BACK COVER: Winner of the Word Guild Children's Book Award Written by David Kitz Illustrated by Mircea Gabor So, how do you set limits for your child? Every parent faces this question. Little Froggy is about to hop out into that great BIG world, that your child too must face. Why not have your child hop out there with Little Froggy? He has a lot to learn. Together, they can discover one of the most essential lessons in life: obedience. And they can have a lot of fun doing it. So, why not come on along? Let's get hopping! Author Bio: David Kitz has worked with children for many years, as a parent, a teacher, and as a pastor. He first told "The Little Froggy Story" to his two-year-old son while working in Japan as an English Teacher.


His love for drama and storytelling are evident to all who have seen his one-man performances. Though born and raised in Saskatchewan, David now lives with his wife Karen in Ottawa, Canada's capital. They have two adult sons, Tim and Joshua. For more information about David Kitz, including his best-selling novel, "The Soldier, the Terrorist & the Donkey King" visit Illustrator Bio: Award winning artist, Mircea Gabor, employed his creative talents to develop the watercolor illustrations that bring Little Froggy to life.


For more than ten years his art has been bringing smiles and wonder to children and adults across Canada. Mircea Gabor's paintings have been featured in art exhibits in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Brasov in his native country, Romania. At present he and his family live in Kitchener, Ontario.

ABOUT AUTHOR: David Kitz is a Bible dramatist, an award-winning author, a convention speaker and a retired public school teacher. For over twenty-five years, he has served as an ordained minister with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada.




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1. What is your favorite children's picture book? What makes it so special?

2. Tell me about a powerful moment in your life when you overcame a fear or did something despite being afraid to do it. It was a celebration moment.

3. If there were one word or phrase you hear people say a lot that you could remove from the English language, what would it be, and why should it be removed?

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1. What is your favorite children's picture book? What makes it so special?

"The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear"

This book had each scene drawn across both pages. The art work is vivid and it draws you into the scene very well. Love this book!

Great art work in a book can make a huge difference.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I guess I just love it because the kids do! So colorful and it teaches them some counting as we read. 

In my opinion kids are the best judge of a good book.

Wonderful video. This sounds like such a great story.

1. The Hungry Caterpillar has been a favorite of mine for ages. I have bought so many for friends, family etc.

    I love the lessons that this book has.

3. If there was one english word that I could remove from the language, it would be the word "like" when it is not a part of a   sentance, but just used because either I need another word or too lazy to use the proper words. Ugghh pet peeve.

quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

I really like your answer to #3. ;-)

I love the book, " No Such Things". It's such a fun book with great illustrations and was a favorite of my children. 

Kids know a great story book when they hear and see it. 

My first piano recital was a learning moment. I was 12 yrs old and very shy and fearful of playing in public. We were told to memorize our piece we were playing. I did not take my music with me and when I was called up to play I totally forgot my opening notes. So embarrassing. My teacher sat down with me at the piano and eventually the music came to me and I played it from start to finish. Many told me afterwards how brave I was. That if it had been them they would have went back to their seat. I didn’t know that was an option! But I’m glad I finished.


I can relate to that experience in terms of public speaking. Fear can paralyze us, but harnessed fear can drive us to do great things.

"Like" would be a word I'd like to remove from a lot of people's vocabulary. "It was like we like went on our trip to the mountains like yesterday." It drives me nuts - and I find myself doing it at times too!

I like totally agree!


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