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ABOUT AUTHOR: Nicholas Marziani is a married Roman Catholic priest serving within the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, a Catholic jurisdiction oriented toward preserving the historic Anglican Patrimony. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering technology and marine/environmental studies, respectively, as well as advanced studies in theology and ministry, holding the Doctor of Ministry from the former Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He and his wife, Joanne, of 45 years have three adult children and seven grandchildren, two of which he baptized himself. Fr. Marziani and Joanne reside and work in St. Augustine, FL, and enjoy travel, volunteer work and reading good books - and visiting grandchildren from Boston to Texas,


"A young man embraces his heart and embarks on an unforgettable mission as he grows into the manhood - and ministry - to which God has called him, with a holy woman who gave up all to serve at his side. As they do so they knit worlds together, worlds that must either reconcile or perish together."




1. What do you look forward to doing at Christmas time? Thanksgiving time?

2. Are there family games and activities you like to do at Christmas time? Thanksgiving?

3. What are the foods you look forward to eating during this time of year?

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We look forward to mothers sage/oyster dressing and lots of Pumpkin pie!

3. Always the elaborate and delicious desserts that my relatives make for the parties! I wait all year for them. 

I look  forward to the family time!! We spend time playing games, eating, and someone creating a scavage hunt for the younger kids.  Granted, a couple of them are my grandchildren, so I join in and "help" also!

Thanksgiving is just a prelude to Christmas, with lots of food, and often playing "Spoons" (card game).

Thanks for the picture! I can't wait for the sequel to Holy Fool!!

We don't have games that we play every year, but i have seen ideas floating around facebook that look like a lot of fun. I can't afford to purchase a lot of gifts this year so was thinking maybe contributing fun games would be a good way to give. There is the saran wrap ball where you wrap up small things rhroughout and then a gift card or something at the end.

2.  We usually have a family gift exchange for the adults in which we can choose a gift, trade, steal, etc.  It is very entertaining. Please enter me in the contest.  Thank you.  I hope that you share your answers too.

I always look forward to cooking a special Christmas Eve meal, and the whole family gathering together singing carols and going to the midnight Mass.

Please, enter me for a Kindle drawing. 

I look forward to decorating the tree.  As a child, my mother did not allow us to help her decorate (we could hang one ornament--that she picked--on a branch she specified).  I just love taking out the ornaments and putting them on the tree.  

I love giving gifts and i like to watch when they are opened. I have a rule that only one gift at a time can be opened.
Please enter me in the drawing.

I look forward to reading Christmas themed books. Last year I read a couple Richard Paul Evans books, and this year I have his new one, The Noel Diary, to read.

1. I love preparing my home and table for my family during the holidays.

I love eating ham and turkey and real mashed potatoes.


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