BACK COVER: As Danielle Kemp walks out of her downtown Nashville condominium, she gets the eerie feeling someone is watching her. As days go by, she becomes convinced the homeless man outside her building is stalking her. But after learning the real identity of the intimidating stranger, she faces something even more threatening―the truth about her fiancé. Deadly Secrets is a new fiction series with southern charm and big-city twists. Set in the author’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, it is filled not only with intrigue and suspense but subtle glimpses into how God is at work in the lives of ordinary people doing ordinary jobs . . . or maybe they aren’t so ordinary after all.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Kathy Harris is an author by way of a divine detour into the Nashville entertainment business. She graduated with a Communications degree from Southern Illinois University and has spent the past several decades employed as a marketing director in the Nashville music industry. 

She has contributed to a number of anthologies. Her first novel released in 2012. Her latest, Deadly Commitment, releases in October 2019. Kathy regularly interviews literary and music guests on her blog at Visit her website at and/or follow her on Facebook (, Twitter (@divinedetour), and Instagram (@kathyharris_author).






1. Been to Nashville? If so, what did you love about the city? If not, what would you love to see there?

2. What grabs you about this book cover? Draws you in?

3. What do you look for in picking out a suspense, romantic thriller to read?

4. Seen and/or read a surprising suspense story this summer? Do tell!

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Nora :o)

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3. I want it to be a clean read but exciting, holding interest till the end.

Mary, that's exactly what I look for in a book!

I love the smoky hazy uncertainty of the cover as well as the eye-pleasing blue-green cover. 

mindyhoung AT msn DOT com

Thanks, MJSH! As the author, I'm thrilled with the way the cover conveys the story. 

I look for characters that have an odd sense of humor, a hero and heroine that are willing to die for each other, a conflict, dead body and a resolution.

That's an interesting list, Sonnetta! It kind of sounds like a book plot in the making!

When I'm looking for a romantic suspense, I want something with no vulgar language or explicit sexual scenes.  I also look for books that are not cliff hangers. I hate feeling that I've read only half a story and have to purchase an additional book or books in order to read an ending.

I'm with you on the cliff hangers, Cathy. Deadly Commitment is the first book in a three-book series but each book has a distinct ending. If you read it, I hope you will enjoy it!

Our family spent a vacation in Nashville when our kids were much younger. We enjoyed the walking tour and got to see lots of interesting things.

I just finished reading No Turning Back by Katie Vorreiter. A great suspense about a church group going to San Quentin to lead worship and play baseball against the inmates. Shortly after arriving a riot breaks out and several church members are taken by the inmates and held hostage. One of them is a serial killer! Nail biting suspense until the very end.

Gail, I hope you can visit Nashville again sometime. I've lived here since right after college, and the city has changed a lot during that time. There's even more to see now!

I love this book cover - the colors and the hazyness and the dark shadow of the woman.  Sounds wonderful!  

When I'm looking for a suspense, romantic thriller I look first at the publisher or on the inside page to see if there is a Bible reference.  If not, I usually won't read it because I find so often they aren't "clean" and I really don't want to fill my head with more junk than it has to have.

Thanks for your thought on that, Kris! My writer tagline is Writing to the Rhythm of a New Song, which references Psalm 96:1 O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. (kjv) It's my hope that my stories will inspire and remind readers about our God Who loves them. He is the reason for the 'new song' in our lives.


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