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I have a question to begin with. Nick, I was raised Catholic, all the way through Confirmation. Now I am a Baptist...

I didn't know that a Priest could actually be married! Can you tell us how this came about?

As per my comments above, Fred.

- Nick

This is a reply to Fred's Question below, not sure if I put it in the correct place! Still learning how this website works.

A number of years ago the Catholic church was receiving requests from Episcopalians and other Anglicans unhappy with the direction of their own faith communities. And/or they simply wanted something of greater historical and theological depth than what they were experiencing in those communities.

In response, Pope John Paul II began an initiative to integrate active Anglican priests, married or celibate, and their communities into the Catholic Church. Later, Emeritus Pope Benedict 16th effectively turbo-charged that arrangement in late 2009 by announcing a new canonical structure to accommodate these folks. Subsequently three "Personal Ordinarites", as they are called, were formed: one in England/Wales; a second here in the U.S. and Canada; and finally one Down Under in Australia. They have their own leadership who report directly to Rome, and the majority of the clergy in these Ordinariates are, as I am, married men. New vocations that arise from single men, however, will involve a commitment to celibacy, as is the case for the Latin Rite of the Church (not true for the Eastern/Byzantine Rites).

I hope that gives at least some kind of introduction to the topic, I'd be happy to fill in the details down the line.

Will be sending books this afternoon to Rena Clayton, Penny Marks, Carrie Gould, Barb Gill, and -when I receive her snail mail address - Mary Arndt.

Will be happy to start the conversation concerning Holy Fool, Holy Father thereafter!

God bless,

Nick Marziani


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