Imagine what might happen if Christian and secular readers came together in the word of God and then told the world.


Imagine readers making a difference for good in His Light.

 Question One:

1. With hundreds of thousands of new books published each year, how do YOU find that great diamond in the rough worth reading? You may not, because, if it’s not attached to the existing power structure it will most likely remain but a grain of sand on an endless beach. The system is designed with business chain alliances that offer a full package to sales. Diamonds in the rough will take much longer to be discovered – if ever. Does the hype influence your perception, or does it decide your mindset? Good or bad, the fact is that we are all being manipulated as consumers and most diamonds in the rough aren’t even on the radar. Whoever figures out how to generate big sales for the little guy on the Internet will change the face of online marketing.


Question Two: 


2. Do you take an active interest in what your children read? Many parents and others have voiced their concerns about popular books that send the wrong messages to impressionable minds. Most of these people talk about their concerns, but few new options exist that have any appeal to both Christian and secular; young adult and grown-up readers. Also, some titles have become more a peer issue than anything of substantive value. Some of these other works have significant dangers where, as one example, some people would have everyone believe that there is good and bad evil, blurring the truth of the matter. Hopefully most parents can explain the difference.


Questions Three, Four, Five, and Six.


3. Currently, animated films are more successful than most live-action flicks, and that didn’t happen from only children ticket sales alone - adults and children made it so. If you were aware of an animation-like novel, would you want to read it?

4. Additionally, if that book was like watching a movie, but was really an epic novel, would you as an adult look forward to taking the time to read it.

5. Do you wait for the buzz or do you create the buzz?

6. If a very different reading experience existed would you want to discover it?


Timing is everything in life. What’s hot today eventually becomes yesterday’s newspaper tomorrow. However, what captures the hearts and imaginations today will usually last the test of time.


With deep pockets, corporations definitely have a big advantage over individuals to get their message out. So far, the Internet is free to the people, but with a glut of billions of sites, what good is it when people can’t find what you have to offer?


The bottom line is that the consumer drives the marketplace based proportionately to the marketing and advertising dollars invested. So, who is really deciding what we decide to buy? Is not the answer to that question “elementary my dear Watson?”   


I hope the day will soon come when all diamonds in the rough will become a mountain for readers everywhere to discover and experience. The only way I can see that happening is by narrowing the search; making great works far more efficient to find.



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Wonderful reply Lynn and you are so right-on-target. Personally, I think starting any venture for the purposes of fame, recognition, and/or awards, is a mistake. Earning enough money to make a living and survive should be considered, but in my case God provided many miracles to make it all happen in more ways than most people could even imagine or believe. For me I would be very happy to walk away in obscurity, because it’s all about the work – God’s work, and NOT me. Everything else is transitory, a footnote at best; just a moment in time in the world of man. I know from what I speak, been there done that. All glory be to God.

About five and a half years ago, I was in the process of funding any one of the six projects that I created and developed over several decades. These projects range from two motion pictures, a television series, and three inventions; one of which I was awarded a patent. And then suddenly and unexpectedly my life changed forever.

That change began with God asking me to write “Littluns” with an experience of pure love like nothing I had ever experienced before. Now, contrary to popular belief, opinion, and perception, not everybody in the entertainment industry is rich, and certainly not me. I would make a living directing a show for a studio and when my work was completed, I would only then have the time and savings to work on my own projects. This is something I have been doing all of my professional life, never being able to completely realize my dreams. But now He was asking me to work full time with no visible means of support?

Well, I had written scripts and other writings, but a novel? Not in a million years would I have ever considered writing a novel. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to do so, but I always thought there were far better qualified people than I to take on such a difficult and demanding journey. Also, I already had more on my plate than I could possibly handle. Why then did I, of all people have this epiphany, drop all those other projects that are important to me, trust completely in God, and dedicate full-time to writing “Littluns” and also doing all the color illustrations, while understanding the huge odds against such an endeavor? Only time will tell completely, but one thing is for sure, with God, whatever He had, and has in mind, will be good even if it’s NOT what I may think I want for myself. There’s much more to this miraculous back story, but I will leave that for perhaps another time.

Book exchanges is one way to get people talking about what’s available, but not nearly enough to make any significant impact and takes far too long to get the word out. Also, where do you find the time to do anything but marketing your own book? For me, I’m working twelve to fourteen hour days and can only manage fifteen percent of what I need to do in the marketing process. Writing this longer than normal response is only justified because I think you’re worth it.

I think a better way needs to be found to involve readers in creating a campaign in God’s service beginning with no more than three titles with hundreds of Christians writing about what they read. To begin, the selection of these three books can be determined by any impressive awards and reviews earned. Imagine if book clubs across the nation united; creating buzz and word-of-mouth that would most certainly get people talking on multiple platforms. We need to use the Internet in a more productive, efficient, and result oriented way that will really make a difference.
I agree totally Lynn. There are some great books out there, and we need to read them and share them with others. I love reading and doing review for others. A novel I love is called "Rooms" by James Rubart. It is a wonderful book. I had the honor of meeting Jim at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference and hope this one makes it into getting a movie contract. Keep reading and sharing everyone. Blessings,
"Simply" Sue-
This article is the best response I can think to give here:
It’s definitely a good and informative article Fed, but I think a more innovative, out-of-the-box approach is the only way to attract readers in large numbers. Anything less will have either negligible results or no impact at all. The cream needs to rise to the top.

