ABOUT AUTHOR: Critically acclaimed author Steven James has penned 30+ books spanning the genres of psychological thrillers, dramas,YA fantasy, and more. Steven has received wide critical acclaim for his work, including four Storytelling World Honor awards, two Publishers Weekly starred reviews, and 2009, 2011 & 2012 Christy Awards for best suspense. His thriller, The Queen, won the 2012 Christy Award for Best Suspense Novel, the 2012 ECPA for Best Christian Novel, and it was a finalist for an International Thriller Award. His first novel in the Patrick Bowers series, The Pawn, was optioned by ABC Studios in 2010.

Steven earned a Master's Degree in Storytelling from ETSU in 1997 and is an active member of International Thriller Writers, The Authors Guild, Mystery Writers of America, and International Association of Crime Writers.

ABOUT BOOK:Storyteller Recaptures the Mystery of the Ancient Scriptures, Launches Innovative Webcast


Only God could tell a story this ludicrous and then claim that it’s true," says Steven James, who penned Story: Recapture the Mystery (Revell, Feb. 2006), which makes the Bible come alive in provocative ways, encapsulating the mystery of the Christian story.

James, a professional storyteller from eastern Tennessee, grew up in a Christian home—but fell in love with Jesus at age 21 on Easter Sunday.


Through 30 short chapters, James revisits key scenes from the Christian story: from the Garden of Eden to the Israelites’ plea for freedom and the love/hate struggles between people and God in the Old Testament. Story illuminates Jesus’s miraculous birth and daring ministry on earth, building to the "rising terror" of the crucifixion and rediscovery of freedom following the resurrection.


At one point, James paints the brutal murder of Abel in the Old Testament through the eyes of his brother Cain. He views Jesus dancing and turning water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana through the testimony of the bewildered bride. At another, he writes as a frightened onlooker as Jesus struggles to carry his cross to Golgotha, and captures the chaos sweeping through the Holy Land following the resurrection. All the while, James relates the events of the Bible to life on earth today.


"I’m thankful Jesus didn’t come to start another religion. Jesus didn’t arrive on earth to debate theology but to propose marriage. In a very real spiritual sense, God is courting us. Christianity is wild. It’s intimate. It’s heartbreaking and soul-mending," writes James.

However, James believes the real meaning of Christianity, especially Easter, has been lost in the last 2,000 years. "Easter has evolved into just another nice, harmless, spineless, little holiday . . . when it’s supposed to be about a wrestling match between life and death, a cosmic struggle between good and evil." James invites readers to meet Jesus again—or for the very first time.




1.Have you ever read a book by Steven James before? If you have which one? What did you like best about it?


2.What makes you want to read a book? Any of the following reasons or one of your own!


The Book Cover

The book blurb on the back of the book

A Friend suggests it to you


All of the Above or None of the Above? Do Tell!!


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Knowing and liking the author recommends a new book to me. Sometimes the cover art first attracts my attention, and then I read the blurb. I look up the CBD catalogue periodically and make lists of books I want to reead. I also fill out purchase requests at my public library - it's one of the few ways I get to direct the use of my taxes!  Over several years they've probably bought 50 Christian books that I have requested.

Oh, boy, what makes me want to read a book? A recommendation of a friend is the surest way to interest me, but I find reading reviews gives me almost the same sensation--as if "friends" were chatting with me about their reaction to a book.  If I were to go to a bookstore or library, the cover and title would certainly help to catch my eye, and then the blurb on the back would seal the deal or make me put it back.  I have become attached to my kindle and ebooks--here the blurbs on Amazon and reviews on sites like Christian Fiction Devourers on Goodreads make my decision for me. Like others have mentioned, I do browse the CBD and several Christian review sites for ideas.  It is funny though that I have been given books I didn't think that I would like only to find them so good--sometimes better than the ones I carefully researched before selecting. Maybe it's an analogy to the Christian walk--we only get so far on our own efforts and have to be open to unexpected blessings God sprinkles our way.

What makes me want to read a book? Sometimes its because a friend will suggest it. Other times it a book that deals with a subject I like, but mostly, its because the book is written by an author I often read and like.

No, I have never read any of Steven's books.

All of the above is what I look for in wanting to read a book.

I have yet to read a Steven James book, but I have The Pawn waiting on my Nook.

It is usually a blurb about a book, whether on the book or somewhere else that gets me reading a book.  I have found quite a number as a member of the TCBN and Transformational fiction facebook pages.

1.)  I have read the whole series to date of the Bowers Files and can't wait for his new one to come out in September.  Plus the first book of a new series coming out in November.

I have not read any of his others though so would love a chance to get a copy of this one.

2) What makes me want to read a book?  If it is someone I'm not familiar with, the description of the book or a review on a blog that I follow.  Sometimes the cover will draw my attention and I might look at a book that otherwise I might not have picked up.

Usually the book blurb encourages me to read a book OR a recommendation by a friend works very well too.  Once I start reading a "new-to-me" author, I like to find more of his/her books too!

I have indeed read Steven James,  his Patrick Bowers series.  I enjoyed the mystery with a small amount of romance and then the issues with his step-daughter.  His books are named for Chess pieces and they are much like a chess game trying to figure out the next move. 

Book covers are what first grabs my attention to pick up the book and read the blurb. But once I find an author I like I usually read every book they write.

1. I read "The Pawn" and then passed it along to a friend that loves the suspense novels. He has read the entire series, purchasing the books as soon as they come out. Blames me on getting hooked, while I think he should blame the excellent writing by Mr. James. :)

2. All of the above, but a recommendation from a friend is the most compelling.

No I've never read one of your books.  My answer is I usually pick the book by the back book blurb.  If its an author I haven't read previously.  If its an author that I really enjoy their books, then I buy by author name .  My favorite authors I order their books by name at my favorite bookstore.  They have a list from me.  Would love to win and try your book.

2. Possibly the back cover of the book. More likely reviews that I have read. I like historical fiction so I look for that type of book. Friends are also good candidates but sometimes we differ in our likes.

Thanks for the chance to win such awesome books.


If I don't know the author I am first drawn to a book by the cover. If the cover and title of the book gets my attention, I then read the back blurb on the book. I do read books that my friends recommend, I look at Christian book web sites, and posts about books from friends on Facebook.  


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