Book Blurb: The Monarch and the Moth is the latest installment in a series of short stories written by Vincent James Vezza. This book explores the nature of change as seen through the eyes of children and their aging grandparents.

" Her head lurched up, then down, then up again as she made her way toward the tip of the tender twig. In the motionless air, it was suspended above the parched creek bed. On an adjoining twig, moving in the opposite direction, another caterpillar made her way toward the trunk of the old oak tree. The twigs stemmed from a shared branch that protruded ten feet above the exposed roots anchored in the western bank of the now silent waterway.

The silence was broken with a snap of the branch and then a splash in a shallow pool of water. The reflection of the majestic tree disappeared in a ring of concentric waves. The caterpillars found themselves in a new world dominated by tadpoles."

About the author : 

Vincent James Vezza published his first book in 2015, under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction in that award winning novel, The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.


Under his given name, Vincent recently published a short story titled The Cranny and follow-up story titled the Monarch and the Moth. Other books scheduled for publication are listed at his publisher website, www.hiddentreasurenovels.com.


1. What was the biggest adventure you had this year?

2. What was the biggest surprise you experienced this year?

3. What was the funniest thing you experienced and/or happened to you this year?


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My biggest adventure this year was a trip to Israel in February and then in October a trip to Hawaii. Both were first-time visits and would love to go back to both of them. 

2. What was the biggest surprise you experienced this year?

The biggest surprise I experienced this year was when, upon being introduced to our new grandson, I learned that my son and his wife had chosen my first name to be his middle name. That was so special! 

Our biggest adventure was restoring, moving to a new starter, buying a new home, and starting a whole new phase of our lives together. It is a blessing that we are able to be near our grandchildren now and be part of their lives as they grow up.  

I’m experiencing it right now! My husband and I are spending Thanksgiving week at StSimons Island, Jeckel Island and Tybee Island. My mom passed away Thanksgiving Day last year and I needed to be away.

I guess the biggest adventure was the marriage of my son. It was a very grand affair.

My biggest adventure this year was my 50th wedding anniversary. All of my children and grandchildren were here to help us celebrate. My husband and I treated them all to dinner at a nice restaurant, and we were able to get some pictures of all of us afterward.

Biggest adventure has been living in a relative's basement, all 6 of us, while we find a new house. It has definitely brought us closer!

I really can't think of an answer to any of them. I guess I'll just say that I was surprised to have so much editing work this year and that I would begin writing a MG novel.

The biggest adventure I had this year was learning how to fix plumbing.  My father always took care of household repairs, but he has passed away.  I am now learning how to fix leaks, figure out why the toilet is running and changing out faucets.  It has been a challenge.  Next I get to tackle electricity!

My biggest surprise was my mom getting real sick and dying from it.  She first seemed to get better and then just got worse.

1. My husband and I were able to get away for a few days and visit Billy Graham's homeplace and museum and also visit Mount Airy, the town immortalized in the Andy Griffith show as Mayberry. Both of these men were important parts of my youth and both were beloved icons to our nation. 

Visiting Israel in May was my biggest adventure this year!


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