NOVELLA BOOK BLURB: Did you ever have a period of time in your life when the whole world crashed in on you? Rachael, the principal character in this book had such a time; an entire year of tragic events piled one upon the other. She finds strength and reassurance from the imagined voices of her never-born children. Her path leads her to write about relentless attacks on her spirit. Along the way she seeks solace from reading about others who have experienced similar loss. Rachael’s family and friends join her on this exploratory journey. They consider the written works that influence her life. That intellectual exercise morphs into an emotional and spiritual adventure. Perhaps the imagined voices are real.


Following a career in educational publishing and technology, Vincent James Vezza began writing a number of short stories. He uses the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-no-one, for full-length works.

In this novella, Neverborn, Jackson, is able to share the story of Rachael, a woman who deals with often-silenced issues of devastating loss, and extraordinary bereavement. 


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1. We all deal with loss at sometime in our lives. What are some ways you deal with grief? Help a friend deal with loss and the grieving process?

2. How do you deal with and/or help friends deal with the concept bad things happen to good people?

3. This is a novella that imagines the voices of the never-born. What do you think the story is about?

4. What do you think that our Lord was trying to reveal through Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you...."

5. What is the most difficult parenting challenge you've had to face?

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1. My dad passed away back in April. A few months after that, a member of our church passed away as well. I was able to comfort her daughter by giving her a hug. The pain of loss is real....but so is the reality that death has been defeated and we will see our loved ones again soon.

1. Being there for someone going through loss is so important. Words are so inadequate.

2. I remind them that the Lord is love and that He is a good father.

4. The Lord KNOWS everything about me.

I deal with grief through prayer and listening to praise and worship music. I’m trying to help my sister by encouraging her and FaceTime with her everyday as she just lost her husband to pancreatic cancer seven weeks ago and her 12 year old grandson committed suicide in January. It is stressful to want to help her but not knowing exactly what to say or do. Thank you for sharing. 

1. I acknowledge that it is real.

2. My grief will not present itself in the same way as others.

3. God is my comforter and he has provided others to help me.

4.  I speak to God about everything I am going through ( the anger, sadness, hurt and disappointment)

when my mom died I found it SO SO SO hard.  a friend actually mentioned to me to have a note book and pen and every time sadness would come over me, write down some positive memories about mom.  this helped me a lot and years later I can go back and read those memories.  i know mom is in heaven in Jesus arms.  but for me on earth having these memories helps

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We lost our young niece  to cancer. She is always with us in memory even after several years. It helps to be able talk about her and the things we shared in the short time she was  with us.

My Dad passed away in February and his sister, my aunt, passed away in July.  I don't know if I'm really dealing that well with my grief, but I made a promise to myself to not make any changes or major decisions if possible for a year since every day and every event for a year is the first time without my Dad.

4. That He loves us so much that lovingly created each of us, knowing our most intimate details,  knowing the count of the hairs on our head,  and will always know.  We need to accept this wonderful truth and appreciate that He loves each of us that much. 

3. This is a novella that imagines the voices of the never-born. What do you think the story is about?

My assumption is that it's about either aborted babies or miscarriages and the stillborn.

My wife had a miscarriage and we also had a little daughter born way too early (5th month) who lived about an hour.

So we understand that type of grief.

I think the most difficult parenting experience has been watching our adult daughter (mother of 4) make poor choices in regards to her lifestyle. It is frustrating to know that she could find the peace of mind and security she is searching in Christ and yet see her reject that path. But we serve a loving Father and He is at work!

3) I think the concept of listening to conversations for your children who were never born is a great one. We have a child we lost from a miscarriage and i never thought about what he/she might have said to us. What a great story premise.

I deal with grief by praying and surrounding myself with good friends who will listen and comfort me. I help friends deal with the grieving process by being there for them. Thanks for the chance to win!


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