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BACK COVER: An army of tadpoles circle in a shallow cranny - a pool of water isolated from the rivulet that continues to the sea. An aging man enters their world. He connects the dots of their existence to other tadpole armies and other species that share the gift of life.


About Author : 

Vincent James Vezza published The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek, award winning debut novel, under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April 2018.

Both books amplify the message that we are called by name to salvation. The novel culminates with a quote from Isaiah 45:3. The sequel novella is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14. 


Under his given name, Vincent published a short story titled The Cranny. The short story serves as a prequel to the earlier works. Ten other books are scheduled for publication. The list is available at his publisher website, www.hiddentreasurenovels.com


1). What might tadpoles think as they confront metamorphosis?

2). Why do humans resist the notion of a spirit driven existence?

3). What analogies might be built into the story-line?

4) Do you judge a book by it's cover?

If so, what book did you read that you were put off by it's cover; then when you read the book you LOVED it? To tell!


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Tadpoles might think Oh no.  What is happening to me.  Where is my tail going’s?  What are these things growing out of me.

I assume tadpoles don't really think anything about the change as it's a natural occurrence but as a human I have to think they resist change and are confused by what is taking place. 

Sometimes I do judge a book by the cover, but I do put stock in word of mouth and if it has great recommendations then I don't think about the cover. I know not every author can afford to have a company make their cover!

I am usually put off a book if it has violence or sex indicated by whatever is on the front cover. Otherwise, I usually judge a book by its back cover blurb rather than what is on the front.

I believe that tadpoles; intrinsically that something wonderful is about to happen in their life!
Thanks, Cindi

2. I think some people want to be in total control and don't want to think that their destiny is God planned.

4. Covers grab my attention if I'm not familiar with the author and a front cover can determine if I will even pick it up. It is, however, the back cover with the book blurb that will make the final determination.

Thanks for your giveaway.

#2--Many people value independence and self-control and do not even want God interfering with their lives or choices.  It is difficult for some people to relinquish any control to someone else.  They feel that they can handle any situation or problem.

2). Why do humans resist the notion of a spirit driven existence?

Due to our rebellious nature, humans do not naturally want to be responsible to any one.

Thank the Lord, He can change us!

2. Many people don't believe in God because they can't see him. They resist having an outside source being responsible for anything in their lives. 

4. I confess that I judge a book by its cover somewhat. I also read the back cover blurb to see if it sounds like something I'd enjoy. There are some covers that make me just want to grab the book and read.

I always judge a book by its cover. The reason for this is I'm the book buyer for the church library. I volunteer in the library and have for almost 40 years. When I look for books, I'll know whether or not we have it by the cover. If the cover has changed and I haven't read it, well, as they say, all bets are off.

The book I judged by its cover and almost didn't read was, "The Heart Between Us" by Lindsay Harrell. I loved it !! I didn't put it down until I finished it.  Spoiler Alert : You will need a box of kleenex while reading this book.

Yes, I judge a book by its cover.  I mostly read cozy mysteries and lots of them have cute covers so that lets me know it's something I may be interested in.  Of course, not every single one will appeal to me.  Then I have to check out the excerpt to be sure I want to read it.

For off-putting covers, I can think of one with a corpse on the morgue table and the bare feet pointing at me.  I don't want to look at the soles of anyone's feet!

Some humans like to be in complete control and dont like the idea that God has control over them and their surroundings.  Others take comfort in the fact God has ultimate control and can rest in His peace that He will protect and provide.  However, i think we all fluctuate with our feelings and emotions and have to make a conscious effort to trust God daily.  If we didn't, I dont think He would have told us repeatedly in the Bible to trust Him, don't worry, He's got this, etc.  

Thank you for this opportunity.

in Him, 

Cheri :)


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