ABOUT BOOK: Loving her could get him crucified.

Daughter of an elite patrician father and a Celtic woman, Gwen Paterculi chafes against the restrictions of Roman society. Her family thinks Caius Marcellus is a smuggler with the ruthless empire-wide smuggling ring, the Viri, as well as a violent lecher. But Gwen's been kissing Marcellus behind secluded hedges for two years now.
Caius Marcellus isn't even his real name, and the part he plays contradicts everything he believes in. Now that she's turned eighteen, Gwen has decided it's past time for Marcellus to marry her and she's used to getting what she wants.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Anne is a mental health counselor, military spouse, and mama to an opinionated preschooler named "Joe-Joe" and a very dramatic baby named "Chip." Reading Rosemary Sutcliff as a middle school student and taking Latin in college instilled in her a love of the Roman Empire, leading to her Love & Warfare series. Moving to the CO Rockies inspired her to write the Lawmen & Suffragette series, romantic comedies set in the Old West. Working in mental health got her interested in writing women's fiction.

When not writing or reading, you can find Anne introducing her boys to the outdoor wonders of colorful Colorado.

Marcellus has much too dark a secret to ever marry. Then both sides of his double life conjoin, threatening Gwen's life. He could marry Gwen and thus save her life, but if she discovers his secret, she'll not only despise him, he'll hang on a cross.
What choice will he make? Either way, can Gwen ever forgive him?


1. Name two of your favorite authors?

2. Why are they your favorite?

3. Favorite Children's book?



Lynda Edwards

Victoria Pless

Kathy Sammons Robinson

Anne Rightler

Mary Hake

Connie Saunders

Julie Barrett

Carol Smith

Kris Markovich

Pat Moore

Jacqueline Robertson

Debra Lindquist

Elizabeth Dennison

Judy Roecker

Caryl Kane

Susan Cox

Vickie Jameson

Terrill Rosado

San Salsbury


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Hmmmm...  one of my favorites is Catherine Marshall; Christy started my love of Christian fiction.   Another would be Michelle Griep because I love how she writes in multiple genres and gives each story a twist.  Thanks for the giveaway!

3. My favorite childrens book is Little Black Sambo. I am so sorry it has been banned. My grandma would read us that story, that is one reason it is my favorite. Pleases enter me in the drawing.

That was one of my favorites also. I remember doing a book report on it in 3rd grade. (That would have been 1963!!)

I really enjoy Kathi Macias and  Francine Rivers.

Heidi was my favorite childhood book. 

Bodie Thoene and Roseanna White. They bring history to life.

I have many authors that I follow. Wanda Brunstetter, Carolyn Miller, Connilyn Cossette and Cynthia Ruchti always entertain me. I also enjoy mystery suspense novels so I read Vannetta Chapman and Nancy Mehl.

Thanks for your giveaway.

1. John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway i like them both and SO many more but the things they write about just touches me that i read them every year-several of their books and I seem to get something new out of them each time.

Thanks for the chance


My favorite authors are Carolyn Miller, Jody Hedlund and Hallee Bridgeman. I know that is three but all three write good, well researched books that provide historical information that will stay with the reader forever. The description in their books make the reader feel apart of the stories they write. Makes for good, enjoyable reading.

My favorite children’s books were the Golden Books....The Pokey Puppy, The Little Engine that Could, Bambi, Cinderella.

 Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings.

My favorite authors - what a tough question!  But I love Connilyn Cossette and Tessa Afshar because I love the insight they give to the Bible through Biblical fiction.

PS Your book sounds amazing!  

I can't name just two favorite authors.  My favorite author's list is about 25 authors.  These are authors that I pre-order by author's name and not title.  That way I never miss one of their books.  A local indy. used book store will order new books for their customers.  I've been buying from them since 1987 and I just give them updated lists about every 6 months.  To name just a few of my favorite authors:  DiAnn Mills, Lisa Harris, Patricia Bradley, Dr. Richard Mabry, Sarah Sundin, Sandra Orchard, Dana Mentink, Vannetta Chapman,  Tessa Afshar, Francine Rivers, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Beth Wiseman, Shelly Shephard Gray, Misty M. Beller, MaryLu Tyndall,  Nancy Mehl, and thats just a few of them.  I love each of these author's books because they keep my attention, as you can tell I love the suspense genre' and I'm also a big fan of Biblical fiction based actual Bible history, Roman Empire and WWII are some of my favorite.  When an author touches my heart, my emotions or the books is so well written that I can't put it down then that author makes it to my favorite list.  If the author stirs away from clean, Christian or gets too gory then I take them off my list.  I prefer Christian fiction in almost any genre'.

Two of  my favorite authors are Lynn H. Blackburn (#Beneath the Surface) and Lynette Eason.  Both are suspense writers, although I read several genres.  Thanks for the chance to win.


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