ABOUT BOOK: After breaking up with his first girlfriend just before Valentine's Day, 17-year-old Glen Sauten rushes headfirst into a new relationship.

As if he doesn't have enough going on, Valentine's Day turns into a nightmare. Glen wonders if the anonymous letters and other nasty messages he's getting are a prank or something more sinister.

With all this added to his ongoing problems with his former best friends, Luke and Charlie, Glen feels as if his life is spinning out of control.

He hopes God really does have his back, especially when he has no choice but to be a hero.

Meanwhile, Nicole wonders if she's made a mistake, and begins to question what she's been taught by her church.

The Circle of Friends series
1. The Best of Friends
2. With Friends Like These
3. A Friend in Need
4. More Than a Friend

ABOUT AUTHOR: When N. J. Lindquist first sat down to write, she discovered that her writing voice was that of a teenage boy. Since she’d been teaching high school English and working with youth groups, it made sense.


And there were some things she wanted to say to teens. She’d noticed how influenced they could be by superficial things like appearance, wealth, and athletic ability. She kept thinking about 1 Samuel 16:7, which says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."


N. J. realized that she wanted to illustrate that verse in a novel. She’d write about two boys—one who is very average and ordinary and one who is Mr. Everything.  She almost finished the book, but—insert four active sons, homeschooling, two church-plants, three moves, and related things here...  At last, now with pre-teen boys of her own, N. J. had even more reason to finish her book. And Moody Press published it.


N. J. worked on a sequel, and another one. A few years passed before she was able to finish them, update the first book, and republish it along with three sequels to make the Circle of Friends Series. But those were paperbacks, not ebooks. And while the storylines were still valid, they didn’t include texting and had some archaic terms.


So, a couple of years ago, N. J. set out to redo the four books. At last, having updated them, given them new covers, and tweaked their titles, N. J. is publishing them in both paper and ebook formats. The problem is that the reviews from the past, although valid, are out-of-date, so N. J. needs new readers and new reviews.


N. J. and her husband Les live northeast of Toronto, Ontario, near their four adult sons and close enough to babysit their grandkids.


Her website: http://www.njlindquist.com


N. J.’s first book in this series, The Best of Friends, is perm free everywhere










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Nora St.Laurent




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Thanks so much for reviewing my books, Victoria.

So glad you liked it!


I still have not received this.

Just sent you an email with the link for the book. 


I am always excited when I find a new author. I have read several books from this author and each one gets better than the one before it. The story is about Glen and his friends at school. It may be geared toward teens, but I believe it is really for anyone . We all struggle with self-esteem issues even as adults. It is really hard trying to fit in as you get older. I loved how Glen has continued to grow in his relationship with God. He has become really versed in scripture and I love how he uses sharing it with his friends. I also loved how prayer played a vital part in the story.

There is a love triangle between Glen, Nicole and Charlie. I really felt sorry for Charlie. Here is this very popular guy that all the girls like, but his jealousy really eats away at his confidence. It made me think of all the times I wanted to be pretty so I would be liked. After reading this story it has shown me that once again beauty is only skin deep. When we allow jealousy, revenge and lies to take over we find ourselves getting further away from God. Glen is a great character and I have enjoyed watching him mature and find his voice to pray for others. He is a great example of a teen that desires to do the right thing. His ability to forgive is a sure sign of maturing .

I did like how the author gave us a bit of intrigue in the story by having mysterious letters sent to someone. Who is sending letters that are filled with hate? Could it be a girl that feels rejected or is it a boy that doesn't feel confident in himself? I loved this storyline because it deals with everyday issues teens face. The author kept my interest throughout the story and I enjoyed getting to know the characters better. The overall theme for me was how important it is to be a friend that can be trusted and to forgive others quickly. I look forward to more books from this gifted author.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

Thanks so much for your lovely review, Deana! 



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