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Rebecca’s Redemption


A nurse seeking redemption for past sins

joins a doctor contending against the jungle.

Both healers need healing.


Rebecca Singer once was the kind of nurse who partied all weekend and closed the bar with the last karaoke tune. Then she met the Lord and vowed to make up to Him for those wasted years by serving in the worst place in the world. She determined to earn her redemption in the Brazilian Amazon jungle.


Dr. Ed Pierce, a widower with two young daughters, operates a Christian hospital in the Brazilian Amazon. A lifelong believer, he struggles with the tragedy of losing his wife—his love, the mother of his children. When the mission board agrees to hire a nurse, he requests an American who can split her time between the hospital and homeschool his children.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Born and reared in Atmore, Alabama, Lee Carver (nee Leola Merriwether) had never moved until going off to college. Graduating from the University of Montevallo, AL with a double major in biology and chemistry plus a minor in French, she accepted a full scholarship for a Ph.D. in biochemistry and expected to spend the rest of her life in a lab.

Pushed into a blind date with Darrel Carver, she married him four months later and soon left academia. The family budded during Darrel's years as a Navy pilot and grew during his international business career. With son Quinn and daughter Kelly, they have lived in eight of the United States and six foreign countries.

Darrel retired early to volunteer as a missionary pilot in the Brazilian Amazon, where Lee made their home in Manaus a free hotel for missionaries, pilots, aviation mechanics, and volunteers.

Now empty-nesters, the Carvers have re-retired in Texas, where Lee currently writes inspirational fiction and they both continue with volunteerism related to missionary aviation and local missions.

Lee writes inspirational fiction; that is, fiction from the Christian world-view. She has also published a book of anecdotes from around the globe as "The Most Excellent Adventure", an autobiography of their missionary years in Brazil in "Flying for Jesus", and co-authored the adventurous lives of Brazilian missionaries Alan and Barbara Bachmann in "Married to Brazil".



1) Are any of you involved in mission work? If so, can you us about it? 

2. Do you and/or your church support missions? If so, what mission work?

3. Brazil, of course, is in the Southern Hemisphere, so its seasons are the reverse of the US. How would the celebration of Christmas differ for you or your family if you lived in Brazil?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent

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I don’t think anything would be different if my family celebrated in Brazil.

Virginia, many people feel they just can't get into the mood for Christmas when the weather is hot and sticky. I've celebrated Christmas in Saudi Arabia, Argentina, four times in Indonesia, and many times in Brazil. None of the songs about snow and cold make any sense. The Christmas cards, either. People who celebrate the coming of Christ have to bring to mind what the occasion is actually about!

Yes, videos bring so much excitement to supporters, even more than a whole bunch of photos. Early missionaries just left on a boat and often didn't return. It was so hard to gather support before they could show people what they were doing!

2.  We and our church support missions worldwide.  We contribute to the missions through the Nazarene Church, and our church supports missionaries in Costa Rica, Africa, Hawaii, and many other places.  I love to hear their stories when they come to speak at our church.  My husband went to Costa Rica for a building project a few years ago.  I would love to read/review Rebecca's Redemption; I have read many of your books and thoroughly enjoy them.

The mission my husband flew for in Brazil, Missionary Aviation Fellowship (which evolved into the Brazilian mission "Wings of Mercy") flew for all Protestant groups, and did many types of missions--medical, dental, personal health teaching, well-digging, to name a few. The underlying point was always to show the love of God and preach Jesus.

2. Yes our church supports missions. We support several, Russia is one place.  Please enter me in the book review giveaway.

Russia is a hard place to do missions. I hope your church is praying every day for the work there. Our daughter has a minor in Russian and went there for 5 weeks one summer. Tough place!

Our church supports many missionaries and goes once a year to Honduras with the Baptist Medical Dentalmission. We have nurses and doctors from our church and general volunteers including youth.

Great work from your church, Gail! Relieving pain and sickness is one of the best ways to show people God loves them.

Our church supports a lot of missionary work. They 'sponsor' at least one mission trip every year especially for the youth. I have been on several mission trips to Romania twice to work w/ mothers and children and orphans in the hospitals and to the Dominican Republic to do eyeglass ministry and to build a playground at a school there. Our church also does mission work at home in caring for Foster children. We have back to school  and Christmas parties where the children are given backpacks w/ school supplies and gifts, respectively. We are also working on a respite care ministry for the foster parents.

Anne, I used to think volunteers should stay home and send the money that a trip would cost. Boy, was I wrong! A mission trip changes the life of a volunteer and brings people a new awareness of the heart of God.

In one of the other author groups they aske our favorite kind of non-fiction to read and i answered missionary biographies and medical stories! Lol. I have been drawn to both since was 10. So, this book sounds like a book i would thoroughly enjoy even though it is fiction. :)

My church supports missionaries all over the world.


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