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ABOUT  BOOK: Jesus made an example of those who “do all their deeds to be noticed by men.” Yet our culture encourages us to do the same thing today.

Experience many of the activities in this book, born of this desire for attention and the often-desperate fear of not being known, appreciated, influential, or remembered. Christianity meets this need in a resounding way. This book contains a lifetime collection of accounts, illustrations, and biblical material that will astound you.

ABOUT AUTHOR: George M. Weaver (born 1950) is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. He has written numerous Christian and legal materials. His new book is "The Significant Life: Overcoming Your Fear of Being Unnoticed and Forgotten." This book brings a Christian answer to the near-universal need and struggle of people to be known, appreciated, influential, and remembered. His legal materials include a book called "Handbook on the Prosecution of Obscenity Cases." George is married to LeAnne Weaver and they are parents of two children.



1. What does significance mean to you?

2.  What is the craziest thing you've heard someone do to be significant?

3. What is the craziest and/or saddest thing people do to be remembered?


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Significance--hmm--in regards to relationships, perhaps having an impact on someone's life. Having value in their eyes? Helping them grow and mature in some area? Especially in terms of my relationship w/ my kids and grandkids...leaving them a legacy of faith in Christ and the importance of having a relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

Sadly in the last few years several have taken numerous innocent lives in the schools and public events. Mass killings and these individuals will be remembered, but only for a short time, for their horrific crimes.

Significance = worth

Some people have murdered others to be remembered.

Sadly, I think people act out in inappropriate ways to get attention and be remembered. Unfortunately, they are not remembered in ways that they might want .

#3. The saddest thing I can think of that people to to be remembered is to commit suicide. It is very sad. Please enter me into the drawing, thank you.

3.  Mass shootings some people feel will bring them fame or notoriety.  Even a few minutes of attention appeal to some people.

3. not sure why people thing in order to be significant they must go overboard even harm themselves. just to get mentioned in the news. see it everyday, not sure why society has gone this way.

i prefer to be remembered for the chairty knitting i've done for others. it's low key although some have mentioned me in a news article or so.

3. Those who do crimes or dangerous things just to have their name remembered or become famous. I don't understand it! It is called "15 minutes of fame" for a reason - it will end and you will only have your ruined reputation now.  

1. Significance means importance and perhaps attaining the highest achievement. The people significant to me won't be judged significant by societies standards so it certainly is personal opinion. I am so glad that God considers all of us significant!

3. I think that the saddest way that some people choose to be remembered is through mass killings or other horrendous acts. And even though most suicides involve the feelings  of hopelessness and perhaps helplessness  there may be teens who think that their death may be glorified.

Thank you for your giveaway!

People will do anything to be remembered or significant, and that in itself is crazy. 

Significance means being cared about for who you are. We are all significant to God, but not always to others.

Significance = meaning. Unfortunately a lot of sad or terrible things happened because people wanted to be remembered, starting with burning one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 


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