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ABOUT THE BOOK (433 pages):

Searching for Eternity A youth yanked out of the only life he's known to live on the other side of the Atlantic with a grandmother he's never seen before....
A mother who shrugs off her son's anguish with breezy assurances like, "You'll love America, Emile."...

A father's sudden disappearance from his son's life with no explanation or even a good-bye....

French-born Emile de Bonnery lands in the strange environment of 1960s Atlanta with decidedly mixed emotions. Some memories make Emile want to believe the best of his father. Others cause him to fear the worst. Does his mother know more than she's willing to tell?

Determined to learn the truth, Emile finds an ally and friend--who seems to be hiding secrets of her own. Together they search for answers...and what they find changes everything.


Elizabeth Musser, a native of Atlanta, Georgia now living in France, is a novelist who writes what she calls 'entertainment with a soul.' Elizabeth attended The Westminster Schools in Atlanta and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she majored in French and English literature, graduated magna cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. 

Deana Dick Diane Higgins
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Rachael Merritt Britney Adams
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Joan Boxell Mary Hake
Amy C Anne Rightler 
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Bonjour, dear Readers!

Just to let you know that I will be sending out your copies of 'Searching for Eternity' tomorrow.  My husband and I just flew into Atlanta from Lyon, France last night.  You'll find a lot of fun things and secrets about Lyon in the novel as well as about Atlanta.  So excited for you to discover my novel.  Blessings on you all and I'm here if you want to ask questions!


Thank you so much, Amy, for your enthusiastic review of 'Searching for Eternity'!  I do hope you'll be able to enjoy some of my other novels.  And I especially thank you for taking the time to encourage authors like me through your participation in TBCN's Book Club.



After reading this emotional book I very quietly sat and closed my eyes. I wanted to savor every word I had read, feel every emotion that the characters felt and think about the rich history that was scattered throughout the book. I loved the characters and their passion for what was right and wrong. It is not easy being "different" but the author wrote such a stirring and lovely story I cried at times.

Emile de Bonnery has just discovered that he is leaving France with his mother and traveling to America. There is a big secret about his father. What is his mother hiding about his father? Emile does not want to leave France, but he has no choice. I loved his French grandmother and you could feel her heart breaking as Emile and his mother leave.

The author does an amazing job of taking the characters on a journey through history starting in the 1960s. Emile is really in for a shock when he arrives in Atlanta. They arrive at his grandmother's house unannounced. I can't imagine what his American grandmother must of thought when she opened the door. She had not spoken to her daughter in a very long time. I loved the scenes where Emile gets to know his grandmother. I kinda laughed when he tried his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is like an everyday staple for Americans, but Emile had never had it.

As Emile tries to fit in at school, he finds out what it is like to be bullied. The kids make fun of his clothes and accent. He tries so hard to be liked but it is difficult. When he befriends Eternity Jones he finally has someone to talk to. I think Eternity was my favorite character. She was a young girl who was living a hard life. She is ferociously protective of her siblings and the author handles the abuse in a very delicate way that lets readers know Eternity is strong. I think about the time she was growing up and how much responsibility she had. It was such a hardship but I think going over to Emile's house was a godsend for her. She spent a lot of time with his grandmother.

The story deals with hard subjects like abuse, racism and learning about the civil rights movement. I really enjoyed how the author handles each subject with knowledge and wisdom. It is hard to believe that these young children were faced with so much hurt, secrets and a longing to be accepted. Even long after Workd War II was over, there were still some facts that were painful to recall. This is a very intense emotional read that touches on faithfulness and God's grace and mercy. Will Emile ever find out about his father? Can Eternity overcome her home life and stand up for what she believes in? One person can make a difference. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

I received this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.
My review can also be found at CBD and Deepershopping.
I loved your book so much. You had such interesting facts about France, WWII and The French Resistance. Thank you for you knowledge of the history during that time. I didn't want to give too much away in my review, but your story has intrigued me to find out more about the French Resistsnce group. If you have any other historical fiction books, please let me know. I would love to read them. Thsnk you for a beautiful story.

Dear Deana,

Thank you for your thoughtful review of 'Searching for Eternity'. You did a great job of mentioning the themes and issues without giving too much away.  You really encouraged me! 

