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ABOUT THE BOOK (472 pages):

Prince Lael must prove his strength and loyalty when challenged by an insidious enemy. The tragic loss of loved ones will only fortify his resolve to fight for the freedom of the lost kingdom. Clara and Ian, two kids from Minnesota, will join the adventure to free a captive Sea Princess, battle evil, and overcome lurking temptations. They will meet the legendary White Knight and along the way gain wisdom, love, and friendships.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Judy Nelson Carlson grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and thus began her love affair with winter and a strong attachment to her Scandinavian roots. She received her B.A. in English from Trinity International University. Judy and her husband Tim reside in the Missouri Ozarks. They have six children and twenty grandchildren. Having a lifetime passion for literature and writing, at age nine she wrote her first story. Mrs. Carlson s particular love for the works of C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald have permeated this novel with their characteristic sense of wonder and longing. Her greatest desire is for all to know Who goes up to heaven and comes down? Tell me, what is His name and His Son s name, if you know, (Aryel, The White Knight).

Helen Amy Smelser
Victoria Brinius Meagan Myhren-Bennett
Susan P Jojo Sutis
Kimberly Napier Nyla Kay Wilkerson
Becky Ashley Wintters
Lindsey Z Soleil Bourdon
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POST Taken from REVERS ONLY GROUP. I copied it and put it here in the Publishers Group to make it easier to find. 

Reply by Kimberly Napier on December 19, 2016 at 11:30am

One look at this cover was enough to get me to begin reading this book. It looks like it should belong on a fairy tale. Then the! 

This beautiful book, by Judy Carlson, tells the story of Prince Lael. When faced by an enemy, who took his family, he has to show his loyalty and his strength. He is soon joined by two children, Clara and Ian. They are from Minnesota but they still want to help to free the Sea Princess and beat temptations. Through the story they come upon the White Knight and they gain many things.

This story is filled with adventure, evil, creatures, love and so many other things which make it a terrific, and fun read. I had such fun reading this that it was a book which was hard to put down.

This is a book for children and adults alike. I believe that there is something in it for everyone. 

I was given this book by and Nordskod Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  

This review can also be found at, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble,


This original Post was taken from the REVIEWERS ONLY GROUP. I copied and posted it to the publisher's group to make it easier to find.

Reply by Lindsey Z. on January 23, 2017 at 3:24pm

My review was posted on my blog & Goodreads. :)

Here's a blog peek of the review. For the full review click link below.

Spiritual Content- Very much the Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark story-line; Supernatural figures in this story representing God, Christ & angels/prophets; Prayers & a blessing over food; Many Scriptures are mentioned, read & read (not always referenced as Scriptures though); Talking to [the Christ figure]; Many talks about [God], His will & trusting; ‘H’s are not capital when referring to [God]; Many mentions of [God]; Many mentions of [Heaven]; Mentions of prayers; Mentions of devotion to [God]; Mentions of Christians & faiths; Mentions of those & events in the Bible; Mentions of (hints) Bible reading (calledStories of the White Knight and Other Adventures or the Divine Book); Mentions of the amour of God; Mentions of figures like guardian angels & escorting people to [Heaven]; A few mentions of Psalms; A few mentions of blessings; A few mentions of Christmas; A mention of God’s creation;
*Note: Fighting evil; Many, many mentions of evil & sorcery; Mentions of demons & demonic beasts; Mentions of spells & curses; Mentions of gods, idols & people worshiping them; Mentions of witches, witchcraft, fortune tellers, talking to the dead & horoscopes (all portrayed as evil); A few mentions of an Ouija board; A few mentions of Hell; A couple mentions of an occult & child sacrifice; A mention of a devilish saga; A mention of a damnable lot of men; A mention of a goddess of the sea; A mention of a goddess of light.

I copied this review from the READERS ONLY" GROUP and posted it here to make it easer to find in the Publisher's group.

 Reply by Helen on January 31, 2017 at 12:25pm

The White Knight The Lost Kingdom & the Sea Princess is a story of a lost kingdom, a girl that was turned into a mermaid and the White Knight.

As young children, Prince Lael and Estarianna are planned to be married. One day while the families are on a boat, Estarianna falls into the sea and is not seen again until years later when she arrives at the side of Prince Lael boat as a mermaid. Legend has it that if you look into the eyes of a mermaid you will be mesmerized by them and throw yourself into the sea. With this at the back of his mind, Lael tries not to be taken with her. But they are seen together and she throws herself back into the sea to get away.

Clara and Ian arrive at their grandparent's home in Minnesota. Clara has gone to the attic to look around as he mother had told her stories of the attic. Ian follows her up there and finds a door. When he opens it they are both pulled through and taken to the Lost Kingdom. Here they are given assignments of which Ian is to capture the princess from the tower.
This is a fun book to read. There are many characters and the author has written a description of each at the beginning of the story. I did find it a little hard to keep up with them all during the action scenes. There is a lot that takes place in this story, and it has a lot of action and suspense as well as romance. The underlying theme in the story is building of morals and helping others. 

This is a Narnia type book and will be enjoyed by those who enjoyed reading about mermaids, Pegasus, prince and princesses. Judy Carlson, a Minnesota native, has written in a touch of her home state within this enchanting story.
I received a copy of this book from the author Book Club Network. This is my honest review.
I have posted my review on my blog as well as Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you for allowing me to read this book.

