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ABOUT THE BOOK (208 pages):

One mother damaged. One family tested. One daughter determined to find her place.

ClaireLee’s life changes when she must take charge of her siblings after her mother becomes depressed from a difficult childbirth. Frightened by the way Mama sleeps too much and her crying spells during waking hours, ClaireLee just knows she’ll catch her illness like a cold or flu which hangs on through winter. ClaireLee finds comfort in the lies she tells herself and others in order to hide the truth about her erratic mother. Deciding she needs to re-invent herself, she sets out to impress a group of popular girls.

With her deception, ClaireLee weaves her way into the Lavender Girls Club, the most sophisticated girls in school. Though, her best friend Belinda will not be caught with the likes of such shallow puddles, ClaireLee ignores Belinda’s warnings the Lavenders cannot be trusted. ClaireLee drifts further from honesty, her friend, and a broken mother’s love, until one very public night at the yearly school awards ceremony. The spotlight is on her, and she finds her courage and faces the truth and then ClaireLee saves her mother’s life.

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EB 16-18 WEEKS.

Hi Gee, when you give me your email address, I'll be able to gift to you "Just Claire".

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EB 10 weeks please.

Deana, when you give to me your email address, I'll be able to gift to you the download of "Just Claire".


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EB. Will read by May 10

Hi Virginia, when I receive your email for the download of "Just Claire", I'll send the gifted copy to you.

Did you receive. I have not received the gift. If sent then please try jerrywinfield@rocketmail.com
EB 8-10 weeks

Eb please. 15 weeks

Hi Heather, when you send to me your email, I'll be able to gift you the download of "Just Claire".


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