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The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek was first published in 2015. The award winning novel was released as an audiobook on May 1, 2018.


BOOK BLURB: " An aging man named James thinks he sees gold in the Dutch Buffalo Creek. 

Instead he finds a bayonet that had been buried in the mud for over two centuries. 

A Hessian soldier abandoned the blade during the War for American Independence. 

The bayonet prompts James to search through a den full of artifacts and books to discover the meaning of the metal. 

His search leads him to discover spiritual treasures." 

About the author : 

Vincent James Vezza writes this book under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.

Both books amplify the message that we are called by name to salvation. The novel culminates with a quote from Isaiah 45:3. The sequel novella is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14. 


Under his given name, Vincent published a short story titled The Cranny, and another titled the Monarch and the Moth.  For more information, visit his publisher website, 



1). What is your most treasured heirloom artifact, please describe it, and the meaning it has for you and/or your family. 


2). Did you keep a diary? Do you still look at it from time to time? What is your most memorable entry? 

3). What was your favorite childhood memory?


4). Describe your favorite collection, stamps, coins, thimbles, miniatures, etc. and what it means to you.



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My dad passed away earlier this year. One of the heirlooms I received were five coins from Mexico and Panama dating from 1944 to 1966. He was a private person, and we hadn't seen them until we were going through his things. He must have gotten them when he was young and living in Arizona.

Sorry to hear about your Dad.  I hope you are doing okay.  I know that some days are tougher for me as my Dad passed in February.  The house is lonely without him.  So glad you found treasure that he left for you to find!

I think one of my favorite childhood memories is watching Notre Dame football on tv with my dad.  I remember one game where my dad is in a beanbag chair and there are seconds left in the game and Notre Dame is tied and has the ball.  They have to go for a field goal and they make it.  The next thing I know is my dad is jumping out of the beanbag chair rooting and hollering.  It was great.

1. my most treasured heirloom is my moms sewing machine. There were five of us kids, I was the oldest. She got her sewing machine before I was born from dads mom, who got it when dad was young. Mom always sewed a lot of clothes for us kids. She taught me to sew on that machine. I used that machine when I sewed in 4-H

2. I had a diary growing up. It got lost when I moved out of my parents when I got married. Never did find it. I dont remember any of the entries. But a lot of it was about living on the farm in CA

4. I have a wonderful small collection of Boyds Bears. These little statues are hand made with bears and doing things like having a tea party, building an ark, etc. there is a lot of little pieces, so life like. Patches on clothes and the expressions are just wonderful. My family got me one at different times for different reasons. Example: our daughter got me one where there is a boy bear and a girl bear sitting on a swing made of wood and string. The couple is having a great time, can see by their expressions. My husband and I, to this day share a lot on our swing. 

quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

Response to Q3:

My favorite and most vivid childhood memory dates back over 40 years. My siblings and I spent an entire Summer with our maternal grandmother on her farm. We milked cows, picked fruits and vegetables, plucked eggs from underneath the warmth of their mothers, and lived off the land. We even made "Sun Tea" with fresh mint that grew along the foundation of her home. Ohhhhh, the memories!

3. I don't know if it's my favorite memory as I have many, but one of them is our family reunions. We would go one year to the Detroit Zoo and the next year to Boblo Island Amusement park. All the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents would meet for a shared picnic lunch. I was so sorry when the tradition ended.

I collect Matryoshka dolls. The first one I ever saw was at my then boyfriend's house and it was actually from Russia but pretty beat up from the kids being able to play with it. For some reason, it triggered something and I started to collect them. I have over 100 and while the grands are allowed to play with them, only one at a time! The rules are not always followed though LOL. 

#4 I collect bookmarks. I love to travel and like to purchase a bookmark from unique places. They are usually easy to find and don't take up a lot of suitcase space. ;)

I have some of my Daddy's Bibles. He's been in Heaven for 7 years now.  Since he became a Christian late in life, his Bibles are precious.

I have a baking dish that my great grandmother used.  It is old and worn but I can picture her, and my grandmother, and my mother all lovingly baking meals for their families. 

My most treasured heirloom is my grandpa’s railroad watch watch. He was an engineer. 

My favorite collection is of all the books I have whether I've read them yet or not.  But my fun collection is the piggy banks that I got when I was young.  I only have 9, but they are cute.


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