The .NIG sites had the right idea of cross pollination, but never used it to its full potential. Whoever brings GROUPS of interest together across the Internet with a common cause in unity, will begin to see the great potential of the peoples' Internet.
This is such a great book, there should be a copy in every home, not just Christian ones. I defy anyone to read the book, and not be effected.................Positively
Thank you Darrell and Dottie. It's nice to see "Littluns" like you coming forward after experiencing the journey and adventure of a lifetime in these end of days.

Check out the HOME page and see what's new.

1. Have a suggestion for a New Reading Group Selection List?

2. Book Club Leaders; We are Building Something...
Selling anything requires both time and money. Most new authors have more time than money, so using their time and limited money wisely is the key. I have been actively working on this for myself in the past few months to begin promoting my new novel. While the Internet is a powerful tool, making the most of what it offers is a challenge.

Having a Web site and/or blog, a video trailer, video testimonials, participation in online communities like this one, Shoutlife, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and scores of others is mandatory. But, how to work the system wisely is the key; like making search engine optimization really work for me.

I'm making progress, but it is a long journey, made longer still because all the time I spend marketing myself takes precious time away from my writing. The irony for me is that I've spent most of my career as a marketing communications practitioner. As a public relations counselor, I created the "Online Press Release Factory" 15 years ago to tap the collaborative power of the Internet to reduce the cost of creating a press release. But while I enjoy marketing and know something about it, now I want to write more than market.

I think I am after the same thing Mark is - The Holy Grail of book marketing. I just don't think it exists or can exist. Just imagine if it did exist and everyone had access to it. We'd all be drowning in a sea of each other's messages which would make them just about worthless, like email spam. Ultimately each of us must build our following one person, one online community, one market segment at a time. This is the sad truth unless you have a few million dollars to secure a commercial spot during the Superbowl to showcase your video trailer produced by James Cameron.
And there is the greatest of challenges Ronald. "To be, or not to be?" To be requires one to successfully find a way to surface above a bottomless ocean of information; to provide value to a large consumer base. Or, not to be when one fails to connect to their target audience, or when that target audience has more important things to do and ignores what that stranger has to offer.

The connection is in the perception. The secular media knows this, but whoever figures out how to take marketing-to-sales on the Internet and then proves it on a large scale, will be in great demand with everyone wanting to know how they did it. It can be done, and we can even avoid the drowning part, but few people know how, and most don’t want to spend the time, or do the work necessary to accomplish it.

Mark: From your comments - "few people know how, and most don’t want to spend the time, or do the work necessary to accomplish it" - it sounds like we need to find these "few people" and ask them for the answer. But I'm guessing that they'll keep their secrets to themselves or sell them for a high price.

I recently attended an online Webinar about how to use video to create a global buzz to sell any product, including books. It claimed that the correct use of video will bring millions of potential customers to one's Website by tagging the videos with the most popular search terms of a given day. It seems like an interesting idea, but to implement this plan with the help of the Webinar'ssponsor, it cost $15,000 and the time it takes to create the necessary home-made videos.

Based on this marketing/sales idea and a TV program I saw last night about viral videos, I think the answer may be to create a viral video associated with our books. It worked for Susan Boyle, an unknown singer whose YouTube video made her an international singing sensation overnight; landing her a recording contract and an album that soon topped the charts. So, I guess our challenges now are to create sensational viral videos which will do the same for us. It's a big creative challenge, but I'm thinking about it. Perhaps something will come to mind.
Very nice site Lynn including a great interview about a most interesting person - you. The Mennonite Diva sums it up quite well. I hope everyone has a chance to read your fun and experienced romp into motherhood.

I find all of your good advice above just that – really good foundational advice. However, I have done all of the above, minus a fan page, plus over 75 other places on the Internet, and have been met with mostly tails wagging dogs. When one considers all the great awards and reviews received for “Littluns”; all the other one-of-a-kind things the book has to offer, and what a different reading experience truly is, it has become a conundrum to say the least.

Although only fifty seconds long, the animated work created in our video book trailer took months to create. Wonderful comments, but not one of those people bought the book.

Part of the problem is that I can only manage maybe fifteen percent of what I have out there. If people would actually read that “Littluns” is animation for grown-up reading maybe they would be interested. Maybe if we were getting to the right people it could make a difference. Although experts said the quality of the book is second to none and that we should have charged $50.00 instead of the rock bottom price of $29.95, maybe people won’t pay that for, or even want, or care to experience a very different reading experience. BTW, at $29.95, after costs and re-orders there’s nothing left to live on. For us to make anything we will have to sell in large numbers. We knew this from the beginning and gambled that would happen – longer story.

The marketplace is literally flooded with books. Hundreds of thousands new titles are printed each year. Amazon touts 27 million books; Google is scanning millions for online readers, the Sony Reader, Amazon’s Kindle, and Apple’s iPad are opening up other options for readers, but also making it much easier to pirate bestselling books.

There’s just too much out there and for the cream of the crop to rise to the top will take out-of-the-box thinking and implementation. I wouldn’t be surprised if major publishers are becoming part of the problem, trying to hold on to the lock they once had on the book industry. The independent publishing industry has become a real threat to their once upon a time dominance of the book industry.

The answers and solution won’t be for everybody who has a book. The answers will come for those diamonds in the rough that are found and public perception earned.
Ronald, I would be happy to discuss my thoughts and the possibilities on this in more detail with anyone who would be interested. I think that would be best by telephone.


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