I have written 10 novels (2 will be published next year) and you can find out about each one on my website:  All of my novels have quite a bit of recent history in them.  My Secrets of the Cross trilogy is about Algeria's War for Independence from France (1957-1962), several of my novels take place in Atlanta during the early 60s (The Swan House and The Dwelling Place-its sequel), and The Sweetest Thing is about 1930s Atlanta and the Depression.

I have recently read Kristen Hannah's excellent novel, 'The Nightengale', which is about the women's roles during the French Resistance.  It is beautifully written, not from a Christian perspective, and there are some hard scenes.  But it is very informative and a great story.

Blessings and I thank you for encouraging me and other writers through your participation in TBCN's Book Club,


I really did enjoy this book, but it took some time before the book grabbed me. Parts of the book seemed to really drag so I would easily set it aside to do something else. That's rare for me. However, occasionally I set it down because of the heaviness of the read. This isn't an easy enjoyable beach read.

Real life occurs in these pages..difficulties, struggles, and challenges. The author deals with them well, and I loved the faith theme throughout the book.

I loved how it ended because it didn't end as a fairy tale....not everything was as the hero wanted. Life is like that. The ending, however, does feel a bit rushed.

This book takes real life situations and applies faith and forgiveness. I love the characters in this book as well. It being written from the point of view of a young male was brilliant.

I did enjoy this read and would recommend it. Some of it may be difficult for some readers especially the torture used in WWII. Don't let that deter you from reading a book that is much more true to life than most books portray.

I received this book through Bookfun for my honest opinion which I have given.

Links to follow

Dear Rachael,

Thank you so much for your honest review of 'Searching for Eternity'.  I really appreciated your description of the novel, and you are perfectly right--it isn't an easy read.  Once, I was speaking to a book club and all the members had really enjoyed SFE (as I call it), but one said, "It was just too heavy for me.  I read it, but I needed some fluff after that!"

I tend to choose rather heavy and sometimes controversial themes--mainly because these are the things the Lord is speaking to me about and with which I wrestle.

Glad you thought my young male POV was believable.  I have two sons and Chris (to whom SFE is dedicated) looks a lot like Emile on the cover!  (I have no say in the cover, so that was very 'coincidental').  Both of our sons were raised in France and came back to the US for college, so I had very good examples on which to base Emile.

Thanks again for your review and for encouraging authors through your participation in TBCN's Book Club.



Searching for Eternity is the first book by Elizabeth Musser that I’ve read and I LOVED it. I’ve added her to my list of favorite authors for sure. I started reading it while I waited for my car to get fixed. When the service guy came out and offered me a loaner car since it was taking longer than expected, I declined….I was so engrossed in this book.


In a nutshell, the story follows Emile de Bonnery. He’s a young teen in 1964 living in France when his father disappears. He and his mother are forced to leave the only home he’s known to live with a grandmother he’s never seen before in Atlanta, Georgia. He faces culture shock, bullies, and prejudice, but also meets Eternity Jones, a young woman dealing with her own hurts and dysfunction. Over the next four decades, he searches for his father…not knowing if his father left with another woman, if he’s dead, or is a spy in hiding.


The book is wonderfully written; the author has a wonderful way with words. The characters were well developed and REAL. She took me to Atlanta in the 1960s and to Lyon, France during World War II during the French Resistance. I felt like I knew these people and these places, and it was hard to let them go.


This book would fit in the Christian fiction category with some mystery, intrigue, forgiveness, and a little romance. I highly recommend it.


I received a free book from The Book Club Network, Inc., in exchange for an unbiased review.


Dear Diane,

Merci and thank you for your thoughtful review of 'Searching for Eternity'. I am so glad you enjoyed it and loved your story about turning down a loaner car because you were engrossed in the story.  That is music to an author's ears.

Living in Lyon, I found so much to inspire me as I researched and wrote SFE (as I call it).  And I'm from Atlanta and grew up in the 60s so there was lots of inspiration there too.  The house that Emile's grandmother lives in is actually the house that my dear, dear grandmother lived in.  And my husband and I raised our two sons in France but they returned to the States for college.  I had a lot of real life situations upon which to base Emile's reactions to life in the US.

If you'd like to find out more about our ministry in Lyon and beyond, you can read our updates on my website under the 'ministry' button.

Thanks so much for encouraging me and other authors through participating in TBCN's Book Club.




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