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BACK COVER: An army of tadpoles circle in a shallow cranny - a pool of water isolated from the rivulet that continues to the sea. An aging man enters their world. He connects the dots of their existence to other tadpole armies and other species that share the gift of life.


About Author : 

Vincent James Vezza published The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek, award winning debut novel, under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.

Both books amplify the message that we are called by name to salvation. The novel culminates with a quote from Isaiah 45:3. The sequel novella is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14. 


Under his given name, Vincent published a short story titled The Cranny. The short story serves as a prequel to the earlier works. Ten other books are scheduled for publication. The list is available at his publisher website, www.hiddentreasurenovels.com


1). What might tadpoles think as they confront metamorphosis?

2). Why do humans resist the notion of a spirit driven existence?

3). What analogies might be built into the story-line?


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I think most humans resist a spirit driven existence because it messes with what they want to do. They want no one to answer to or with which to be accountable.

This title makes me think of the saying; every nook

and cranny.  My dad used this phrase quite a bit!

Make sure to look in every nook and cranny. I live by

trying to look in the nooks and crannies,  of life, and

myself.  To me, that is one way of finding our spirit

selves.  I believe we are spirits, in bodily form...

Thanks, Cindi

2. Humans have a need to be in control of their environments.

#1. I am not sure they realize they ARE going through a metamorphosis. I wonder if it isn't like us growing up and developing or growing older. If they might realize it, I am sure it is with wonder and awe. A Dr told me years ago, after a bone marrow biopsy, that the results were "genetic mutation". I teasingly say "I wonder what I'll mutate into?" Please enter my name into the drawing, thank you.

2.  So many people see themselves as independent and able to survive on their own.  Religion or the spirit is something that they do not want to be a part of.

2. humans don't like change and some are  fearful of no longer being in control over things.


Thanks for the chance,


2. I think because people don't like the thought of not being in control and that would mean there is something more out there. Humans like to think it is just us in control. 

I believe humans are creatures of habit and find it hard to make big changes in their lives - namely, giving their control over to God.

In order to answer question number one I would have to do some research about metamorphosis, which sounds like too much work! So question two appeals to my selfishness which allows me to do whatever I want...IF there were no Holy Spirit guiding ones choices...but there is, sigh, but that doesn't mean that I like it! It feels like every time I want MY way it just doesn't work, therefore, I need to give in, but no, I don't want to...

What is happening to me.  I don’t want to change.

2. Some people may feel the need to be totally in control of their lives. Others may question how God and His creation could have really happened. And there are those who believe there is a God but they want to "live a little". They actually believe that their happiness depends on worldly things.

Thank you for your giveaway. I would like to be entered.

I always wonder what animals think. Tadpoles must be like butterflies. Do they know how much they are going to change? I would imagine that they are thinking that they must get ready for a trip or a long rest maybe? 


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