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1. What three experiences (3 more or less Grin) from this past week do you feel most grateful for?

2. Any fun surprises you've had this week (or month) you'd like to share?

3. Something super funny you experiences and/or saw on social media that made you laugh? Do share!

4. A book you can't wait to read this summer? Why?

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2. Definitely received a fun surprise (or what I'd like to call an unexpected blessing) this week.  My parents gave me and my children an unexpected monetary gift in memory of my grandfather.  God is good all the time.  Thank you for the chance to win a prize.

Vickie, what a wonderful surprise! It sounds like the gift came at a good time! 

I have about 25 flower pots, plus a small flower/vegetable garden.  Plus I plant my son's three pots  This process gets to be quite expensive.

I went plant shopping last week.  I was buying $5.00 plants that were going to cost $50, but the sales lady said they were on sale for $20!  What a blessing!

Debra, I also enjoy planting lots of flowers. I have several small flower gardens, a long window box, pots on my deck, and several hanging baskets. My husband has a small vegetable garden.

The cost adds up fast, so I've been cutting back on flowers the past couple of years. I understand your excitement over getting a great deal! That is a blessing!

1. Food, Water,  a warm house to live in

Sabrina, sometimes we forget to be grateful for the simple things, don't we? There are nights when I stop and thank God for a warm, comfortable bed because I'm so aware of the many people who are sleeping on the streets.

Friends who come around and support a hurting friend. 

Sun & warmer weather.

The beauty of spring and the greening of the earth.

Anne, those are all wonderful things to be grateful for! 

Supportive friends are huge blessings. And spring reminds us that new beginnings are possible!

1. The 3 experiences: 1. My grandson was able to participate in all of the last track events even though his foot needs medical attention. 2. The weather was warm for 2 of the track meets. 3. We were able to attend the senior citizen event this week.


Having grandchildren of my own, I understand how dear your grandson must be to your heart and how pleased you were that he was able to still participate in his track events. I hope his foot is doing better!

And I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the company of other people at the senior citizen's event. It sounds like it must have been a fun time!

#4 - I can't wait to read Moments We Forget, by Beth Vogt, because I've read the first book in this series (Thatcher Sisters) and LOVED it!

Cheryl, I agree! It's great to have another book to look forward to by an author you've enjoyed before.  There's anticipation because you have an idea of what to expect from the writing. I have my own favorite authors that I always go to myself.


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