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BACK COVER: Five of today's Best-selling Christian Authors weave five unique, connected stories where lost mail finds unexpected purpose.

Please Note: The Crossroads Collections are sets of stories that are interconnected in some way, but the collections are independent, complete, and can be read in any order. You do not need to start with Crossroads Collection 1 in order to enjoy this set of books!

Sleepless in Seoul by Alana Terry
When Derek leads his church on a short-term mission trip to South Korea, he's definitely not expecting to find out the woman working with him is the same woman who broke his heart over twenty years ago.

Like Ships Passing by Cynthia Hickey
One transposed number threatens to sink love before it gets started.

Chasing Pearl by Hallee Bridgeman
A package lost in the mail since 1940 brings a modern couple together in a miraculous way.

Operation Posthaste by Chautona Havig
A nine-year-old boy finds a bag of mail from WWII in the attic of their new house and makes it his personal mission to deliver every piece before his mom finds out.

Yesterday's Mail by Amanda Tru
A Christian post office clerk uses her police officer background to investigate lost mail and solve a mystery that has plagued her small town for years.



1. Any funny wedding moments you'd like to share (could be your own or someone else's?

2. Most memorable wedding moment? (again yours or someone else's)

3. If you had a do over if you could of your wedding day? Something you'd add/or take away?

4. If you are in the planning stages what do you want to make sure you including in your special day?

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Our most memorable wedding moment was when my younger brother, then 8 sobbed through the entire ceremony!   

Would love to win either but the duck pillowcase is my favorite. 

2, 3. Kind of funny we got married on a Saturday at the town hall and by Monday there was a week long shutdown of the state-Feb. blizzard of 78 up here in northeast. great time to not have to go anywhere and for the guys to bond more as they rarely spent time together. kids loved having their dads around more also. Never lost our power and we did finally go on our honeymoon to VT in Sept.  Wouldn't change anything.

The most memorable moment at my wedding was when my father got all choked up when "giving me away" to my husband.  It was the sweetest thing and sure did get me choked up!  Consequently, if doing over again, I'd make sure I had a tissue in my bouquet so I wouldn't have to wipe my nose and hope nobody noticed (they were supposed to have their eyes closed since the minister was praying!). 

My wedding day was pretty long ago (51 years!) so can't think of things that I might like to do over (I can barely remember it LOL). As far as being memorable it was special that my pastor dad after he 'gave me away' also did the rest of the ceremony. Also, last year when my daughter remarried it was really special that her special needs 9-year-old son was able to participate in the wedding, wearing a nice suit. He had only been able to wear pajama pants and crocs for many months due to sensory and obsessive-compulsive issues. Clothes were changed pretty quickly afterward but we made it thru the service. 

The funniest wedding moment I remember was my brother-in-law's wedding where the groomsmen pulled "scorecards" from inside their suit coats and rated the wedding kiss as if it were an Olympic event. Most gave it a 9.something amid much laughter.

1. At my daughter's wedding, when the minister said "you may kiss the bride", the groom said "Thank you."

3. If you had a do over if you could of your wedding day? Something you'd add/or take away?

In seeing other weddings over the years, my wife has thought more than once that she would have liked a train on her wedding gown. She wore the same gown her mother had worn, which was very special, but it didn't have a train. We didn't think of it at the time, but we realize now that one could have been added. We would add that if we could do it over.

I wish ours had been recorded so we could watch/listen to it and share with our daughters. 46 years ago.


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