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The Law! What is it, and where does it get its authority? Because someone with a crown and scepter has commanded it? Because a council has adopted it? Because a judge has upheld it? Or is law "law" because a Higher Authority has ordained it so? The Laws of Nature? And of Nature's God? Do "echoes of Eden" remain, faintly reminding us of an Original Plan? What is the Common Law? When did it begin? Is it relevant or binding today? And what of the Laws of the ancient Hebrews-an irrelevant footnote, or the cornerstone of all true Law?

With unparalleled scope and minute detail, Historical &Theological Foundations of Law studies the legal systems of ancient societies all across the earth, explores their common threads and differences, and traces their development through history, and notes common trends that should cause hope or alarm today. Embark with us on a journey to discover the earliest origins of Law.

Volume I - Ancient Wisdom

Volume II - Classical and Medieval

Volume III - Reformation and Colonial John

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Eidsmoe brings to this study the combined disciplines of the soldier, jurist, theologian, and historian. A retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and a Colonel in the Alabama State Defense Force, Eidsmoe is an Adjunct Professor for the Oak Brook College of Law & Government Policy, for the Handong International Law School in South Korea, and for the Institute of Lutheran Theology.

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 This was an original Post by Jalynn Patterson on February 13th 2017 I moved the review page from the Readers only group to the publisher page to make it easier to find. Blog Snippet:

Jalynn says: Blog Snippet:

The foundation as well as the creation of law existed way beyond the current or even previous generations. This is a known fact, of course. The Bible even has God's laws as its foundation. The author has set about to discover, research, and write about the law as it was in ancient times dating back before recorded history. He takes us through history in chronological form to; if you will, take us back to where it all began.

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This is an original post by Kimberly Napier made on March 13th 2017 in the Readers only group. I moved the reviews to be put on the Publisher's page to make it easier to find.

Historical and Theological Foundations of Law consists of three volumes of history. These are Volume 1: Ancient History; Volume 2: Classical and Medieval; Volume 3: Reformation and Colonial. These amazing books clearly show how the Bible laid the foundations of our laws. The books are thoroughly and thoughtfully researched by John Eidsmoe, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and a Colonel in the Alabama State Defense Force. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy, the Handong International Law School in South Korea and the Institute of Lutheran Theology. 


I had my doubts that this subject could be covered in a manner that would maintain my interest, as the law can be a bit dry for me at times. However, from the first page of Volume I through the last I have highlighted and notated almost each and every page. 


I can honestly say that I have enjoyed these books and would highly recommend anyone with an interest in law, history or the Bible.


I was given these books by and Nordskog Publishing in exchange for my honest review. 

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This post was originally made in the Readers Only Group. I moved it over here to the Publishers page to make it easier to find. This is a Reply by Wesley Harris yesterday April 27th 2017

Posted to Amazon:

As someone who has worked in law enforcement for many years, I have always been interested in the law and its origins.  For the first time, I have found a comprehensive resource on the subject in the “Historical and Theological Foundations of Law.”

The 3-book series cover every aspect of how law has been created.  It is a massive work detailing the development of law from ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Chinese, Mesopotamian, Indian, Polynesian, Mayan, etc.) through to the American development of law based on the United States Constitution. The author convincingly contends that there are universal features within each legal system that points to a nonnatural source for human law; in other words, the law points to the existence of a Creator God.

I am sure I will return to this resource over and over again in preparing lesson plans, essays, Bible studies and more from now on.  I highly recommend this set to anyone with an interest in law, public service, history, or the Bible.

I was given these books by and Nordskog Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Author John Eidsmoe’s "Historical and Theological Foundations of Law " is a set of three hardback books that total 1500 pages. These religious history law books are definitely not light reading but full of information. Author Eidsmoe has done a vast amount of research and study in preparing these three volumes.

This collection is divided into three books according to eras. The first is Ancient Wisdom, followed by Classical and Medieval, and ending with Reformation and Colonial. The author has a concise, orderly effective way of writing. His collection is well organized and well researched. He has given information on a subject that is much needed and relevant today: history, religion, and our laws.

In a clear, level headed, fair minded way the author provides evidence and discusses the proof of God's existence by examining the way "the people of the ancient world possessed such sophisticated knowledge of building construction, writing, medical skills, and so many other forms of knowledge, is it not possible, is it not likely, that they possessed sophisticated systems of law as well? In fact, would not a sophisticated system of law and government be a prerequisite for the other achievements? If so, then modern Darwinian theories that law evolved from the simple to the complex, definitely need to be re-examined.”

Noting that every society has laws, the author examines and discusses why. Where did this idea come from? How did man know what laws to propose? Was this instilled by God? Readers will learn so much in this multi book set. Information is given on different cultures, countries, and years. There is so much information to absorb that it took me months to get through and it is still swirling through my mind.

I recommend this comprehensive collection to those readers interested in the origin of our laws and how God is involved. These are definitely great reference books. They would make a wonderful learning group book. Questions for reflection and discussion are included at the end of each chapter. I rated it a 5 out of 5 stars. I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review. Reviews were posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, Goodreads, and TBCN.
This three volume, 2nd edition set by John Eidsmoe is truly a remarkable reference collection. Each volume contains two books and they cover the foundations of law from the beginning of ancient civilizations until the legal systems established for our American colonies. Volume I is titled Ancient Wisdom and it contains Book 1, The Foundation and Book 2, The Cornerstone. These two books show how the ancient laws came about and how the ancient Hebrew legal system has influenced the entire world. Volume II, Classical and Medieval, reviews the Greek and Roman legal systems in Book 3, The Structure while Book 4, The Centerpiece, chronicles the birth of the Common Law of the West. The third volume, Reformation and Colonial, contains Book 5, The Pinnacle and Book 6, The Beacon. These two books cover both the Lutheran and Calvinist Reformation and how the Common Law affected the legal system of our American Colonies.

it is very apparent that the author has done extensive research in the writing of these books. It has long been a question as to how The Law was established and by what authority and Eidsmoe has been able to show readers how the Bible has influenced our laws. I truly enjoy history and learning more about our American History, so Volume 3 was especially interesting but anyone interested in law and anyone desiring to deepen their understanding of the Bible will also find these books invaluable.

These three volumes have beautiful covers and they would be a very attractive addition to any library but it is their content that makes this set exceptional. I am thrilled to have them for future reference and I will gladly recommend them to others.

I received a complimentary copy of these books from and Nordskog Publishing.

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