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The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek was first published in 2015. The award winning novel was released as an audiobook on May 1, 2018.


BOOK BLURB: " An aging man named James thinks he sees gold in the Dutch Buffalo Creek. 

Instead he finds a bayonet that had been buried in the mud for over two centuries. 

A Hessian soldier abandoned the blade during the War for American Independence. 

The bayonet prompts James to search through a den full of artifacts and books to discover the meaning of the metal. 

His search leads him to discover spiritual treasures." 

About the author : 

Vincent James Vezza writes this book under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.

Both books amplify the message that we are called by name to salvation. The novel culminates with a quote from Isaiah 45:3. The sequel novella is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14. 


Under his given name, Vincent published a short story titled The Cranny, and another titled the Monarch and the Moth.  For more information, visit his publisher website, 


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1). If you possess a treasured heirloom artifact, please describe it, and the meaning it has for you and/or your family. 


2). Describe your fondest childhood memory.


3). What was your childhood nickname, and how did you acquire it?


4). What hidden treasure would you reveal to the next generation?

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1. My mom bought her first sewing machine (singer) the year I was born. 60 years later I have said sewing machine. Mom taught me to sew on this machine. There are many fond memories I have of mom and I sewing together. It still works. 

2. My fondest child hood memory was learning to sew at my moms knees.

3. Mom used to always call me, Sugar Plum, not sure why or how I got that. But everyone else has always called me Lori because they couldn't seem to remember my name, Lournetta

4. Hidden treasures I would reveal to the next generations are the promises in the Bible

Thank you Lori for sharing your memories. My mother passed away last year. I received her thimble collection, one that reminds me of the hours she devoted to sewing for our family.  I describe the story behind the collection in a novel penned under a pen name, a few years before Mom went home to our Lord. 

One of my fondest childhood memories was building a cardboard box fort on my grandparent's porch. They let us take food and blankets and sleep there overnight. It was quite an adventure.

On another note: I've read the Monarch and the Moth.   It was a delightful story that made me smile. I would love to read another book by this author. 

Thank you Cathy for sharing your story. I can visualize the makeshift fort; sounds similar to one I shared with my siblings.  I'm glad you enjoyed my short story, "the Monarch and the Moth." It is a sequel to another short story, "The Cranny" penned earlier in the year. Both were written under my given name. I created longer length works under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone. All of my written works consider the challenges associated with change, and how our Lord guides us through the journey. 

I'm thinking I didn't have much of a nickname as a youngster. Perhaps Annie (with people pronouncing the e at the end of my name?) My husband usually addresses cards to me as "Anniebelle" and my mother and an occasional friend at work would call me "Annabelle". 

My dad called me Tori 

1. I own my great grandparents pressed glass punch bowl and cups. This was their wedding gift. My great grandpa also gave me his rounded-top trunk. I treasure them both. My great grandparents lived long lives, into my adulthood and I miss them.

3). What was your childhood nickname, and how did you acquire it?

My childhood nickname was "Corky". It was given to me by my sister, who didn't like my given name. I'm still called that by some relatives.

3. I have always been called Sid. My mom gave all of us kids nicknames when we were little and they have stuck. I don't think she even knows where it came from! 

One of my fondest childhood memories was going on one vacation a year with the family.  I am the fifth of six children.  We would go camping or to a zoo once each year.  I loved fishing with my dad.

The most important treasure to pass on is an old Bible with notes from my husband's pastor father, long deceased.

1. I now have my paternal grandmother's treadle sewing machine and it is a very dear possession to me. My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and she used this sewing machine to clother 8 children and numerous grandchildren. She made my father's suit that he wore to his high school graduation and she made me several dresses from feed sacks that she had saved!


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