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The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek was first published in 2015. The award winning novel was released as an audiobook on May 1, 2018.


BOOK BLURB: " An aging man named James thinks he sees gold in the Dutch Buffalo Creek. 

Instead he finds a bayonet that had been buried in the mud for over two centuries. 

A Hessian soldier abandoned the blade during the War for American Independence. 

The bayonet prompts James to search through a den full of artifacts and books to discover the meaning of the metal. 

His search leads him to discover spiritual treasures." 

About the author : 

Vincent James Vezza writes this book under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.

Both books amplify the message that we are called by name to salvation. The novel culminates with a quote from Isaiah 45:3. The sequel novella is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14. 


Under his given name, Vincent published a short story titled The Cranny, and another titled the Monarch and the Moth.  For more information, visit his publisher website, 


Lori Smanski

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1). What is your most treasured heirloom artifact, please describe it, and the meaning it has for you and/or your family. 


2). Did you keep a diary? Do you still look at it from time to time? What is your most memorable entry? 

3). What was your favorite childhood memory?


4). Describe your favorite collection, stamps, coins, thimbles, miniatures, etc. and what it means to you.

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1. My most treasured item is the punch set that was my great grandparents' wedding gift. It is made of cut glass and the bowl sits on a pedestal. The top edge is not smooth, it is cut like mountain/valley (or Vs). It sits in my china hutch, front, and center.

One of my favorite childhood memories was big family dinners. It was always wonderful when everyone could get together to share s meal and enjoy visiting together. 

Oh my this book sounds amazing. It is on my list now.

3 - I have a lot of favorite childhood memories, but one that really stands out is that once a year our family took a week long camping trip to Yosemite Park. On one such trip my dad brought this HOT special sausage. He is the only one that would eat it. Mom and dad were good about putting the food up in the trees so critters were not tempted. But one night dad decided he wanted his sausage for breakfast the next day so he left it in one of the coolers that stayed on the ground. Well that night a bear decided to come through the campsites and he found dads sausage. Us four kids were huddled together, because we could hear the bear outside and then there was mom holding the barking dog with one had and dad with the other hand. That was a night I will never forget. The next morning we followed the bear tracks and bits of sausage until it led to a spot where the bear had abandoned the sausage. Even the bear didnt want it. Oh my dad was hopping mad. "At least he could have done was eat all of it" LOL That bear was smart, he didnt want heart burn either. Dad never lived down that time. 

Probably my most favorite childhood memory is catching polliwogs at the small creek by my house with my best friend. Every summer a part of the creek that ran under the road would dry up and leave tons of polliwogs to die as the puddles dried up they were stuck in. We would go get them all and move them to the part of the creek that didn't dry up. We had so much fun doing this in the sun on the beautiful summers days in western New York.

4. I've had several collections over the course of my life to date.  My favorite was a sticker collection and my 2nd favorite was a stamp collection.  They have sentimental value at this point in life.  Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book.


Lori Smanski

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