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BOOK BLURB: In two days, wealthy Chicagoan, Anna Hartwell, will wed a man she loathes. She would refuse this arranged marriage to Lyman Millard, but the Bible clearly says she is to honor her parents, and Anna would do most anything to please her father--even leaving her teaching job at a mission school and marrying a man she doesn't love. The Great Chicago Fire erupts, and Anna and her family escape with only the clothes on their backs and the wedding postponed. Father moves the family to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where Anna reconnects with Rory Quinn, a handsome immigrant who worked at the mission school. Realizing she is in love with Rory, Anna prepares to break the marriage arrangement with Lyman until she learns a dark family secret that changes her life forever.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Raised in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Pamela has published articles in Today's Christian Woman, Christian Computing Magazine, Victory in Grace Magazine, Ancestry Magazine, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Ezine, and the ACFW Ezine, Afictionado. Her true story, Like Son, Like Father, appeared in His Forever (Adams Media). She has served as a sign language interpreter for her church and is a leader of a women's Bible study group. 

Her author tagline, "Take a Sentimental Journey" describes her stories, both contemporary and historical, as most are centered in small Wisconsin towns.

Her books include Thyme for Love, a contemporary mystery-romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, What Lies Ahead, a novella in The Bucket List Dare anthology, and Second Chance Love, a romance set at a rodeo in downstate Illinois. Just out is If These Walls Could Talk, a novella in Coming Home, A Tiny House Collection. Coming in June, Surprised by Love in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (a reissue of LFY in Lake Geneva, WI). 

Pam now resides in Illinois with her two rescue cats. She's not too far from her native Wisconsin, where you will often see her nosing around for more story ideas.



(Best Way to Thank an Author for a book is to do a review)

1. Do you read reviews? If you do what do you look for? If you don't read reviews how to you choose the next book you want to read?

2. If you read reviews where do you go to read them? Why do you read them there?

3. Pam says, "Safe Refuge is set in my hometown of Lake Geneva which has a rich history. Do you have a favorite place that is rich in history? Tell us about it."


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Pam Graber

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Gail Hollingsworth

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I usually read book reviews on Amazon.  I look for christian books - fiction and non-fiction - with at least 4 1/2 stars and an exciting headline.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!

I do not read reviews to choose a book. I usually pick a book based on the author or the book blurb. Occasionally I will read some reviews if I am kind of stuck on my own review writing! If the offered book is an ebook, no need to enter me. Thank you.

I absolutely read reviews, usually from Amazon . I generally read the worst, looking for references to explicit sex or language as those are books and authors I won't read .

1. When I read reviews, it is usually on whatever site I am looking at the book, such as Amazon or ChristianBook. I look at the best and actually, at the worst. Realism, history research if historical, characters...not just one thing. I discount the worst ones, as it could sometimes be someone having a bad day. Also read some on GoodReads of people I am friends with on the current feed. Also follow several bloggers, and when time permits I see their opinions. There are also a few authors that I would purchase almost anything they write, time and cost permitting.

Paris, France holds a special place in my heart.  My paternal

grandmother came to America, from the port city of Calais,

France... She and her parents came over on a cattle ship,

to Ellis Island.  I have her ship’s manifest.  I have never been to

Calais, but I have been to Paris...

Thanks, Cindi

I do read reviews and I often read those posted on Book Club Network. I also check Goodreads and CBD and I often see book reviews on the blogs that I subscribe to. I specifically check for inappropriate subjects or the mention of explicit violence and language. Thank you for your giveaway. 

I have a favorite place that is rich in history at least in my family. My granddad traveled by wagon from Kansas to Oklahoma to homestead his land. It is in Hoojer, Oklahoma. He was was one of the first settlers there. It raised cattle and has gas and oil wells on his property. He was well known in the town and was the nicest man you have ever meant. He was on all committees in thd little town and is in the history book of the towns founding members. 

#1--I do read reviews.  I receive many book e-mails and usually scan through the blurb or description to see if it is interesting, no graphic scenes, no vulgar language, etc.  If the description does not intrigue me or the cover does not draw me in, then I scroll on.  Amazon, Book Bub, Good Reads, and publisher's sites are good place to read reviews and descriptions.

I rely on Amazon to get accurate feedback on a book. Amazon is user friendly and I like to put my reviews there too.

I read book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and here too. If the book averages a 4.5 I will normally read it.

1. Yes I read reviews. I look for what others thought of both the story and the writing. I usually try to read both the "Top Review" and the "Least Complimentary one" just to compare them. Often, because of the huge difference in opinion, I can figure out that one or the other has an agenda to push, but sometimes, even reading the reviews, I don't get a true sense of how the book will actually read. Some of the best books I read were ones that were "panned" by other readers and some of the worst had lots of 5 star reviews. It can be hard to weed through everything, but if several different reviewers mention some of the same things, it makes it easier to say Yes to a book or an author that I'm unfamiliar with. (Question #2 kind of follows up on this one, but I read most of my reviews on Amazon. Sometimes, CBD.

Having read several of Pamela's books (and, incidentally, sharing a first name with her ...) I know that I would enjoy Safe Refuge and would love to win a copy. Thanks!

I rarely read reviews.  I read a lot and am probably not picky about what I read as long as it is clean and not fantasy!  I don't spend much time deciding what to read next.


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