For starters, the cover is a showcase bookshelf keeper! This book is deeply detailed and full of memorable characters! I had to sometimes take a break to sort things out or figure out what was happening. There is a lot that goes on. I liken it to the Narnia detailed type stories. I am very thankful for the “list of characters and locales” index in the front! (that helps a lot) I loved the mix of two worlds and how Clara and Ian help Prince Lael in the adventures and throughout danger.  (can I have a magical attic, please?!)  This story has many lessons to be learned and will convict you of your own failings if you let it. I highly recommend falling into this story and getting to know these characters.  Danger, excitement, adventure, mermaids, another Kingdom and so much more!  Beautifully written! I was given the book by and this is my own opinion. 

amazon, B&N, goodreads, CBD

You've been a busy woman Susan. Thanks for the review and telling us where you post it on the web.

Haha! It was a good week for posting reviews. I usually have a "day" where I post a bunch at once. It seems easier for me that way. :) 

I'm glad to hear someone else does that too! Grin!

"The White Knight, The Lost Kingdom & the Sea Princess" by author Judy Carlson is a 472 page Christian fantasy book for teenagers and young adults. This saga tells the tale of a lost kingdom, a girl that was turned into a mermaid and the White Knight. Prince Lael and the Sea Princess battle evil in this brilliantly written book. It also tells the story of Ian and Clara beginning in their grandparent's house in Minnesota. There they find a door to the Lost Kingdom. They join in the action, adventure, and chaos.

This book reminded a little of the Narnia books. Children traveling to another time and place through a door. It definitely has the theme of good verses evil. This is a Christian book. It is an allegory to be sure. You see God, Christ and Heaven in it, even angels. There is a message of morals, doing the right thing, and helping others. It gives readers some characters and reasons to cheer.

Author Carlson has written a delightful book that is fun to read. It is quick to become invested in this book. I kept wanting to read it to find out what was happening next. The only negative for me was an abundance of witchcraft, but that was part of the spiritual warfare.

The author has done a great job with this book. It is the first thing I have read by her. Her story is interesting without being boring or too outlandish. It is well planned, organized, and well written. Her characters are well defined and felt like friends after a few chapters. Dialogue flowed effortlessly and didn't feel strained. It felt authentic. The descriptions were on point and introduced me to a new world with different things.

I would recommend this book. It has action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, romance, inspiration, and fantasy. This is a book about hope, help, honor, and honesty. All teens, young adults, and Narnia fans will love it. I rated it 5 out of 5 stars. I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review. Reviews were posted on Amazon, BARNES & Noble, CBD, Goodreads, and TBCN. It will be posted on my blog and Facebook soon.

Thanks for posting the interview and letting us know where else you posted it.

I posted my review a couple weeks ago but I don't see it here now. I'll do it again.

This part fairy tale part contemporary story takes a fantasy journey from America to a imaginary world with talking creatures and a medieval-type setting. It’s reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicle of Narnia series. I liked how the author incorporated biblical principles and wisdom into the tale. The lengthy novel offers an engaging drama with appeal for all ages. It’s told at a level children can relate to with enough depth for older readers to appreciate. Authorial words are incorporated with foreshadow or commentary, but not so often that they detract. I found the book interesting but wished it had not taught that creatures will be in heaven. I know this is fiction, but most of the story does follow scriptural truth. I’m fine with fantasy on earth but believe we should keep heaven sacred. I received this book from Book Fun Network. All opinions are my own.

I posted this on FB, BAM, Amazon, and CBD. Couldn't get B&N to work.

This is a delightful engrossing book ~ Thank you for the opportunity to review it!

I posted the following review on my blog Blooming with Books, Amazon, Goodreads, BN, CBD with links on Facebook and Twitter.

The White Knight, 

                  the Lost Kingdom, 

                                     and the Sea Princess

By Judy Carlson

Tragedy has struck the Eastern Islands and the royal family has been lost to the unmitigated evil pf the Lord Regent when he conquered the Kingdom of Ajar. Years have passed and Emperor Haroldson of the Northern Dominions has received a vision from the White Knight Aryel that the time to liberate the Eastern Islands has come.

But this quest to stop evil's dark enchantment is not without cost as Prince Lael, son of Haroldson, soon discovers. But this battle cannot be won solely on the strengths of those who calls these lands home. Two strangers from a distant land are part of the Knight's plan. But how can two children, cousins, who gave ties to Minnesota, possibly be expected to aid in this battle?

With shades of the influence of Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald the reader is taken on a journey faith, hope, and truth. A hidden door, an enchanted sea maid, and a love long promised all combine together for an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Be prepared to enter a world filled with fantastical creatures and a growing threat that could destroy them all.  This is a world that is bridged between by a most unusual entrance, one that is a legacy that they never knew was so close at hand. This is the fantasy world you never knew you were missing and once you enter it you won't want to leave anytime soon! 

Perfect for summer reading for tweens through adults who love to delve into unknown worlds of fantasy that touch on the spirit and soul.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review. All expressed opinions are my own. 

Thanks for the review Meagan!


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