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BACK COVER: An army of tadpoles circle in a shallow cranny - a pool of water isolated from the rivulet that continues to the sea. An aging man enters their world. He connects the dots of their existence to other tadpole armies and other species that share the gift of life.


About Author : 

Vincent James Vezza published The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek, award winning debut novel, under the pseudonym of Jackson Badgenoone, pronounced Badge-No-One. Translucent memoirs of family members are woven into historical fiction. Jackson penned a sequel novella, Neverborn, published in April, 2018. 

A month later, under his given name, Vincent published a short story prequel, The Cranny. In October, 2018,  he published a follow-up short story, The Monarch and the Moth. All of his works deal with change


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1). How would you describe your most life altering change?

2). What is the most important change you hope to make in this new year?


3). What advice would you share with someone who is dealing with change?

4). Why do some people resist change?

5) Do you judge a book by it's cover? If so, what book did you read that you were put off by it's cover; then when you read the book you LOVED it? To tell!

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Some people resist change because it is scary to them. The unknown is uncomfortable and we all like to be in control. We get used to our routine and when it changes we seem to fight against it. Sometimes change is good because it gets us out of our comfort zone and we learn to trust God. 

Change is hard because it forces us out of our comfort zone.  I think it's even more difficult during  the holidays because there is also a level of stress that comes with holiday  expectations.  The great thing is that once we come through on the other side, we can often look back and know that the Lord meant the change to help us become the very best we can be. 

Change can be difficult, even scary. I thnk my response to someone about to make a change would be: embrace the idea and run with it. Allow this change to take you someplace you have not been before.  quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

2. I hope to get back to routine and get everyone in this family back on a "normal" track after two years of upheaval! That is my biggest change hope. :) 

Change means learning something new or meeting new people or setting up a new home, etc. it is so much easier not to have to do any of those things especially if we are very comfortable in our current situation. Sometimes the thing you dread most about change can end up being a wonderful blessing.

2. My most life-altering change was having children. Marriage changed things but children change it more. With children, often comes grandchildren. Having children is both a blessing and sometimes it may even feel like a curse.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Life altering in that it’s scary to go through and a blessing in that you appreciate every birthday you are given thereafter. I’m a seven year cancer survivor and pray the Lord gives me many more.

How would you describe your most life altering change? A little over a year ago I had a hemorrhagic stroke. No warning, no known reason. It was the most terrifying experience of my life! Suddenly I was in a wheelchair, unable to drive, barely able to speak, wearing diapers, didn't even know the alphabet! The right side of my body, from head to foot, is numb still, $300,000+ in medical bills (thank goodness for insurance), no longer able to work, and for the first time in my life, more afraid of what was inside my body than the bad guys outside. Definitely life altering changes. PTSD suddenly ruled my life.
While I am much better now, I don't know if I will ever be "normal" again. Sometimes all I can do is take it one day at a time and try not to cry at what used to be.

4. Change can be very difficult to accept, especially for someone that is set in their ways or likes things "just so". Change can also cause fear because of the "unknown" element that's waiting for you. Thanks for the chance to win a prize.

I think people resist change because they get comfortable w/ the way things are and change is disruptive and can be a little frightening. 

My most life altering change was when we moved to S.E. Asia to be full time missionaries.  

2.I always say that I am going to lose weight and go on a diet, but it is so hard, this year I am going to eat smaller servings.


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