ABOUT BOOK: Katie Dennis committed to serving as a nurse in the Amazon even after her fiancé died on a training flight. She wouldn’t have lasted through the first mission trip if not for Matt, a pilot born and reared in the jungle. But she’d never fall for a pilot again.

Matt Gibbs, a missionary pilot, finally settled on a good choice for a wife, someone known to his family all their lives. Why, then, did the new blonde nurse make him feel like doing barrel rolls in the Amazon sky?

Romance and unforeseen danger flow in the Brazilian Amazon as Katie searches for a fulfilling and meaningful life—one that quickly becomes more exciting than her wildest imagination!


Jodie Wolfe has published behind the scenes stories of "Katie's Quest" today at https://www.jodiewolfe.com/single-post/2017/06/10/Behind-the-Scenes...


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Thanks for the review Diana!

Drawing from her own experience as a missionary in the Amazon jungle for six years, author Lee Carver sweeps the reader away on a realistic, mesmerizing journey right into the heart of Manaus, Brazil, along the banks of the murky waters of the Rio Negro. As a Christian I realized my complacency as I read about the difficult, relentless work of these missionaries and the deplorable conditions they have to face. Disease, dirty water, alligators, and malaria carrying mosquitoes to name a few. Add a sweet love story to the mix and you have an exhilarating novel you don't want to miss! 

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THANKS for the review Diana! Grin!

Katie’s Quest is book one in Lee Carver’s Call to the Jungle Series.  The author’s real life experiences as a missionary in Brazil enhance this superb novel, giving the story authenticity.  The reader feels that he is witnessing first-hand the dangers and challenges facing mission teams who are serving where they are called.

Nurse Katie Dennis's ambition is to serve God in missionary work, even though her ambitious parents want her to work in a hospital in the states or use her medical degree as a stepping-stone to becoming a successful doctor.  She could have any position in a hospital in the states.  She still feels called to serve as a missionary nurse, even though her dream of serving along with her pilot husband-to-be in Africa died with him in a terrible plane crash.  Resigned to live alone, serving God and others, Katie puts aside thoughts of a happily-after-future. 

Matt Gibbs’ life-long aspiration was to be a missionary pilot, and he is successfully fulfilling that dream.  His choice of a life partner is troubling him.  He cannot see attractive, rich and spoiled, Monica settling in Manaus, Brazil, away from society events and comfort.  Friends all of their lives, this seemed a natural progression, but his heart and mind are troubled by Monica’s assumption about their future.

Both Katie and Matt become increasingly drawn to each other as they face the challenges on the mission trips in Brazil.  Does God have a better plan for their lives than what exists now or will they even survive the threats and dangers facing them?

This is the first book that I have read by this author, and it is an amazing, captivating story.  Very well written, it immerses the reader in the plight of mission teams in foreign countries and the risks involved.  The novel has intrigue, drama, and appealing characters.  The author conveys scriptural truths of God’s faithfulness, protection, and guidance in Christians’ lives.  I highly recommend this book that I received through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.  (posted on Amazon, Good Reads, and Books-a-Million; not found on Christian Books, Deeper Shopping, or Barnes & Noble)

Thanks for the review Jacquelin!

Great review, Jacqueline! I posted a review on Barnes & Noble, but I did have to type the title in several times before I could find it. Thanks for the reminder about B-A-M! :-)

Thanks.  Some sites are just difficult, aren't they?  I try the title, the author, etc.  I will see if I can add the review to B & N.

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I loved this missionary story, set in Brazil. The characters were well developed and the story flowed well. You were never bored or left hanging, either. This isn't a typical love story nor is it a typical missionary story. It is a nice blending of both. The editing was fairly well done. Some word errors, wrong tense, etc but nothing overly distracting. I would recommend this book. You will enjoy it. It does well at showing life as a missionary without being overly preachy. I chose to review this book through bookfun.org. This review is also posted on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, and Librarything.

Thanks for the review Victoria!

Katie's Quest surprised me!  It was much better than I expected!  The protagonists, Katie and Matt, who are serving on the missions field in the Amazon were strong, believable people who anyone would admire.  When faced with danger, they drew strength from God.  Katie and Matt both learned that we need to wait on God's timing.  I recommend this contemporary mission book to others.  I received my e-book from the author through Book Fun.  This is my honest opinion.

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