she majored in French and English literature, graduated magna cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. 

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The Algerians are fighting for their independence from France. It's 1961 and young Gabriella travels from Senegal to continue her studies in a small French village. Take this lovely, naive redhead, an old nun who runs the school and an orphanage, a story, long hidden, that seems destined to come to light, a symbol of the Huguenots - a cross, an American professor and 'pain de seigle' - put them all together with any other unlikely players and you have a book you won't put down until you are finished!
Enjoy this well written story that makes you consider whether you would forgive if this happens to you. Is your faith strong enough to see you through? I received this book from the Bookclub Network in return for my honest review.

I have posted my review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD under the ebook and Goodreads.

Thanks so much, Betti, for your review.  I am so glad you enjoyed 'Two Crosses'.  That was my first novel and it is very dear to my heart--I say I put everything I knew in the book because I didn't know if I'd ever get to write another one!  The Lord has been so faithful to my dreams of writing and I have recently finished my 10th novel.


I appreciate your encouragement to me and to many authors through being part of The Book Club Network's Book Club!


Blessings on you, Elizabeth

Thanks so much, Vicki, for your review.  I am so glad you enjoyed 'Two Crosses'.  Thank you also for the card you sent to me via snail mail.  Merci!  I'm so glad you enjoyed 'Two Crosses' and I hope you'll have a chance to finish the trilogy.  Just so you know, the second book in the trilogy, Two Testaments, does resolve the story of Gabby, David, Anne-Marie, Moustafa and Ophelie and many others.  Then the third book, Two Destinies, jumps ahead 30 years to Algeria's civil war.  Ophelie is the main character in this story, as a single woman who is helping her newly converted Algerian student, Rislene.

I appreciate your encouragement to me and to many authors through being part of The Book Club Network's Book Club!


Blessings on you, Elizabeth

Bonjour, dear Readers!  You should have received your copy of 'Two Crosses' by now.  This was the first novel I wrote, way back in 1996, but I had the opportunity and privilege of re-editing it for a new edition published in 2012--which is the book you have in your hands.  I learned so much about Algeria and their War for Independence as I wrote The Secrets of the Cross trilogy.  I also so enjoyed learning about the history of the Huguenots and the first Huguenot cross.

I truly hope you will be blessed as you read 'Two Crosses'.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and please feel free to ask me questions!


Never having read anything about the war for independence in Algeria, as a student of history, I was intrigued.  Couple that with the fact that it was written by Elizabeth Musser, I was very interested in reading this book.  The story takes place both in the village of Castelnau, France and in Algeria in 1961.  The main character, Gabriella Madison, is the American daughter of missionaries to Senegal.  Her parents have sent her to study in France to a town and a nun who, Gabriella will later discover, have connections to her family.  She is bright, full of life, loves the Lord, and very naïve.  One of her professors, a young American with a seemingly other agenda than teaching, seems to take an instant liking to Gabriella.  Soon, he is offering friendship and tours of the French countryside.  Unwittingly, Gabriella is becoming embroiled in a dangerous scheme involving Algerian refugees and the orphanage that is housed at the University she attends. 

The other plot which intertwines with Gabriella and David involves the child, Ophelie and her mother, Anne-Marie.  Early in the story, Ophelie is separated from her mother who is kidnapped and taken to Algeria.  Ophelie is miraculously rescued and ends up at the orphanage where she hides important letters from her mother until she can learn to read them.  The story moves back and forth from Algeria to France.  Most of the characters’ lives are in danger from the evil Ali who is out for revenge.  Mother Griolet, the head of the university and orphanage, seems to rise above and offer words of spiritual insight to all.  But, she too has her secrets. 

This book has much to offer.  The topic of the Algerian war for independence  has, as far as I know, never been addressed in Christian Historical Fiction.  It is worth reading for that alone.  But it has other themes as well.  David is a child of the Holocaust.  He has never learned to forgive or trust God.  Gabriella must learn to face truths about her past and trust God with them. 

While the book jumps back and forth from France to Algeria, I did not find this confusing.  Students of French will enjoy the inclusion of many French expressions.  If you have read some of Elizabeth Musser’s other novels, this will not disappoint.  Since this is part of a trilogy, readers will probably want to continue the story in the two succeeding novels.  I had to order them right away.

I received this from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I posted my review on Amazon, Deeper Shopping, and CBD,  and Goodreads.  It was only available on Amazon in a hard copy, all other sites were ebooks.

Thank you so much for this great read.

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for your lovely review!  I had actually never heard anything about Algeria's War for Independence from France until I moved to France 30 years ago. (In fact, it's embarrassing to admit, but I wasn't even sure where Algeria was in relation to France on a map!) So I did a whole lot of research.  I'm glad you enjoyed learning about history through the novel and honored that you ordered the other two novels in the trilogy.  I hope you enjoy them just as much.

And a little extra tidbit: I wrote the trilogy from 1995-1998, but my publisher was bought out before I had a contract for the third novel, Two Destinies.  Although it was published in Germany, Holland and Norway in 2000, it took 14 years before it was first published in the US--in 2012.  I am so thankful to have the entire trilogy in print.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to write your review.  And for encouraging this author (and others too, I'm sure) through your participation in TBCN's Book Club.

Blessings and happy reading,


My book club is very interested in reading this for either our January or February selection, but I am having difficulty finding it.  Any suggestions?   I am just finishing Two Destinies.  It was a very interesting and informative journey. 

Karen, Which book are you having difficulty finding? Two Destinies? Here's a link to my novels page on the website. Scroll down to Two Destinies and you can click on the links to amazon, barnes and noble etc. I think you'll be able to find it.

So glad you are interested in picking it for 2017

We would like to read Two Crosses.  I just finished Two Destinies.  It was great, but I think they need to read Two Crosses first.  The other two are available, but Two Crosses is not.

Karen, You could purchase signed copies directly from me, if you would like. I will be returning to the States in December and could mail them to you. It's typically $20 per book including postage. We could probably lower the price a little for a whole book club. If you are interested in this, could you send me an email with the names I should sign the copies for as well as an address where they can be sent. My husband could then get back in touch with you about the pricing. My email is: elizabeth.musser@iteams.org

Hope that helps! Blessings, Elizabeth

Thank you. I will ha e to get back with you as we are not planning to read it until January .

Bonjour, dear Karen, and Happy New Year!

We fly out of Atlanta tonight to head back home to France. If you are you still interested in purchasing copies of Two Crosses for your book club, please let me know ASAP.

Blessings to you,



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