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ABOUT BOOK: In the pages of “God Touched Me: A Life Radically Changed!” I will share with you my background from childhood onward to the way I was living before the collapse. I will share about my childhood and teen years and the process I committed to and embraced with only one goal: to “be successful”! I will share about my family while growing up including the positive and negative influences in my early life. Then, I will share my worldly accomplishments before the collapse.

I think my story will be interesting reading! It will reveal how I started with a very fascinating heritage and became determined to make something of myself that would meet the expectations of a grand heritage even without the benefit of a good education. Those years ended with a very painful collapse!

The real story that I have to share with you is how my life changed from self-centered determination to a humble journey of serving others who have experienced suffering and failure similar to me. I will share the path that I followed: a path that does not seem very plausible but one that happened!

The most important thing that I hope to remember as I write these pages is that it is not possible for me to take any credit for what has happened. Instead, all the credit goes to God.

This book is a firsthand account of God’s love and mercy and patience with me: a person who had been completely dedicated to selfishness. It is a story of my rise and fall in a very worldly life of excess and indulgence and the story of how the Lord rescued me at the time of the complete collapse of my worldly life!

It is a story of how a life can be transformed instantly by the saving work of Jesus Christ and then dedicated to the ministry of God: to love the hurting and the wounded in spite of challenges and difficulties that were caused by my history of reckless, sinful, selfish living!

"I believe that the strongest feature of my book is the frequent examples of a contemplative prayer life: examples of how a Christian can seek wisdom and guidance from God and actually be able to hear from God and keep it in a journal! I believe that the book would be of great interest to mature Christians who are trying to do contemplative prayer." - Richard S. Phelps




1. Have any of you had interactions with a Chaplin? If so, what happened?

2. How did you come to know Jesus? Want to share your testimony?

3. How have you dealt with encounters and/or situations with addicted behaviors and/or addiction issues ?

4. What does this book cover say to you?


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My mother lived with me for a year before she passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2017. The last few months she was under at home hospice care. I had many interactions with the Hospice Chaplin through that experience.

I became a follower of Christ when I was 14. I was listening to a preacher on the radio while I rolled my hair. He spoke from the Bible about Hell and what it was going to be like. I knew that’s not where I wanted to end up. My life was changed at that moment. Sixty years ago! 

I spoke with a Navy Chaplain when I was visited by Jehovah's Witnesses and serving in the military. I was pretty ignorant spiritually, and I enjoyed speaking with the chaplain. However, I did spend the next 10 years of my life associated with the JWs. Fortunately God called me out of the deception.

Hello,   I have been following Debtor’s Anonymous

for a few years,  now.  I have trouble with spending

and credit cards.  The group has helped me a lot!

I only have one credit card, and have a lot more 

restraint, towards spending...

Many thanks,  Cindi

We had a close friend whose son struggles with affection. It is truly a difficult situation and a lifelong struggle. 

I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 12 or 13 years old when an evangelist came to our town.

1. In late March my husband was suddenly admitted to get a pacemaker. We are Christians and a chaplain visited both days of his hospital stay. The two different chaplains were very personable but I feel that our conversations were different than the ones they would have with a non-believer. 

3. Our family has been greatly affected by an addiction problem and I feel that, as painful as it has been, it has also strengthened my faith and increased my understanding of this terrible disease! I do believe that it is a disease but I feel that a person can overcome it with the help of Jesus. I once sympathized with families facing this problem but now I can empathize also! 

Thank you for your giveaway!

I did not look like a religious cover to me

When I had a hysterectomy at 25, i got upset when i had to have a transfusion. the chaplain came and talked and prayed with me. It helped calm me.


THANKS to everyone for commenting and being part of this group.

I have sent your contact information to the author

We have lots more book fun ahead!


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