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BOOK BLURB: Psalms Alive! can be best described as a devotional study of thirteen selected psalms. The writing is devotional in that its goal is to have the reader reflect, ponder and apply the truths of the psalms, but unlike a typical devotional these readings do not end after a page. Each chapter or reading is about 5-6 pages in length and it ends with a number of questions or suggested activities to make that psalm come alive for the reader. In this way the author examines thirteen psalms in the space of twenty-six chapters--237 pages. The questions or application portion of each chapter make this book ideal for small group discussion. The goal throughout, as the subtitle suggests, is for the reader to connect to connect with God--to connect heaven and earth by means of the psalms.

ABOUT AUTHOR: David Kitz is a Bible dramatist, an award-winning author, a convention speaker and a retired public school teacher. For over twenty-five years, he has served as an ordained minister with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada.

David has a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies, in addition to Bachelor’s degrees in both Arts and Education. His love for drama and storytelling is evident to all who have seen his Bible-based performances. For several years now, he has toured across Canada and into the United States with a variety of one-man plays for both children and adults. Though born and raised in Saskatchewan, David now lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife Karen. They have two adult sons, Timothy and Joshua. 



To Receive Psalms ALIVE



1. What famous storybook or movie character did you relate to most as a child? What was it about the character you could relate to?

2. What Psalm is or has spoken to you recently?

3. If you had $150,000 to create a space that was all your own, and you could set it up any way you wanted, what features would it have, and why?


Every Author group you join and participate in you get your name in the hat for the The Left Behind Series (Complete set HB) 

PLUS a chance for One Pillow case. 

PLEASE put down which item you'd like the extra entries to go toward!


Thanks for making this a Book Fun Place to Be!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Nora :o)

Nora St.Laurent

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1. I related most with Pollyanna. I wasn't an orphan, and I didn't get a tragic injury. But I always look for the bright side of things....more optimistic than pessimistic.
I already have the Left Behind series so I would like the pillow case.

I'm with you Susan!

As a child I related to the character of Jo March in Little Women.  We were both bookish people who liked to write.  If I could set up my very own special place, it would be filled with bookshelves (can you tell I own a lot of books).  I would have hardwood floors, comfy floor rugs and comfortable chairs.  I would also have a very soft bed with mounds of pillows.  I want to be comfortable and the place to be filled with books and my favorite colors (red and blue).  

I wouldn't need the whole $150,000, just enough flour a quiet reading corner. I'd love to use the remainder for books to donate in our community. 

The pillowcases are beautiful. The duck is my favorite. 

I related to Heidi when I was a child...not sure why but I loved that she lived on the mountain with her grandfather and that she made friends and got to help take care of the goats. All things (other than the friends) that I wasn't doing so I guess I wished I could be her??

3. I really need a specific creative space with a desk with writing setup, drawers for crafting (crochet, embroidery, etc), and a clean way to store and keep this place separated and cleaned from the rest of my home. 

I'd like the extra entries for a pillow case.

I wanted to be just like Laura Ingalls when I was a kid.  I begged for a penny, tin cup and orange for Christmas one year.  

I would like the extra entry for the Left Behind books.  And this devotional sounds so good!

Be Still and Know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

I would like my extra entry to go towards the left behind series. Thank you.

I related to Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I grew up in rural North Carolina with no indoor plumbing, no car, no phone, no TV, etc.  We were very poor and often wouldn't have had a Christmas were it not for the Pastor of our church bringing us presents on Christmas Eve.  I loved getting an orange and peppermint sticks at Christmas, and whatever gift was under the tree. I wish I had a dad like Laura's but we didn't.  I was a good kid but had a bit of a temper, much like Laura.  

I love the Psalms.  They have carried me through some very tough times.

I would be blessed by whatever I won, no matter what it is.

This devotional looks amazing!

Thank you

I always related to Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie - perhaps because of her love of family and adventure. 
I'd like my entry to go toward the LB series.

Psalm 139 has always spoken to me. I have to remember I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God and that His opinion matters most.

I related to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird as she looked at the world around her and tried to understand what was happening. I'm still doing that, lol!

As for a small place, it would contain all that a writer needs for that occupation along with a kitchenette and small bath. A view of nature from windows, and a place for a cat to hang out would be perfection.


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