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Note from Pam: I am celebrating my upcoming appearance at the Pioneer City Rodeo with a huge giveaway this month of a cap and shirt from the rodeo, along with a print copy of Second Chance Love. See the picture of the giveaway.

TELL your FRIENDS about all the book fun we have here!


1. If given the chance to go to a Rodeo (like Pam is doing) what would you want to experience? Look forward to doing?

2. What is your favorite western movie? Why?

3. If you been to a Rodeo and/or seen one on TV what do you like about it? What scares you?

4. Have you ever been to a Rodeo? What did you like about it?

The AUTHOR WILL PICK a name AUGUST 31st. The Name will be Posted here and announced to the group soon after.


Your name was Drawn to receive the Cap, T-shirt and Signed copy of Second Chance Love

PLEASE Email Pam with your contact information at 

It's members responsibility to give the author their mailing info(within 48 hours - another name will be drawn after that)

If you have any question please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent

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1. Never been to one but have read about the many competitions in different areas. Would want to learn about them all and see the action and be one of the crowd.  Enjoy yourself at the appearance there!


I have been to msny rodeos here in Texas. I love watching the calf scramble abd barrel racing. Please enter me for the book and other goodies. Thank you. 6 weeks to read book.,

4.  I saw a rodeo at our fair, but I am sure that it was not as exciting as others.  I thought that it was entertaining, though.

I like rodeo clowns!

1. I would want to experience all the sights and sounds. I've never been to a rodeo so I'm curious to read a book about one!

One of the rodeos that I attended ended with a couple doing a dance style show with their horses. It was beautiful to see the two horses interact with each other.
Please enter me into the drawing for the book.

3. I haven't been to a rodeo but I've watched events on TV. The barrel racers are amazing! And, I have no idea how the bull riders do what they do. My bones hurt just watching! I am also continually amazed by the bullfighters - better known as rodeo clowns. Those guys put their lives on the line to save the bull riders and the bronc riders and most folks only see their clowning. Their courage is way stronger than most anyone involved in rodeo. To me, they're the unsung heroes!

2. I really liked The Alamo because of its historical content and my Daddy and I used to watch a lot of John Wayne movies.

3. I have never been to a live rodeo but I always worry that the riders will be hurt when they are thrown off the bull.
4. We've never been to a rodeo, but found one that runs every weekend through the end of September so we're planning to go soon. We can't wait to see the action. Thanks for the chance to win this prize package!

Hi All,

I'm sorry I didn't make it to the chat last night. Wow, lots of you who signed up to win my rodeo package have never been to one. 

Until 12 years ago I hadn't been to one either, although I've loved horses and cowboys since I was a kid. I live in the Chicago burbs and thought there weren't any rodeos around here. Boy, was I wrong. There is a small one up the road from me LOL. Lots of them take place in my home state of Wisconsin too. Who knew? 

Since then I've attended quite a few rodeos and a number of bull riding events when the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) come to town. It's all so much fun and exciting. 

If you haven't yet commented and answered at least one question Nora posted, be sure to do that to win a signed copy of Second Chance Love and the shirt and cap. I can't wait to see whose name I pull out to win the prize. It's a value of about $50. 

So exciting!

I've not been to a rodeo. The bits and pieces I've seen on TV and movies and I think the bronco riding is interesting. Has to be kind of painful though! I would not like to try it! Would love to win the book!


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