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ABOUT COMIC: When you think of comic books, what comes to mind? Super-heroes, grimacing villains, and big-eyed girls acting out their dramas in broad strokes, with text bubbles and exclamation points. Generally, the only thing missing is substance and relevance. That is, until now. Grammy Award-winner Art Greenhaw presents a new series of faith-based comic books, using this dime-store medium to convey the most exalted message: that is, the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Crossfire features the work of legendary comic book pioneer Al Hartley, in this re-release of his classic 1976 publication, restored and updated for a whole new generation to appreciate. Hartley takes the reader for a ride alongside the Men in Blue as they come face to face with those most in need of hearing the Word of Life. Also included in this issue is a story featuring the Little Soldier of the Cross, who takes a stand for the Gospel in her own eccentric way, and br

ings her influence to bear on the confused youth of her generation. 

True to classic comic-book graphic styling and simplicity of story-telling, Art Greenhaw’s Truthmonger collection is inspired by Stan Lee’s personal mentoring, friendship and twenty-year correspondence, and approved by the Christian Comics Code Alliance. It is a perfect evangelistic tool to engage young adults.


1. What do you like about comic books?

2. Why do you think graphic novels/comic books are such a hit with young people?

3. If you've read comic books what are you favorite? What do you love about them?

4. Out of all the comic books that have been made into movies which are you favorite and why?

5. Out of all the comic books that have been made into movies which ones stayed true to the storyline of the comic book?


Susan Poll

Victoria Brinius

Anne Rightler

(*Contact information has been sent to the publisher)

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PB please. 8 weeks. Thank you.
I forgot to answer your question. I grew up reading about Archie, Veronica, Jughead and Betty. My Daddy worked a second job at a family grocery a few hours a night and ibofyem went with him. They sold these comic books but I was allowed to read them for free.
I have started liking comic books again. I have always like Archie because it dealt with teen issues in a lighthearted way. The comic book has become a big hit again because super heroes are so popular. They also have stories that teens can relate to. It would be a great tool to use in a group setting for teens if the comic book had a theme to help witness to them. Lots if people are visual and the comic book is eye catching with vivid colors and great stories.

I would love the chsnce to read it. 6 weeks. Thank you

pb 8 weeks ty. I love that they are snippets to read

Please put me on the PB list ~ THANKS!

I think comic books are so popular because everyone likes pictures! Plus they convey stories in quick, easy to read/handle, blurbs. I would love to be able to review this! What a great concept. 

4 weeks

I like the comic book format for my grandchildren to get them interested in reading. 

#2  Many young people have issues reading and comprehending.  The pictures help them immensely.  PB please.  8 weeks, hopefully.  Thanks.

1) The thing I like about comic books is that it feels like an action packed show. 

Congratulations to the winners.

Thank you all so much for wanting to be a part of our CROSSFIRE comic review. Susan, Victoria and Anne, I sent your copies out yesterday, and you should be seeing them shortly. Your reviews will be greatly appreciated and Mr. Art Greenhaw, the man behind the re-releasing of this 1972 classic. But also my me personally. I feel strongly that these little comics need to be in the hands of our youth who seem to have never been taught basic kindness, empathy and how to help one another. With your help maybe we can find a way to move this little series into our churches youth groups and local Christian Book Stores. 

Please post your reviews to Amazon;

Our NPI Website:

And if anyone didn't get one but would still like one, please email your address at

Grace and Peace to you,

Lisa Gaskins

Nordskog Publishing


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