BACK COVER: As Danielle Kemp walks out of her downtown Nashville condominium, she gets the eerie feeling someone is watching her. As days go by, she becomes convinced the homeless man outside her building is stalking her. But after learning the real identity of the intimidating stranger, she faces something even more threatening―the truth about her fiancé. Deadly Secrets is a new fiction series with southern charm and big-city twists. Set in the author’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, it is filled not only with intrigue and suspense but subtle glimpses into how God is at work in the lives of ordinary people doing ordinary jobs . . . or maybe they aren’t so ordinary after all.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Kathy Harris is an author by way of a divine detour into the Nashville entertainment business. She graduated with a Communications degree from Southern Illinois University and has spent the past several decades employed as a marketing director in the Nashville music industry. 

She has contributed to a number of anthologies. Her first novel released in 2012. Her latest, Deadly Commitment, releases in October 2019. Kathy regularly interviews literary and music guests on her blog at Visit her website at and/or follow her on Facebook (, Twitter (@divinedetour), and Instagram (@kathyharris_author).


Cheri Swalwell

Susanne Mincer

Perriane Askew

Caryl Kane

Lucy Reynolds


(I've sent your contact information to the author)

THANKS to everyone for participating.

More book Fun Ahead!

Nora ;o)



1. What is your favorite book of all time? Why do you love it?

2. What is your favorite genre to read? What do you love about it?

3. Have you read one of the authors books? If so...What was it and what did you think?

4. CLICK ON LINK to read an INTERVIEW with the author - Tell me about something that made you smile and/or you discovered.

***If your name is drawn would you be willing to write a review of the book?*** Just wondering!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Nora :o)

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Replies to This Discussion

#1 I've enjoyed so many memorable books it's hard to choose one. The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof is a captivating historical romance.

#2 Mystery/suspense is my favorite genre. I enjoy the tension of the suspense.

#3 Kathy Harris is a new-t0-me author.

I always write a review for both Amazon and Goodreads.

Hi, Caryl! Thank you for answering all three questions. And thank you for taking the time to review books you read. It's one of the nicest things anyone can do to help an author! Blessings!

2. I enjoy historical fiction the most. I especially like Biblical fiction.

Thanks for your entry, Victoria! I write contemporary but I hope you'll get a chance to check out my books!

Over the last number of years I have pretty much read Christian genre books, altho I still have a couple authors from the secular genres that I enjoy. I love historical fiction and suspense and if a romance is thrown in, all the better! I think what I like the most about Christian fiction is the inspirational aspect of it...seeing how people work thru situations and find their strength in their faith in a God who cares and works to help them. And the fact that one can read w/o being inundated w/ swearing and open door bedroom scenes.

Thanks for your reply, Anne. I agree with what you said about Christian fiction. 

I love Romantic Suspense because of the conflict and mystery to solve. I am not a detective in real life so I can live that dream through books.

Thanks for your note, Deana! And thank you for offering to review Deadly Commitment if you win. Good luck with the drawing!

Redeeming Love.  I really need to read it again.  There is just something so sweet about it. 

I love Kathy Harris' books too though and would love a chance to read and review this one!

Thanks for this opportunity!

in Him,

Cheri :)

Thanks, Cheri! I appreciate you!

#1 My favorite book of all time...i don't have one. I love Anne of Green Gables though. :) I love it transports me there and i can 'see' what the author sees.

Yes, I will give a review when I read it if I am chosen. :)

Hi, Sabrina! Thanks for entering and good luck with the drawing! 


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