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ABOUT BOOK: Alexia D'Clere didn't ask to be Protector of the Spear, but after her dying mother gave her the tiny metal object and made her promise to keep it safe, she had no choice. Orphaned at age eight, she began to take over the running of her parent's castle with the help of a trusted steward. Yet, when a plot to murder her was revealed, a friar whisked her away to live hidden in the forest. There, she learned to shoot expertly with bow and arrow and hone her skills to see into the spirit realm. 

Now, at eighteen, Alexia continues to keep the Spear protected, provide meat for the starving village, while secretly caring for her ill sister who still lives in the castle. With Alexia's powers of spiritual discernment and her skill as an archer, she is no match for those who come for the spear. That is until she meets Ronar LePeine, one of the King's elite guard. 

Ronar desires nothing more than to do his duty to God and King and pay penance for past sins. Yet a forest sprite with red, flaming hair blocks his every move, all the while enchanting him like no other. Something evil lurks at Castle Luxley, and both Ronar and Alexia are soon thrust into the middle of a spiritual battle which will not only test their very beliefs, but put them both in mortal danger.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Award-winning and best-selling author, MaryLu Tyndall dreamt of pirates and sea-faring adventures during her childhood days on Florida's Coast. After obtaining a degree in Math and working as software engineer for 15 years, she decided to test the waters as a writer. With now more than seventeen books published, she makes no excuses for the deeply spiritual themes embedded within her romantic adventures. As a follower of Christ, her stories often reflect her own journey and walk with God. Her hope is that readers will not only be entertained but will be brought closer to the Creator who loves them beyond measure. In a culture that accepts the occult, wizards, zombies, and vampires without batting an eye, MaryLu hopes to show the awesome present and powerful acts of God in a dying world. MaryLu makes her home with her husband, six children, two grandkids, and three cats on the California coast, where her imagination still surges with the sea.



1. She Walks in Power has a Robin Hood overtones. Have you watched Robin Hood? If so which version is your favorite? Why?

2. This story has a strong female lead yet she stays firm in her faith in God. I liked that about MaryLu's stories. Any other strong lead female stories you enjoy?

3. When you look at the cover of this story what does it say to you?

She Walks in Power was a powerful moving story I couldn't put down. It's full of adventure, fun and faith. It's a win win! Just saying! Grin! I'm excited to share this with you all!

If you have any question please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent

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When we are following Jesus really close, we are His arrow that shoots straight.  That is what this book cover reminds me of.

Love that, Debra!

Would loved to read/review this book.  The cover is intriguing.  The character shows a fierce stance and a determination to defend and conquer.  The character is a beautiful woman, but she can take care of herself and those that she loves.  Looks good.  Thanks.

She is everything you described and more, Jacqueline. Thank you!

I LOVE Robin Hood! My favorite is with Russell Crowe (though I've not seen them all.) Maybe it's partly because I like him so much as an actor, but I just love everything about that show!

I'm a Russel Crowe fan too. Loved him in Master and Commander. :-)

YES! And, of course, Gladiator and Cinderella Man!

When I look at the cover I see a very strong woman (I've tried to shoot an arrow and it is hard!) yet also very feminine with that super long red hair!   

I took up archery when I started writing this book, and let me tell you, it is super hard!

3. The cover tells me that strength is not determined by gender! Thank you for this chance!

That's right! Thanks Connie

I have only seen Disney's version of Robin Hood, so it has to be my favorite. I like animated classics - they speak to my inner child. Thanks for the chance to win a book.


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